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Star Wars Cookware Featuring All Your Favorite Characters Is Dropping Soon

Le Creuset has been a household name in cookware for nearly one hundred years, crafting cast-iron French Ovens, roasters, and cocette-cooked meals for kings and commoners alike. Now, the company has partnered up with another prolific brand that has ingrained itself in humanity’s rich narrative, a brand that’s been around a long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away.

On November 1, Le Creuset will be launching an exclusive Star Wars line of cookware. If you’re a fan of the ample cinematic history behind the sensational space opera, you better mark your calendars.

The set will be available at as well as Le Creuset Singature Boutiques, Outlet Stores, and Willliams Sonoma locations beginning Nov. 1. The Le Creuset x Star Wars line will include a Han Solo Carbonite Roaster, Tatooine Round Dutch OvenDarth Vader Round Dutch Oven, R2-D2 Mini Cocotte, C-3P0 Mini Cocotte, BB-8 Mini Cocotte, Death Star Trivet, Millennium Falcon Trivet, and a Porg Pie Bird.

At the forefront, an incredibly exclusive pièce de résistance of the set is the Tatooine Round Dutch Oven an item in which only 13 exist in the world. Each will be hand-painted in Le Creuset’s French l’Atelier to reflect the aesthetic of the desert planet that embraces two suns.

Man, as cool as the Han Solo roaster is…  I need to cop this Tatooine Dutch Oven. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime work of art.

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Denny’s Just Created A Star Wars Themed Menu For The Han Solo Movie

Whether you like the idea of a Han Solo prequel or not, we’re still getting one. With the latest trailer release, our concerns of Solo: A Star Wars story were alleviated a bit (thanks to the stellar cast) as we draw closer to the May 25 release date.

Ahead of the premiere, Denny’s created an entire breakfast menu based on the upcoming Star Wars film.

The new menu features items like the Co-Reactor Pancakes (pancakes topped with strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and Crystal Crunch Rocks), the Blaster Fire Burger (a burger featuring chipotle gouda cheese, bacon, and spicy Ghost Pepper sauce), the Two moons Skillet (two sunny side up eggs on a bed of savory potatoes), and the Crystal Crunch Milkshake (a milkshake served with popping crystals).

Denny’s is also offering exclusive Solo: A Star Wars Story trading cards during this promotional period and net proceeds from the sale will go towards No Kid Hungry — helping the fight against childhood hunger.

The new Star Wars menu is available now through June 26, about a month after the film hits theaters. May need to set a day aside and go in on all these breakfast items, possibly May 4th (AKA Star Wars Day).


Han Solo’s Trapped In Carbonite Frosting In This Deliciously Depressing Collectable


With Star Wars The Force Awakens set to open in a few months, folks are binging on the popular space opera to get their refresher before the December premiere. Running with the hype, Falcon Toys released a fake Pop-Tart collection that features the lovable rogue Han Solo encased in frosting.

It’s called Pop-Art, playing on the delicious breakfast toaster pastry.

Fans of the original trilogy may remember that the hero gets encased in carbonite by the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Harkening back to that iconic image of Harrison Ford frozen still, the Pop-Tart-like figures recreate the scene in a wacky frosted take.

Available for $30, the figures sold out almost immediately. No word yet on when they’ll be in stock again, especially since each are hand painted, but keep checking back at Falcon Toys for updates.


Ugh, Cute: Hans Off My Cookie!


Who knew Chewie could look so dashing as a cookie?


Stop! Han Solo Fridge Needs to Become a Reality


It’s been a rough summer. Google “2013 heat wave” and you’ll come up with pages of cities, states, countries, and continents whining about the brutal temperatures this year. With power outages and scary “don’t leave your house, seriously, like, ever” warnings coming at us left and right, what’s a melting Star Wars fan to do?

Apparently, invest in Photoshop. That’s what the winner(s) of the Fridges contest at did. And while it’s not real, it’d probably be perfect to store your C3PO candy and lightsaber pocky.

Perfect. Great job, guys, just really stunning work. We’ve got a workable prototype. Now who’s gonna build it? I say we start the bidding at 1500 Ralltiiri colonials — and yes, I did have to look that up.

PicThx B3TA


Star Wars-themed Ice Cube Trays

R2-D2 and Han Solo are two of the more memorable figures birthed from the Star Wars franchise, don’t you wish they could keep your drinks cold? Even if you never wished or thought about that before, you’ve more than likely got that on your brain now! Now, with these respective R2-D2 and Han Solo Ice Cube Trays, you can keep your boys floating in your respective beverage, or even use the tray mold to make some chocolate figurines.

Let the drink be with you. ($9.99/$9.99 @ ThinkGeek)




Bacon Han Solo in Chocolate

Bacon, peanut butter and chocolate make up this merry creation that leaves Han Solo buried deep in candy-goodness. Created using a genius Han Solo Candy mold, this creation covers all bases: those with a sweet tooth, the carnivores, and the Star Wars geeks. I think all my bases are covered! (Thx Show&Tell/BooTurtle)