Texas-Based Distillery Giving Out Hand Sanitizer Free of Charge

Hand sanitizer has become somewhat of a commodity nowadays. In case you’re struggling to allocate this essential item on your trips to the store, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States has consolidated a list of local distilleries that are producing hand sanitizer for their communities.

With almost every industry pivoting towards providing essential services and products, the distilled spirits community stands out as one of the most helpful, as it works to make a sizable dent in The WHO’s estimated 35 billion liters of hand sanitizer that will be needed in the next year.

Doing this has proved to be a little more difficult than most distilleries thought, as the FDA’s regulations require distilleries to include a denaturant, a chemical that discourages human consumption, into their alcohol. Introducing this into their system would mean that, post-COVID, the distilleries would have to shut down for days, or even weeks, to clean their machinery, which is not economically feasible for most.

Despite this, many distilleries have continued to produce the product, distributing millions of liters.

Some, such as Garrison Brothers Distillery, have even been going the extra mile to assure their community is in good (and sanitized) hands. In addition to producing hand sanitizer themselves, the Austin, TX-based distillery has been giving out their product, entirely free of charge, as well as donating proceeds from some of their alcohol sales to a COVID-19 relief fund.

It’s another example of people going out of their way to help others, a welcome upside in this otherwise bleak situation and a representation of the distillery community’s charity and goodwill. Make sure to check out the website linked above to support distilleries such as Garrison Brothers, and find a hand sanitizer producer near you.

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This Distillery Is Repurposing Their Facility To Produce More Hand Sanitizers

Now that the coronavirus has become a bleak reality for all of us, folks are scrambling to get their hands on hand sanitizer like the bottles were Furby toys in 1999.

With a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer, a distillery in Kailua, HI, has taken to repurposing their facility in an effort to help produce more anti-bacterial gel for mass consumption during these strenuous times.

Oahu-based Ko’olau Distillery made the decision to pivot production and begin manufacturing hand sanitizer for critical services. The distillery has the capability to legally distill alcohol and is now aiming their production towards producing the base that’s needed for hand sanitizer — which will be provided free of charge to first responders, health workers, and essential personnel during these trying times.

Ko’olau Distillery is best known for producing Old Pali Road, a high-quality whiskey that’s been rated one fo the top 15 best craft whiskeys you can get for under $60 in the US.

CEO of the distillery Eric Dill said in a statement, “We realized that we are in the unique position to be able to help our community in this way; we are able to both make Old Pali Road whiskey AND produce hand sanitizer that meets WHO standards so that we can help our greater ‘ohana’ through this unprecedented situation.” Dill believes that a product will be ready as early as March 25.

Ko’olau drew inspiration from other distilleries in the US who are doing the same during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Texas-based distillery Bendt Distilling Co. in Lewisville, Texas, has also shifted gears from creating their flagship Bendt No. 5 American Blended Whiskey and is producing free hand sanitizer for their employees, customers, local law enforcement, first responses, Meals on Wheels volunteers, and nearby businesses.


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