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Marshmello, Tommy Lee and Shay Mitchell Amongst Celebs Competing In Secret Burger Competition

Jay-Z versus Solange, KimYe versus Taylor, The Rock versus Tyrese — the public loves a good celebrity feud. Spats between the showbiz elite always capture headlines, and for the most part, it’s the usual he said, she said and finger pointing narrative. Yawn. Beef’s gone stale these days, really.

But what if I told you that celebrity beefs can actually be put to the test over how juicy their actual beef is in a burger battle? Confused? Intrigued? Both? Good. Let me break it down for you. This Saturday, May 26, Postmates and foodie favorite app, Off The Menu, are throwing together a Secret Burger Showdown as part of the LA Food Bowl festivities that involves celebrities teaming up with Los Angeles’ hottest restaurants to create wildly inventive and mouth-watering burgers to duke it out against one another.

So think EDM DJ Marshmello tag-teaming with Plan Check to create a Marshmello Burger that’s got a patty comprised of prime ribeye dry-aged for 28 days and topped with charcoal-infused ketchup leather made up as the face of the party-rocking maestro himself. Then imagine them going toe-to-toe with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell and Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron of WOLF, who’s got the formidable Bourgeois Burger that features decadent details like a Beyond Burger patty, truffle mayo, and truffle shavings.

The battle’s gonna be bloody (slightly, at least, because medium rare, of course) and contentious, but most of all, lights out delicious. Check out the running list of who is throwing down in the Secret Burger Showdown, brought to you by Postmates and Off The Menu and stay tuned for any additional updates that we’ll provide.

Burgerlords & Alexa Losey – “Slaw & Order”

Vegan burger with braised Swiss chard, classic coleslaw with mustard, vegan mayo, and crunchy sweet potato chips.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter

Button Mash & Timothy De La Ghetto – “Double Dr. Pepper Teriyaki Cheeseburger”

Dr. Pepper-marinated, coffee-blackened beef patty on top of a Dr. Pepper-marinated deep-fried beef and pork menchi katsu patty with double provolone, Dr. Pepper teriyaki sauce, apple slaw, and onion.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter


Plan Check & Marshmello – “Marshmello Burger”

Prime ribeye 28-day dry-aged patty, house-made Swiss cheese, charcoal ketchup leather, kombu pickles, onion, watercress, salt & pepper mayo, all in a crunch bun.

Photo: Marc Kharrat – @marckharrat

WOLF & Shay Mitchell – “Bourgeois Burger”

Beyond burger patty (optional), truffle mayo, truffle shavings, bacon-onion schmutz, white cheddar, on a potato roll.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter
#foodbeast Cravings Features What's New

Meet The Diabolical Pizza / Burger Fusion That We All Deserve

Peanut butter and jelly, Kobe and Shaq, Barack and Joe. What do all three of these duos have in common? Two dynamic forces that only get better when combined with each other. Is there any more room left on that Rushmore’s facade? Yeah, throw pizza and burgers on there. And no, I’m not talking about two of them at the same party.


What I’m about to break down to you might not be fathomable to many, but trust me when I say that a madcap mashup of pizza and cheeseburger exists at Meathead!, a new, leveled-up burger joint in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Picture this: the meltiest, juiciest cheeseburger with all the fixins, triumphantly crowned by an equally cheesy pizza masquerading as the top bun! Ordering any of the Meathead! burgers “Meatzza” style makes this fever dream of fusion a reality.

And while we’re on duos, the one of co-owners James Reamy and Johnny Lee serves up other mouthwatering items on the menu like some killer tater tots in their “Notorious P.I.G. and bombastic breakfast burritos like the “Threesome,” which boasts eye-opening flavor.


So for those who have dreamt of such a wondrous union in pizza and cheeseburgers (all of us), then venturing to Meathead! for their “Meatzza” style options makes the most sense out of any one thing at this very moment.


Photos: Peter Pham
Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

The 12 Rogue Chick-Fil-A’s That Actually Serve Beef Burgers

Chick-Fil-A has always been all about its chicken, to the point where their advertising revolves around a group of cows who encourage you to eat more of the restaurant’s poultry.

