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EDM DJ Marshmello Creates His Own Secret Burger That Features Charcoal Ketchup Leather

For superstar EDM DJ, Marshmello, rockin’ a massive festival proves to be an easy challenge. His ear for what can get a set poppin’ off and the handiwork he wields at his fingertips to mix and manipulate beats has lead to his astounding success in the electronic music world. But did you know those clever hands can craft a mean burger, too?

It’s an off-the-wall thought, but Marshmello has actually created a secret burger alongside Los Angeles burger hub, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, to enter in the Secret Burger Showdown event from Postmates and Off The Menu. The meaty throw down that pits celebrities and their burger creations against each other is happening on Saturday May 26, as a part of the LA Food Bowl festivities that Angelenos have been experiencing throughout the month of May.

The details in the burger are as eclectic as the sounds Marshmello loves working with. Think Plan Check’s signature ketchup letter infused with charcoal to create the distinct facial features of the DJ right onto the burger’s house-made Swiss cheese. Other tasty trappings include a prime ribeye 28-day dry-aged patty, kombu pickles, onion, watercress, and salt & pepper mayo, all in a crunch bun. It’s a lineup of ingredients that’s just as satisfying as the beat drop after a climactic build up.

If you can’t make it out to the Secret Burger Showdown this Saturday, you can sink  your teeth into the Marshmello Burger by ordering it on Postmates or the Off The Menu app.

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McDonald’s Hamburger Straws Are Trending In Japan And We’re Confused

. 世界中で流行っている「ドリンク×ドーナツ」🍹🍩 ん⁉️ 「ドリンク×ハンバーガー」でした👀❣️ マクドナルドのドリンクにハンバーガーを刺すという斬新な発想🏅💘 意外とインスタジェニックな1枚ですね📷🌈 これから「ドリンク× ○○」というフォトジェニックな写真が流行りそうですね😆✨ * ↓素敵なアカウントはこちら [photo by:@______natsuno] * <<✏️=========================>> UWASAではトレンドをキャッチしたお写真を 厳選してご紹介しています📷🌈 【 @uwasalabo 】 or 【 #uwasalabo 】 をタグ付けであなたの投稿が 紹介されちゃうかも👀🎉 皆さんの素敵なご投稿お待ちしています🌸 <<=========================🔎>> * #UWASA #uwasalabo #regram #repost #マクドナルド #マック #マクド #MacDonald #ハンバーガー #ドリンク #hamburger #drink #ドーナツ #donut #フォトジェニック #photogenic #ランチ #lunch #ピクニック #picnic #カフェ #cafe #love #instagood #good #instapic #instalike #instagenic #インスタジェニック

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In all of the coverage of food trends that we’ve done, never before have we seen one so… bizarre.

Apparently, Japan is in the middle of a fast food craze in which McDonald’s burgers are stabbed through the straws of their drinks and placed on top of lids before pictures are taken for social media users to obsess over.

Below is just a sample of what many of these peculiar pictures look like:

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お祭りいってきた #流行り荒れてるやつ

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And it’s not just burgers, either; McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches have also been spotted as part of this eccentric drink kebab.

Where did this trend come from? Some speculation from Kotaku suggests that it’s a spin on the “donut straw” trend that’s become popular on Instagram, which does seem like a passable theory. A picture of that fad is below for reference.

To be honest, I’m fine with the donut straw trend. It’s a more convenient way to carry coffee and donuts in the morning, and is more practical than this new gimmick that’s suddenly become popular in Japan. Where the hamburger straw trend falls flat is practicality. Sure, the picture looks cool, but it comes at the sacrifice of having to struggle with burger bits that end up either in my straw in or my soda. Not entirely down with either of those options.

