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McDonald’s Hamburger Straws Are Trending In Japan And We’re Confused

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In all of the coverage of food trends that we’ve done, never before have we seen one so… bizarre.

Apparently, Japan is in the middle of a fast food craze in which McDonald’s burgers are stabbed through the straws of their drinks and placed on top of lids before pictures are taken for social media users to obsess over.

Below is just a sample of what many of these peculiar pictures look like:

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お祭りいってきた #流行り荒れてるやつ

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And it’s not just burgers, either; McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches have also been spotted as part of this eccentric drink kebab.

Where did this trend come from? Some speculation from Kotaku suggests that it’s a spin on the “donut straw” trend that’s become popular on Instagram, which does seem like a passable theory. A picture of that fad is below for reference.

To be honest, I’m fine with the donut straw trend. It’s a more convenient way to carry coffee and donuts in the morning, and is more practical than this new gimmick that’s suddenly become popular in Japan. Where the hamburger straw trend falls flat is practicality. Sure, the picture looks cool, but it comes at the sacrifice of having to struggle with burger bits that end up either in my straw in or my soda. Not entirely down with either of those options.

Hopefully, this is just a fad that dies down fast, because I’d rather not see more of these hamburger straws on my social media feeds.