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Pretzel Buns Are Now Available At Quizno’s


Biting into a warm, freshly-baked pretzel is a pretty fantastic experience. Throw a little mustard on there and really enjoy it. Quizno’s is now offering Pretzel Bread to go with you sandwiches.

The quick-service chain has released a new pretzel bread option that’s featured on two new sandwiches. The Ham on Pretzel Bread features deli-sliced ham and Swiss cheese and is stacked with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and spicy brown mustard. The Turkey on Pretzel Bread is made with roasted turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and spicy brown mustard.

So while National Pretzel Day is over and done with, at least for another year, you can still get your hands on these new breads. At least through the fall.


Ham Is Expensive This Year Because Our Pigs Are Way Too Fat


Well, we’ve done it. Even our pigs are too fat.

Millions of piglets fell victim to some fatal diarrhea (no, really) earlier this year causing American farmers to overfeed their surviving pigs. Now, the hind legs are too succulent to make the coveted 7-pound spiral-cut half ham.

A heavier ham would taste the same, but holiday ham fascists have driven up the cost. With lean 7-pound half hams in high demand and 5.2 percent fewer pigs, October retail prices reached as high as a record $3.43 per pound, according to Bloomberg.

If you’re thinking about substituting ham this year, don’t; this weight crisis also raised the prices of other meats.

Luckily, this news means that Weight Watchers drop-out pigs have created a greater supply of pork bellies. Even though you’ll spend double on ham, you can wrap whatever you want with considerably cheaper bacon.

Or you could make a spiral-cut ham sculpture with bacon.

Fast Food

Carl’s Jr. Stuffs Two Omelets into a Biscuit, Loads of Cheese and Meat


Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are packing twice as many omelets this week with their new breakfast entry, the Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit. Because there’s no time these days to sit down and enjoy an omelet, the fast food chain has sandwiched a couple eggy babies between two biscuits. Hey, you won’t hear any complaints on our end. We’re drooling over here.

The Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit features two folded-egg omelets stuffed with sausage, bacon, ham, and shredded Jack and cheddar cheeses. Because two types of cheeses weren’t enough, the sandwich is topped with yet another slice of cheese, this time American. All that is served between two “Made from Scratch” Carl’s biscuits.

Patrons can purchase the Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit for either $2.79 individually or for $4.49 in a combo meal that comes with Hash Rounds and a beverage; prices may vary depending on the location. The biscuit sandwich will be available today at all Hardee’s locations and on October 22 at all Carl’s Jr. locations.

We hope biscuits are getting cool again because, honestly, they’re the most under-appreciated breakfast starch around. Everyone seems to go for the waffles and the wraps these days. #biscuitlove

H/T GrubGrade


You Must Sign a Release for this 8,000-Calorie Breakfast


If you feel guilty after inhaling a McDonald’s Breakfast Platter, the UK has a morning dish that will definitely make you hang your head in shame. Mark Winder is the owner of the Bear Grills in Congleton, Cheshire. Inspired by “Man vs. Food,” Winder came up with a ridiculous breakfast platter one might see in an animated cartoon. He calls it the Hibernator.

At about 8,000 calories, the Hibernator consists of eight pieces of bacon, eight sausages, four hash browns, four pieces of toast, four potato waffles, four pieces of fried bread, a four-egg cheese omelette, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and large chips. Don’t bother ordering a Diet Coke with your meal, however, as the platter also comes with a large milkshake to wash everything down.

Because of its high-calorie count, Winder requires all of his customers to sign a legal disclaimer before attempting the breakfast. Because y’ know, death.

As with most food challenges, customers have the opportunity to earn their place in the restaurant hall of fame. If they are able to finish that mountain of starch and fat in a thirty-minute window, they can earn back their £19.95 ($25.18 US).

The monstrous meal is served on a turkey platter and weighs about seven pounds. According to Winder, no one has yet been able to finish the Hibernator in one sitting.

H/T The Daily Mail Picthx Bear Grills Facebook


A Ham Sold for $2 Million at the State Fair, No Really


A decent market ham will set you back about 60 bucks. A showcase ham can go for hundreds or thousands. However, a plump piece of pork sold recently for $2 million at the Kentucky State Fair. No, it wasn’t lined with jewels.

Country hams are typically dry-cured. This means that moisture is drawn out of the meat until at least 18 percent of the water is lost, and usually as much as 20 to 25 percent. The hams must be aged from six months to a full year before they are ready to eat.

Every year at the Kentucky Fair, Miss Kentucky walks around the room showcasing the ham for potential buyers.