Hopefully, this is just a fad that dies down fast, because I’d rather not see more of these hamburger straws on my social media feeds.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

How In-N-Out Became The Burger Giant It Is Today

According to an evaluation done by Harris Poll’s yearly Equi-Trend study, In-N-Out has been dethroned as the the Burger King by Five Guys…

Okay enough with the obvious lame burger puns. Yes, In-N-Out has allegedly been dethroned by Five Guys from a poll based on brand familiarity, quality, and likelihood of considering to purchase the brand. An overwhelming majority of us here at Foodbeast aren’t too happy with the outcome of this recent study, so we thought it would be a good idea to share a bit of In-N-Out’s history and what has made it into the G.O.A.T. fast food burger joint.

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Founded in 1948, In-N-Out was the first drive-thru burger stand in Southern California, opening in Baldwin Park, CA by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther. From its very inception, In-N-Out has dedicated itself to providing high quality burgers made from fresh ingredients. After its first decade, the company expanded to five total restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley area; by its 25th anniversary in 1973, In-N-Out grew to 13 locations in the Los Angeles County area.

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Contrary to popular belief, the “secret menu” actually began to manifest way back in 1961, when Snyder catered to a customer’s custom order. It ultimately became known as “Animal Style.” If you know… you know.

It was not until 1963 that the world famous Double Double was introduced on the menu, almost immediately becoming the go-to item on the already precise and simple menu. Therein lies the charm of In-N-Out: a small, simple menu that’s affordable and almost always meets your expectations.

By the 1970s, In-N-Out really blew up to become a staple in Southern California culture; their iconic crossed palm trees at every location became a familiar sight, ice cream milkshakes were added to the menu, and a shift towards a dining room format became the standard.

A post shared by In-N-Out Burger (@innout) on

It wasn’t until 1992 that the red palm trees crossed state lines into Nevada, and it won’t be until the year 2000 that Arizonians were blessed with Double Double. The first Utah location opened in 2008, Texas in 2011, and Oregon barely in 2015. At this time, there are only 300 locations within the six aforementioned states, and has always been family owned — a rarity in the fast food industry.

A testament to their overall appeal and business savvy, In-N-Out is a billion dollar company with over 18,000 employees across the board and annual revenue numbers reaching over 600 million dollars. What’s more, such success has come without sacrificing everything their brand and product has stood for.

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In a world where restaurants have large, complicated menus, it’s refreshing to know that In-N-Out’s burgers will always deliver on the same great taste. Despite being only in SIX states and having 300 locations, it’s quite an amazing feat to be craved by people all over the world.

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Meet The HAMDOG, A Hot Dog Perfectly Fitted Inside A Hamburger

A photo posted by (@ad_nl) on Sep 20, 2016 at 1:15am PDT

A brilliant new concept for a hamburger and hotdog hybrid is making its presence known on the Internet. The appropriately named HamDog is the combination of the two staple fast food dishes.

Unlike most quick food combinations, it’s not a hot dog with chopped hamburger meat and cheese on top, but rather a carefully designed hamburger with a hot dog placed inside with a custom bun to fit both proteins.

Here is the official image for the concept, courtesy of Google Patents:


The inventor, Mark Murray, was first seen pitching his concept on Shark Tank Austrailia last year.

Response to his product was pretty tepid from the panel, but after working in the food news industry for so many years we think it’s a GENIUS product.

According to, Murray has been selling the product at local markets in Perth, Australia, and has been met with “incredible” response. Murray is currently looking for “resellers,” similar to franchisees, to buy a HamDog marquee for $10,000.

Hopefully one of those investors will find their way to California. We’d love to get our hands on a HamDog and slather the sides with mustard and relish, then load the middle with thousand island.


Cover Photo: Facebook


Twitter Had A Field Day With The Deli Meat Truck That Crashed Into The Bread Truck


Bread and deli meat were spewed across several lanes of a New Jersey Freeway Friday morning after two delivery trucks collided. The crash resulted in a pile up of deli meat and hamburger buns, which scattered across the freeway in the accident, covering all but one southbound lane.

The collision caused backups for several miles, spanning multiple exits. The accident on Interstate 287’s Southbound Lanes occurred just before 6am. First responders on the scene cleaned up the sandwich ingredients. Most of the cleanup was contained by 7:30am.

The irony of the crash was not lost to the many Twitter users who took full advantage of the delicious collision.