While regulars know that CFA would never dare serve any beef products, there are 12 Chick-Fil-A locations that serve burgers, not as an act of rebellion, but in order to preserve its origins.

In 1946, the very first Chick-Fil-A in Hapeville, GA, was originally a Dwarf House, as founder Truett Cathy served burgers before inventing his famous pressure-cooked chicken.

In honor of the Dwarf House, the Hapeville Chick-Fil-A, along with the 11 others that were once Dwarf Houses, still serve the original menu items, according to Business Insider.

Original Chick-fil-A serves steak, hamburgers and so much more! #eatmorecow

A post shared by Jerry Ta (@jerryta) on

That means the original CFA is the only place you can not only get its chicken-filled menu, but Dwarf Burgers, sweet potato souffles, mac & cheese, and chocolate pies, and even chicken and waffles.

To take things one step further, you can even get steaks at these Atlanta locations.

Steak dinner!

A post shared by Barry Arnson (@mrpbody33) on

Not only is their menu special, but it is the only Chick-Fil-A that is open 24 hours a day (except Sunday, of course).

It may seem blasphemous, but it’s one of the little known secrets that Chick-Fil-A has kept from us.

Now you know, if you ever want to enjoy some beef at Chick-Fil-A, you actually can.

Photos: Yelp

#foodbeast Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants

Here Are 7 Amazing Burgers To Try In Los Angeles For National Hamburger Day

Since Christmas is a few days away, we might as well celebrate the second best day of the year, which is National Hamburger Day.

In celebration of the best national food recognition day of the year, here’s a round-up of all the top-notch hamburgers from around the Los Angeles area that should be on your radar.


Plan Check Kitchen + Bar


Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is famously known for it’s dehydrated form of ketchup — called Ketchup Leather — that prevents burgers from getting soggy. Ketchup Leather is just as innovative and delicious as it sounds. Plan Check’s signature burger, the Plan Check Burger is served with a beef patty, habanero cheese, bacon, Sriracha ketchup leather, schmaltz onions, and kombu pickles.


Boneyard Bistro

Boneyard’s line up of over-the-top burgers should be on every burger lovers list. Here’s the O.M.G Burger, featuring a Wagyu beef patty, beer battered onion rings, chipotle aioli, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheddar cheese, and house-cured bacon

Located in Sherman Oaks, California the Boneyard Bistro is owned and operated by professional Chef Aaron Robins. Boneyard has become a local favorite thanks in part to Chef Robins’ unique spin on traditional barbecue and Boneyard’s signature oak-grilled burgers ground with 100 percent Snake River Farms American “Kobe Style” Wagyu beef.


Hawkins House Of Burgers

Whipper Burger: double cheeseburger, pastrami & hot link.

A photo posted by Ron Fong (@_ronfong_) on

A local staple in Watts, Hawkins House of Burgers is a historic family owned burger spot with insane menu items that serve some of the most over-the-top burgers on the West Coast. For example, the legendary Whipper Burger, which is a double cheeseburger, with pastrami and a hot link inside. Jaws should be unhinged to even take a bite of this behemoth.


The Upper West

The week is winding down, celebrate with a burger and fries! #yum #foodie #gourmetburger #theupperwest #foodporn

A photo posted by theupperwest (@theupperwest) on

Not to be confused with New York City’s Upper West Side, Los Angeles’ Upper West restaurant located in Santa Monica, California doesn’t need fancy names for the best burger on its menu.
Simply called, “The Burger,” this hefty item features house ground blend, arugula, Worcestershire, onion marmalade, pasilla goat cheese spread, and is served on a toasted brioche bun.


Hot’s Kitchen

🍔 #FoieGras #burger! #sogood #HotsKitchen #HermosaBeach

A photo posted by Ellene (@enelle) on

This casual, yet modern Hermosa Beach eatery features delicious tacos and hamburgers that pair terrifically with their wide selection of craft beers. One of the most over-the-top burgers is Hot’s Foie Gras burger. I mean, just look at it. The decadence is real with this burger.

