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The Ultimate Eating Guide To Disneyland’s Halloweentime Eats

The fall season means that it’s time for Disneyland to break out the giant pumpkins and get Halloween into full gear. From now through the holiday, everything within the resort and its theme parks has a spooky appeal to it. That includes the food, of which there are nearly 60 different savory eats, sweet treats, and themed drinks for this time around.

There’s a ton of culinary ground to cover, especially if you’re trying to snag all of the eats for your Instagram, as many people will be doing. This ultimate guide will help you get through all of the Halloween-time eats, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to track it down.

Halloween-Themed Sweets

Maleficent Churro

This gothic churro is coated in black, green, and purple sugars, evoking the colors of the Sleeping Beauty sorceress. It comes with a marshmallow dip served cold so that you get a satisfying contrast of hot, cold, creamy, and crunchy.

Location: Sleeping Beauty Castle (Churro Cart)

Minnie Witch Apple

As colorful as it is sweet, the Minnie Witch Apple is coated in loads of chocolate and colorful sprinkles.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Jack Skellington Apple

Jack Skellington’s face is evoked almost perfectly, with white chocolate serving as the base coating to bring this character to life in apple form.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Skull Apple

The Skull Apple is built similar to the Jack Skellington one, but has a green and white chocolate exterior with decorative white frosting used to paint the skull.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Evil Queen Apple


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Made to look like the face of the Evil Queen, it even comes with a little candy tiara on top.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Jack Skellington Cake Pop


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The chocolate-covered cake pop is a bite-sized way to get into the Halloween spirit. Or Christmas, which is what Jack would prefer.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Bat Cake Pop


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This crepuscular cake pop gets into the spooky spirit by rocking edible bat wings.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Mickey Mummy Rice Crispy Treat

Drenched in white chocolate and wrapped to look like a mummy, this Mickey-shaped treat is one of the spookiest Mickey candy renditions out there.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Oogie Boogie Rice Crispy Treat

Based on the villain from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this rice crispy treat is as sweet as it is creepy.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Maleficent Rice Crispy Treat

Maleficent gets a lot of love during the Halloween season, as she has a churro, an apple, and this rice crispy treat available.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Mummy Marshmallow


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One of Disneyland’s classic marshmallows on a stick gets wrapped to look like a mummy.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Trolley Treats (California Adventure), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney)

Black Rose Dessert


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This Halloween version of the “Grey Stuff” normally served here consists of a black truffle mousse and raspberry compote with a crunchy center. Of course it’s got to be  served with a candy spider.

Location: Red Rose Taverne (Disneyland)

Orange Sugar Skull Pot de Creme


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Made to celebrate Día de los Muertos, this pot de creme is topped with an orange sugar skull akin to the ones from the film Coco.

Location: Rancho del Zocalo (Disneyland)

Halloween-Themed Dessert Trio


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The three items in this trio are a “worms and dirt” brownie cup, a salted caramel pudding, and a mini pumpkin pie.

Location: French Market (Disneyland)

Spider Bundt Cake


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Don’t worry if you’re a spider on this chocolate bundt cake. It’s also made from chocolate and is meant to be scarfed down.

Location: French Market (Disneyland)

Cruella de Vil Brownie


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Cruella de Vil’s logo tops a brownie that’s served with both a white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery (Disneyland)

Graveyard Cupcake

What gives this chocolate cupcake its name is the edible tombstone that sits amongst dark chocolate mousse, a cherry filling, and Halloween sprinkles.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery (Disneyland)

Mickey Mummy Macaron

The sweet almond-based cookie treat is usually shaped like Mickey at Jolly Holiday, but also gets mummified in a white edible wrapping.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery (Disneyland)

Halloween Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse’s Halloween dessert is a cinnamon-praline Bundt cake that also features an apple center, orange glaze, and sprinkles.

Location: Plaza Inn (Disneyland)

Spider Parfait/Alien Spider Parfait


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Both of these parfaits are quite similar to each other, with each consisting of chocolate cake, chocolate and vanilla pudding, and a generous helping of ganache to top everything off.