Even T-Mobile’s CEO took part in the fun.

No one was injured, but somewhere sandwich lovers may be going without some key ingredients.


How To Make The Donald Trump Burger Meant To Change His Point Of View


Any chance he gets, Donald Trump, the outspoken presidential candidate for the Republican Party, has voiced his opinion on immigration, and Mexicans in particular. He wants to throw a wall on the border and have Mexico pay for it. He wants to send predator drones to patrol the borders, and he wants to limit immigration altogether.

Since this guy has such problem with our Southern neighbors, we decided to create a burger that will hopefully change Trump’s opinion of Mexico. Because if anything will open someone’s mind to new thoughts, cultures and experiences, it’s food.


The Donald Trump Burger



  • Mexican Torta Roll
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 2 ounces of chorizo
  • 3 ounces of Oaxacan cheese
  • 2 ounces of al pastor
  • 1 carrot and 1 cucumber (cut into shoestrings)
  • 1 slice of American cheese
  • 1 Tbsp of mayonnaise

In a bowl, mix the pork chorizo, al pastor, and Oaxacan cheese. Each component is from various parts of Mexico. The pork chorizo (not to be confused with Spanish chorizo) is most common in the North, while Central Mexico specializes in al pastor, and the Oaxacan cheese hail from the southern part of the country.

Divide your ground beef in half and roll each into a ball. Flatten each ball and indent a small pouch in the middle. Add the meat and cheese mixture into the center of one beef patty and cover with the other. Gently pinch the edges together, so the stuffing is completely sealed.

Grill the burger for a few minutes on each side until the center is firm. When finishing the final side, place the cheese on top of the patty and let it melt.

Set the patty aside to rest and cut the torta roll in half.

Spread a layer of mayonnaise on the bottom half of your bun. Gently add the stuffed burger patty to the bottom half. Top the burgers with your shoestring veggies. Like Trump’s hair, the messier, the better.

Finally, add the second half to your torta to round out the burger. Doesn’t the dusty brown color of the torta look like The Donald’s misshapen hair?




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Ten Of The Largest Food Items From Around The World

We all enjoy seeing food the size of SUVs. And yes, there was a sigh of relief when I noticed that the US wasn’t the only one to set food records of massive proportions. This list takes local food challenges to the next level with these behemoth, hellacious works of art. We dare you to clean your plate.

Largest S’more

Largest s’more

Who: Deer Run Camping Resort

What: 121.11 Kilograms

Where: United States

You said gimme some more, and they delivered. At a mere 267 pounds, this campfire delight could probably feed all of the Girl Scouts across America. In Gardners, Pennsylvania 104 volunteers helped create this behemoth. Bask in all its glory.


Largest Hamburger Commercially Available

Most Expensive Food

Who: Juicy Foods

What: Weighs 777 pounds

Price: $5,000

Where: United States

But really? Hold the cheese? OK, but we are still very impressed. This enormous burger could make an appearance at your next Super Bowl party, just make sure to give the restaurant 48 hours notice.


Largest Serving of Lagman Soup

Largest Serving of Lagman Soup

Who: Kazakh Geographic Society

What: 687 Kilograms

Where: Kazakhstan

No soup Nazis here, just oodles of noodles. Following a traditional recipe by a team of 30 chefs, Kazakh Geographic Society celebrated their five year anniversary on national unity day with a huge helping of Lagman soup.


Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

Largest Gluten-Free Pizza

Who: Dovilio Nardi

What: 1261.65 Square Metre(s)

Where: Italy

Do you think you could eat this whole thing guilt free? Would you get a t-shirt? Prepared by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte, this pizza has a bigger plan. This pizza was named Ottavia after the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. The purpose of this pie was to spread the message to the world about the importance of health conscious food choices … and this pizza party just got serious.


Largest Chocolate Truffle

Largest Chocolate Truffle

Who: Mirco Della Vecchia

What: 1,768 pounds

Where: Italy

The largest chocolate truffle weighed in at 1,768 pounds of pure gluttony. Dark chocolate, Amarena cherries, cream and a dream made this creation come to life. Now this is how you get chocolate wasted.