Petit Trois

Owned and operated by world famous Chef Ludo Lefebvre, Los Angeles’ Petit Trois is open seven days a week and serves an array of courses. Their only burger on the menu is The Trios Mec Burger, which is fine since it’s probably the best high end burger you’ll ever have. In 2015, Bon Appetit magazine ranked Chef Ludo’s Petit Trois the third best restaurant in the United States.


The Animal

The Animal’s off-the-menu champ is aptly named, “The Boner Burger” due to the delicious combination  of short rib, house-ground chuck, and bone marrow as the constructs of its patty. Yes. Bone marrow. The Los Angeles favorite serves up one of the most mouthwatering burgers ever created. However, this trendy spot is only open four hours a night, so you better hurry if you’ve got the craving.

Fast Food What's New

McDonald’s Announces Two New Big Mac Sizes


Earlier this year, we found out that select McDonald’s locations in the country were testing out different Big Mac sizes for customers to choose from. The iconic fast food burger was available, not only in regular size, but as a mini and a larger version.

McDonald’s has now announced that they’ll be releasing the new Big Mac options to the entire United States for a limited time starting early next year.

The two new sizes are the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac. Fans who can’t commit to a regular sized Big Mac now have the option of a single patty version of the burger. The Grand Mac, for those who think a Big Mac simply isn’t enough, boasts two bigger 100% beef patties weighing 1/3 of a pound and served on two larger sesame buns.

Guess we’ll find out if size really matters once McDonald’s first quarter sales report comes in.


How Much Ketchup, Beef, Buns & Cheese Each American Eats Every Year


Somehow, the average American eats 71 pounds of ketchup annually. That’s more than 1 pound of ketchup a week. While we find that hard to believe, Hamburgers: The Economics of America’s Favorite Food does offer some enlightening bits of believable knowledge: the average eater consumes about 61 pounds of beef (In-N-Out, we see you), America’s favorite kind of cheese is American (yup), 9 billion pounds and $2.2 billion worth of lettuce are eaten a year (see ma!), and nobody likes sweet mustard.

Funny enough, the graphic comes from — that site that shuffles all of your earnings into pretty pie charts and sends you passive aggressive reminders that you can’t afford to drop $15 on a Moscow Mule. Although, greasy $3 burgers at 2 am? That you can always scrounge up pocket change for.

Click to enlarge.



Unlimited Burger Generator Will Be the Only Thing You Click Today


We finally found the answer to curing your insatiable hamburger craving. Remember the Instagram diet? (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.) Well, this unlimited burger generator takes it to the next level.

Click at your own risk, and be ready for a mesmerizing, hypnotic, and somewhat nauseating explosion of burgers.  You can thank Guthrie Lonergana, whose work has been featured in the Montage: Unmonumental Online exhibition, presented by the New Museum in New York.

Not sure if this is art, but then again, not sure we care.

PicThx Burgers


TIL: The World Eats 70% More Goat Meat Than Bacon, Needs New Priorities


We’ve always put bacon at the top of our meat hierarchy (because 100% bacon burgers, duh) and up until now we thought the rest of the world agreed with us. No other meat could really compete with the versatility, the taste, the sheer perfection of a good hunk of fried pork . . . right? Wrong. Apparently, the globe has decided to flip the bird at bacon and make way for a new champion. A bearded champion that really, really likes head butting you in the kidneys and eating your old t-shirts. Yeah, we’re talking goats. 

Turns out that goats are taking over the global meat market. This sounds pretty bizarre to those of us who are used to seeing a beef or bacon-based dish on every menu, but goats are a lot more popular in parts of the world where eating beef is a giant no-no. Goat meat is kosher and halal, meaning it fits the dietary restrictions of two major religions and is a heavyweight player in the international meat game. In fact, goat meat makes up 70% of red meat eaten worldwide. Add that to the fact that goat cheese is experiencing a rise in popularity (seriously, this stuff is on everything from pizza to cupcakes) and you’ll start to get a clearer picture of the billy-bearded domination happening.

It’s cool, though. We’re always down to embrace some solid burger diversity, and we don’t think bacon is in danger of disappearing any time soon. Until that day comes, long live the goat burger!

H/T omgfacts