Location: Galactic Grill/Alien Pizza Planet (Disneyland)

Sleepy Hollow Cupcake

A Red Velvet cupcake is topped with a chocolate piece that look just like the Headless Horseman.

Location: Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe (California Adventure)

Spider Silk Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

You’re supposed to squish this massive ice cream sandwich, which is made from raspberry ice cream and has a popping candy surprise on the inside.

Location: Clarabelle’s (California Adventure)

Bat Wing Sundae

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

A bat wing cookie garnishes this sundae, made with white chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream with raspberry splatter, red sprinkles, and whipped cream.

Location: Clarabelle’s (California Adventure)

Green Apple Spell Lemonade

Served with a glowing Poison Apple Cube, there’s cherry popping boba inside of this refreshing drink for an added flavor punch.

Location: Smokejumpers Grill (California Adventure)

Mummy Croissant Donut

The inside of this MASSIVE take on the cronut is crammed with both peanut butter and jelly.

Location: Schmoozies! (California Adventure)

Supernatural Spirit/Ghoulish Delight

Available in alcoholic (Supernatural Spirit) and non-alcoholic (Ghoulish Delight) forms, this cotton candy lemonade is served with a pillow of the spun sugar that dissolves in your drink within seconds.

Location: Hollywood Lounge (California Adventure)

Spokey-Cone Macaron

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

One of the most beloved Halloween items in California adventure, this is stuffed with a marshmallow buttercream and pieces of candy corn.

Location: Cozy Cone Motel (California Adventure)


Halloween-Themed Savory Eats

Haunted Firehouse Chicken Sandwich

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

It sounds like it may pack the heat, but this chicken sandwich brings together some unique flavor combos, like a red pepper coulis, pancetta, white cheese sauce, and arugula.

Location: Carnation Cafe (Disneyland)

Halloween Hot Dog

The flavor of this can best be described as a “pizza dog.” The spicy marinara meatballs, cheese sauce, and roasted tomatoes play into that.

Location: Refreshment Corner (Disneyland)

Mickey Bread with Fangs

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

The classic Mickey-shaped bread gets turned into Mickey Vampire Bread for the Halloween season, as fangs stick out of its mouth.

Location: Pacific Wharf Cafe, Boudin Bread Cart (California Adventure)

Anti Vampire Pizza


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There’s plenty of garlic on here to keep the blood suckers away. Roasted garlic, tomato-harissa sauce, roasted chicken, smoked gouda, mozarella, and roasted red peppers make up the toppings on this pie.

Location: Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta (California Adventure)

Slow-Burnin’ Mac N Cheese Cone

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

Another favorite for Halloween, this black bread cone is topped with a spicy mac n cheese and crumbled spicy cheese puffs for an added kick.

Location: Cozy Cone Motel (California Adventure)

Other Seasonal Items

Crab & Corn Chowder

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

This chowder joins the lineup of soups at Cafe Orleans for the fall, with the sweetness of the corn playing well with the briny crab meat.

Location: Cafe Orleans (Disneyland)

Orange Churro

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

You could also call this the “Candy Corn Churro,” since it does come with a side of Candy Corn sauce on the side.

Location: Big Thunder Mountain Churro Cart (Disneyland)

Pumpkin Spice Churro


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It wouldn’t be fall at Disneyland without a Pumpkin Spice Churro. You can get it with a side of cream cheese frosting as well to go along with your Ugg boots.

Location: Haunted Mansion Churro Cart (Disneyland) and Willie’s Churros (California Adventure)

Churro Bites Cereal Sundae

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

One of two new churro sundaes to hit the park, this one features fruit cereal-dusted churros, cereal milk anglaise, strawberry ice cream, and raspberry sauce.

Location: Hungry Bear Restaurant (Disneyland)

Churro Sundae


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Made to look like some of the popular churro sundaes on Instagram, this sundae contains a cookie butter gelato and cinnamon sugar churro topped with cajeta and whipped cream.