Largest Fruit Cobbler

largest fruit cobbler

Who: Hampton Inn of Ruston

What: 2,251 pounds

Where: United States

What does one do with 819 pounds of peaches, 454 pounds of sugar and 312 pounds of butter?  Make a colossal peach cobbler for the Annual Louisiana Peach Festival in Ruston, Louisiana.


Largest Fruit Salad

Largest Fruit Salad

Who: Spar Österreichische Warenhandels AG

What: 19,158 pounds

Where: Austria

If only it were deeper — so we could swim in it. The largest fruit salad weighed 19,158 pounds. A lot of fruits were in attendance.


Largest Tiramisu

Who: Latte Blanc, Uova Pascolo, Caffe Toto, Despar, Associazione Cons.erva

What: 3,015 Kilograms

Where: Italy

This is what an adult slip n’ slide should look like … made with Zabaione cream, coffee, mascarpone, cream, Sovoiardi biscuits, sugar, cocoa and whipped cream. Plan of action: face-first.


Largest Falafel

Largest Falafel

Who: Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center

What: 164.80 pounds

Where: Jordan

Opa! The largest falafel weighed in at 164.80 pounds and was prepared by ten chefs using the traditional recipe of chickpeas, parsley, and coriander with mixed spices. It took 25 minutes to deep fry this bad boy and was later served to 600 hotel guests. I only hope they had enough tzatziki for everyone.


Largest Crab Cake 

Largest Crab Cake

Who: Handy International Incorporated

What: 300 pounds

Where: United States

The largest crab cake weighed in at 300 pounds of fresh Maryland blue crab meat. I’d imagine that anyone allergic to shellfish were evacuated from the city leading up to the event. And that EpiPens were in everyone’s goodie bags.

Disclaimer: Records change on a daily basis. || Photo Credit: Guinness World Records


The Ultimate Guide To Hacking The In-N-Out Menu

If you’ve ever been to the west coast, you probably know how amazing an In-N-Out burger tastes. No, it’s not overrated, it’s food perfection — one of the best foods California has to offer. California is all about beaches, great weather and In-N-Out.

As it slowly grows outward to places like Nevada and Arizona, and even pop-up locations in Toronto and Hong Kong, In-N-Out is slowly becoming more accessible to the world.

If you haven’t had it already, you will have In-N-Out at some point in your life, hopefully. So as a Californian who has been able to enjoy the glorious burgers for 25 years, I felt obligated to give you a full look at the In-N-Out menu, the Not-So-Secret menu, and ridiculous amount of tips and tricks that will let you enjoy your trip to In-N-Out even more.

So get ready for the most extensive look at the In-N-Out menu you’ll ever see, and get ready to try something new and delicious:



double double

picthx imgkid

You roll up to In-N-Out and you see the classic menu that’ll probably never change. It’s beautiful, consistent, basic, fresh, always made-to-order and delicious:

  • Hamburger (A beef patty, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onion, spread)
  • Cheeseburger (Same as the hamburger, but with cheese added)
  • Double-Double (Same as the cheeseburger, but with an second patty and piece of cheese)
  • French Fries
  • Milk 
  • Coffee
  • Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry)

Unless instructed otherwise, your burgers come with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions, their famous Thousand Island spread over the toasted bun and of course beef patties. If you get a cheeseburger, they a slice of cheese, of course, and a double-double has two beef patties with two slices of cheese. If you want to split a hamburger in half for the kiddos, they’ll happily do that for you as well.

That was the easy part. Now we get to the ‘instructed otherwise’ part of the list, which is the fun part.


They call it the Not-So-Secret Menu because although it’s not visible on their in-store menu, it is acknowledged online. The items on here have become so common in people’s orders, they probably could be listed on the menu. You’ve got extra patties in your burgers, cheesy fries and even a breadless burgers.

The 3×3


picthx @lo_down

This part of the list starts off pretty easy. If the Double-Double isn’t enough for you, you can add a third patty and an third piece of cheese with the 3×3.