The winners of the auction were Hermitage Farm LLC and Republic Bank. Possibly because the two competing bidders were so close, the $2 million will be divided among the two parties and donated the money to their choice of charities. In a 50-year tradition, proceeds from the ham auctions at the state fair typically went towards some form of charity or cause. So essentially a charity auction.

The Kentucky State Fair has been known for setting ham-based records, however. On average, a cured ham sells for almost half a million dollars at the fair, which is also incredibly impressive. No clue why this year’s ham was more appealing than the previous years’. Hey, as long as it’s for charity, right?

H/T First We Feast

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McDonald’s Singapore Has Chocolate-Covered Ham and Cheese Hotcakes


Taking the breakfast game to another level, McDonald’s Singapore is offering a new dish to their menu that is not only pretty sweet, but savory as well. They’re calling them Hearty Hotcakes. The hotcakes are stacked with chicken ham and a slice of American cheese. Note: look up chicken ham.

For an additional cost of 50 cents Singapore (40 cents US), Customers can add their choice of strawberry syrup or hot fudge as well. Not sure if the heart and sun patterns come default with the breakfast additions or if customers will be able to freestyle their own patterns. Syrup and butter is still free, however.

Those who may think that meat and cheese on top of sweet hotcakes are just gross, just think of it as a deconstructed McGriddle.

H/T Brand Eating


Bacon-Wrapped Easter Ham


Recipe: Dude Foods


Gaufree Contends with Orange County Veteran Bruxie for Best Waffle House Title


Specializing in creating artisan waffle sandwiches, Gaufree could very well give Bruxie, Orange County’s OG waffle sandwich house, a run for their money. So what makes Gaufree distinct from Bruxie? While both sell exceptionally crafted sandwiches made from waffles, personally (and I know there are Bruxie die-hards who will disagree) the nostalgia Gaufree’s spot offers in both its food and vibe does it for me.

Gaufree reminds me of a place you can just show up and relax while hanging out with your friends. Something along the lines of Saved By The Bells “The Max” or California Dreams‘ “Sharkey’s.” You can walk in, order your food, sit down and kick it. They even have a Do You Know Me? game at every table and an ice cream parlor in the back.


Now, I’m not looking to start a flame war or anything, because I do enjoy Bruxie, but my money’s on the new kid on the block.

The family-owned establishment is just starting to set their roots in the area and, frankly, they’re off to a phenomenal start. Between their sandwiches and desserts, they pretty much hit the ground running. But you probably don’t want to read about how much I like it when you can see for yourself.

I’ll let my camera tell you the rest.


Louisiana Tasso Ham with Swiss Emmental Cheese


Hands down my overall favorite. We started off with the Louisiana Tasso-Style Ham and Swiss, which was topped with a house-made garlic aioli. Mind you, this was the first time I tried tasso ham, but I can say with honesty that I haven’t felt that special flutter in my heart since I was introduced to a little thing called pastrami.



House Famous Pulled Pork


A close second in Peter’s Gaufree adventure: the Pulled Pork. Soaked in their special BBQ sauce and horseradish yogurt, every bite was a medley of flavor. The best part is that the sauce soaks into the waffle bun, creating a sponge of pulled pork juiciness.


Organic Buttermilk Fried Chicken


Who doesn’t love chicken and waffles? Between the crispy chicken breast and the special chipotle molasses sauce, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken was a great way close out my waffle sandwich feast. Not too heavy or greasy, it left plenty of room for dessert.


House-Made Sauces


Ketchup. Ranch. BBQ. Garlic Aioli. All their sauces are house-made from scratch and their flavors prove it. The ranch is thick and rich, the BBQ is sweet and a little spicy and the ketchup has just the right kick to it. None of that processed crap. I  would go just for these sauces and a stack of fries alone.


Brussels Street Waffles with Chocolate


Now that the savory part of the tasting is over, it’s time to move onto the sweets. Gaufree’s Street Waffles are dusted with powdered sugar and served with several kinds of dessert dipping sauces. The combo made me feel like a kid again, dunking waffles in my favorite sweets.



Peanut Butter Pie Waffle


Peanut butter is where it’s at. The Peanut Butter Pie Waffle was, for lack of a better word, bananas! (Disclaimer: there were no bananas.) Spread with peanut butter whipped cream, more whipped cream and garnished with salted caramel and peanuts, the pie was a masterpiece George Washington Carver would be proud of.


The waffle pie is layered with a house-made peanut butter whipped cream. Chef handed me a spoonful of this beauty and told me to put it in my mouth. Pause. Mmmm… peanut-buttery goodness.


Raspberry Coulis


Finally, my adventure at Gaufree ended with a taste of their Sauce & Raspberry Coulis. Ugh, just look at how sexy that looks. Now, imagine how it tasted. Exactly.




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