X-ray of Hamster Eating Reveals True Purpose of Chubby Cheeks


Watching tiny animals eat on the Internet is probably high up there in workplace pastimes. However, if you were able to learn something cool along the way, then maybe your five minutes on YouTube wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

In a BBC One documentary called Pet—Wild at Heart, a hamster is filmed up close stuffing food into its cheek pouches. To get a more detailed look at how the mini mammal is able to fit so much food into its face, the hamster is X-rayed.

It’s fascinating to see how much the tiny creature is capable, and willing, to shovel into its mouth before it gives up. Those cheeks definitely aren’t just for show.

Side note: Hamster eating contests could be way more entertaining than hamster races. Though maybe don’t mention this to PETA.

Check out the adorable video below.

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This Is What It’d Look Like if Hamsters Ran Bars and Sushi Restaurants


It takes a lot of talent and dedication to create minituare sets. That, coupled with the Internet’s love for tiny cute animals, means that Twitter user @Kawanabesatou had the potential for a sensation on his hands. The overseer of grave sites also moonlights as a hamster photographer.

During his free hours, he creates elaborate sets for his hamsters. This includes the rodents serving sushi, selling tombstones, tending bar or just chillin’ in hamster houses.

We’d totally drink at a bar where an adorable hamster would listen to us bitch about our problems while doling out drinks. Though we’d like to imagine at some point the hamsters would have to cut us off.

You can check out more hilariously cute photos through Kawanabesatou’s Twitter account.




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