The 4×4


picthx quake89

If you’re really in Beast Mode, In-N-Out lets you order your burger with up to FOUR patties and FOUR pieces of cheese with its 4×4. There was a time when you could add five, or six, or 100 patties, but someone ruined it for everyone by actually ordering a 100×100, forcing In-N-Out an official limit of four. Sure you can order an unlimited amount of 4x4s and create a super burger, but don’t be a dick. The 100×100 has already been done and documented (See photo below). All you’d be doing is slowing down a line that’s already going to be incredibly long.


picthx what up willy

Animal Style Burgers and Fries


picthx abby miller

It’s come to the point where Animal Style is almost a must when going to In-N-Out. If you’re not from the west coast and don’t get to enjoy In-N-Out on a consistent basis, it’s silly not to order, at least, Animal Style fries.

Animal Style Fries are their classic fries topped off with their famous spread, a slice of cheese and chopped grilled onions. The Animal Style Burger includes extra spread, mustard grilled into the meat patty, and extra pickles in this mess of a burger. You can order Animal style for your double double, 3×3 and 4×4.

Protein Style Burger

protein style

picthx chelwow

If you’re not into carbs and want to do away with the bread, In-N-Out can replace the bread by expertly wrapping the burger in lettuce. Everything inside stays the same, it’s just breadless. So if you want a 4×4, Protein Style, you’ll have a massive burger lettuce wrap.

The Flying Dutchman

flying dutchman

picthx flickr

This Flying Dutchman is more than just a character on Spongebob Squarepants, at In-N-Out it’s an uber deconstructed burger. There’s no bread, no lettuce, no onions, no spread. It’s just two pieces of meat and cheese. This one could have easily been called a protein style burger, but no, it has the name of a mythical ghost ship for some reason.

Grilled Cheese sandwich

grilled cheese

picthx flick river

The grilled cheese burger is just what you think it is. It’s all the veggies that come with a normal burger and two slices of cheese, but it has no meat patty.

Double Meat


picthx yelp

If you’re not down with cheese, you can order a Double Meat burger, which is just what it sounds like, a two beer patty burger with no cheese.


For the sake of allergies and other boring law-abiding reasons, In-N-Out can’t exactly do everything you ask, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking the available ingredients in the restaurant and making stuff yourself. Here are some ideas that let you play with your food.

Monkey Style Burger


picthx Jason Thomas

This dirty little burger started off as a rumor on Twitter. Legend says that an order of Animal Style fries stuffed inside a Double-Double was called a Monkey Style Burger. We tried ordering it ourselves and pissed off In-N-Out to say the least. Turns out Monkey Style isn’t a super secret menu item, and thanks to us, you’ll get a vicious look from the cashier if you try to order it. Sorry, not sorry. You can however order Animal Style fries and stuff them in a Double-Double yourself. It tastes pretty amazing.

Lemon-Pepper Fries

lemon pepper

picthx joys hope

You can ask for lemon and pepper on the side if you’re in the drive-thru, or if you’re dining in, just grab the condiments yourself. Squeeze the lemon over your fries then pepper them.

Roadkill Fries


picthx yelp

If you want to upgrade your Animal Style fries even more, top them with a Flying Dutchman. You can even use the plastic utensils to cut up the meat patty and sprinkle them over your fries, for an In-N-Out version of carne asada fries.

Monkey Style Milkshake


I know it sounds weird, but dipping your fries in a vanilla milkshake is just as awesome as stuffing your burger with fries. There’s something about mixing the saltiness of the fries with the sweetness of the shake that’s perfect.

‘Hood Lemonade

lemon water

picthx foodspotting

If you’re broke and usually skip the purchase of a drink to save money, you can make your own lemonade with free ingredients. You’ve got free water, free lemon slices and free sugar. You can easily make yourself a free lemonade. Knowing your broke ass though, you’re probably putting 7UP in that clear water cup anyway.