Location: Golden Horseshoe (Disneyland)

Sour Apple Churro

Caramel apple lollipop lovers will enjoy this flavor, as the combo of sour apple sugar and caramel sauce evokes that nostalgic treat.

Location: Astro Blasters Churro Cart (Disneyland)

Halloween Tricolor Sugar Churros

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

You can get churros with orange, green, and purple sugar as the featured colors for the Halloween season.

Location: Willie’s Churros (California Adventure)

S’mores Churro

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

This loaded churro is topped with graham crackers, chocolate chips, and a marshmallow drizzle.

Location: Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Churro Cart (California Adventure)

Pumpkin Fudge


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A seasonal fudge flavor, it’s got both pumpkin spice and pumpkin flavors within.

Location: Candy Palace and Pooh Corner (Disneyland), Marceline’s Confectionery (Downtown Disney), (Trolley Treats (California Adventure)

Frozen Abuelita Horchata


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Layers of frozen hot chocolate and horchata intertwine to give this drink an aromatic punch of cocoa and cinnamon.

Location: Rancho del Zocalo (Disneyland)

Pumpkin Spice Beignets

Disneyland’s famous Mickey-shaped beignets get a pumpkin spice flavor boost to them that fits for the fall season.

Location: Mint Julep Bar (Disneyland)

Musubi Special


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Served chilled, slices of “spiced ham” combine with rice, pineapple teriyaki, and nori. A side of pickled daikon and carrots is also available for extra accoutrements.

Location: Bengal Barbecue (Disneyland)

Apple Pie A La Mode


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Normally apple pie topped with ice cream, this is actually the reverse, with a scoop of vanilla as the base and warm spiced apples, a crumble, and caramel drizzle on top.

Location: Gibson Girl (Disneyland)

Sweet Potato Hand Pie

This hand pie has all the hallmarks of your standard sweet potato pie, including a bunch of toasted marshmallows on top of an orange white chocolate glaze.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Disneyland)

Spiced Bundt Cake


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A break from the cavalcade of pumpkin spiced desserts, this Spiced Bundt Cake counts on vanilla custard frosting and cinnamon whipped cream for its flavor.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Disneyland)

Pumpkin Cheesecake


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Basically a pumpkin pie filling in cheesecake form, it’s a fulfilling fall combo of the two desserts.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Disneyland)

Pumpkin Muffin


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Folks who get this pumpkin muffin are in for a cream cheese surprise, as the frosting goes all the way into the middle of the treat.

Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Disneyland)

Mickey’s Pound Cake


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Mickey’s Pound Cake is a taste of summer in the fall, with blueberry compote, cookie crumbles, and mint rounding out the flavors.

Location: Plaza Inn Restaurant (Disneyland)

Cosmic Chili Pasta

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

Fans of Disneyland’s chili will love this pasta dish, which takes its cues from chili-topped spaghetti, a popular dish from the Cincinatti area.

Location: Alien Pizza Planet (Disneyland)

Spicy Pepper Jack Dog

The inside of this “dog” is 100% pepper Jack cheese, and there’s plenty of toppings to garnish the fried cheese stick. These include blackberry sauce, cheese puffs, pickled serranos, and pineapple salsa.

Location: Corn Dog Castle (California Adventure)

Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake Fries

California Adventure just did Funnel Cake Fries for Pixarfest, and they were such a hit that two new forms, including this one, are coming back for the fall.

Location: Award Wieners (California Adventure)

Cookies & Cream Funnel Cake Fries

While not autumnal in flavor, this comes loaded with OREOs and whipped cream to create a tasty treat alongside your hot dogs.

Location: Award Wieners (California Adventure)

Oktoberfest Dog


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The flavors of Oktoberfest permeate this sausage sandwich, which puts sauerkraut, beer cheese, and caramelized onions on top of a kielbasa.