Peppered Ketchup

pepper ketchup

picthx foodspotting

You can pepper your fries, or ketchup. Either way, it’s a little upgrade for your fries.


This is the stuff you won’t see on either the standard, or secret menu, but are upgrades the workers know about and can do for you. So maybe this is the secret menu? From the small stuff like adding grilled onions to your burger, to getting your Flying Dutchman Animal Style, these are upgrades that can enhance your next order.

Veggie Burger


picthx bookofelie

If you’re vegetarian, you can get this sad looking Veggie Burger. It’s essentially a regular burger, but meatless and cheese-less. If you’re vegan, you can get it without spread as well. It’s basically a really depressing way for vegetarians to enjoy an In-N-Out “burger” with their friends.

Flying Dutchman Animal Style


That breadless burger we mentioned earlier, The Flying Dutchman, can come Animal Style. I was told that you’d probably just ring it up like a Double-Double, but you CAN order a Flying Dutchman Animal Style, which would come with fried mustard, grilled onions and spread like you would a regular Animal Style Burger.

Grilled Onions


picthx Leesa Dang

Grilled Onions come standard on Animal Style fries, but you also have the option of getting these chopped up little guys on your burger to replace the regular raw onion it usually comes with. J’deteste onions, but I’ve tried the grilled onions a couple of times and I have to admit they’re pretty damn good.

Whole Grilled Onions


picthx flickr

When you ask for grilled onions, they usually come chopped up, but if you really get specific, you can get whole onions grilled as well.

Chopped Chilies


picthx Maria Corazon

In-N-Out has yellow chilies that can be ordered on the side, but it is also possible to ask them to chop them up and put them over your fries, or in your burger. Gives your order a little extra spice. Works great with your Lemon Pepper Fries as well.


picthx Drew Kansan

Grilled Mustard


picthx Cesar Ramirez

I mentioned that the patties in an Animal Style Burger come with mustard grilled in to them, but you have that option with any burger you order. They essentially give the meat a bit of a tangy taste with the combination of mustard and pickles.


picthx blogspot

Medium Rare


picthx gastronomyblog

In-N-Out burgers are cooked so that there’s no pink, or reddish tint showing, like most fast food burgers do. Most locations are OK with making your burger medium rare if you want. There are places, such as the locations in Nevada, that have to cook it all the way through, by law, but other than that, get your pink meat on.

Cheese Fries


picthx foodspotting

Cheese Fries are what you get when you want more than just regular fries, but don’t want to go all the way to Animal Style. They just put a couple slices of melted cheese over your fries. Simple and delicious.

Well Done Fries


picthx refinedguy

In-N-Out makes their fries fresh to order, so you have the option of having them custom cooked. If you want them a little crispier, you can order them “light-well.” If you want them even darker and crispy, you can order them “well-done.” If you want them almost burnt and inedible, you can get them “extra well-done.” If you want them to be soft and terrible, you can order them “light.”

Cold Cheese


picthx refinedguy

I don’t know why you’d want this, but it’s an option. If you don’t want their classic cheese, beautifully melted in your burger, you can order cold cheese.

Extra Toast


picthx biggest menu

Trust me, this burger had its buns toasted a little more than usual. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but look at how glorious this thing looks. The extra toast provides a bit more of a crunch to your bun.


Arnold Palmer, like anywhere else, is a mix of their lemonade and tea.
Lemon Up mixes lemonade and 7UP.
-Rootbeer Lemonade. Mixing up root beer and lemonade sounds kind of weird, but I tried it the other day and thought I’d recommend it to the world.



picthx pixgood

In-N-Out has vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes. If you order a Neapolitan, they’ll mix all three flavors in the same cup. You can also go halfsies of each flavor, such as a strawberry-chocolate shake.

Root Beer Float

root beer float

picthx refined guys

They have vanilla shakes and have root beer. If you order a root beer float, they’ll gladly mix the two together for you.


Pup Patty

In-N-Out is one of few restaurants that has secret menus for doggies. If you order a Pup Patty, they’ll give you a salt-less beef patty so you can enjoy a meal in the car with your four-legged friend.