Location: Award Wieners (California Adventure)

Caramel Apple Smoothie


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Caramel and apple are the predominant flavors here, which will either make you think of the iconic lollipop or an apple pie

Location: Schmoozies! (California Adventure)

Whoopie Pie

Schmoozies! is filling their whoopie pies with espresso chip ice cream for a caffeine-boosted sugar rush.

Location: Schmoozies! (California Adventure)

Bacon Cheddar and Ale Soup

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

This hearty combo of bacon, beer, and cheese will be a warm welcome to those looking to thaw out during the colder parts of fall.

Location: Pacific Wharf Cafe (California Adventure)

Fire Dragon Tacos

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

A combo of kimchi slaw, Korean barbecue sauce, and Sriracha crema bring a trifecta of fire to these tacos.

Location: Studio Catering Truck (California Adventure)

Candy Cone Pie


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For those wondering, there’s no candy corn inside (although it is a garnish), but the mix of vanilla, butterscotch, and white chocolate puddings does give this pie a similar appearance.

Location: Flo’s V8 Cafe (California Adventure)

Pumpkin Spice Shake


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If pumpkin spice was around in the 50’s, this shake would be all the cool rage.

Location: Flo’s V8 Cafe (California Adventure)


Disneyland’s Halloween-time runs through October 31st, so you have until then to check out all of these special treats and eats.

Animals Health Packaged Food Sweets

Here’s What Halloween Treats To Avoid Feeding Your Dog


As Halloween approaches, you’re probably heading to the stores, looking for candy that yourself and potential trick-or-treaters can enjoy. However, if you own a dog, you should also be careful of the candy you purchase and if Fido’s able to get a hold of it or not. Several candies can be potentially toxic to canines, and now is a prime time for those to be consumed. If you’re a dog owner, definitely be wary of the following Halloween treats getting near your pooch.

halloween treats

Foodbeast sat down with Dr. Gary Richter, veterinary expert with pet-sitting business, to go into detail about what types of candies to avoid letting your canine getting into.

For Dr. Richter, the three most crucial ingredients to keep dogs away from are raisins, chocolate, and xylitol.

Raisins and Grapes

Raisins and grapes can actually cause acute kidney failure in dogs, which can lead to serious health consequences. The cause of this toxicity is unknown, but regardless, it’s best to avoid those in your treats altogether this year.

All Chocolate

Additionally, Dr. Richter emphasized the importance of keeping chocolate away from dogs. Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine that dogs cannot handle. “The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine exists,” Dr. Richter said, but also emphasized that the amount of chocolate eaten and the size of your dog also matter a lot.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can lead to low blood sugar, seizures, and even liver failure in dogs. It’s found across several gums, like Juicy Fruit and Orbit, and can be in several low-sugar candy brands as well, such as Dr. John’s hard candies.

Macadamia Nuts

Another ingredient to watch out for, according to Dr. Richter, is macadmia nuts. Canines are the only ones that are toxic to this nut, and it can cause everything from fever and vomiting to depression. Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, which can be popular this time of year, should be kept well out of reach of dogs as a result.

Honestly, it’s best if your dog doesn’t consume any candy at all. Even those treats that aren’t health treats can still be problematic, Dr. Richter says. “Any ingestion of candy in quantities more than 10 grams is considered unsafe for dogs. To help with visualizing that amount, a Jolly Rancher hard candy is about 6 grams.”

Thus, no matter what dogs are toxic or not toxic too, the best thing you can do for your best friend this Halloween is to keep the candy as far away as possible. While your dog may not appreciate having food being hidden from them, it’ll be worth it, trust me.

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12 Outrageous Halloween Treats You Need To Track Down On Amazon

Halloween is coming up pretty soon, and it’s time to start planning on what sick eats you’ll have for your parties and trick-or-treating. If you’re struggling to find some really dope items that’ll level up your Halloween game, we’ve found a few for you to get started. All of these can be found on Amazon, so you can purchase all of these Halloween treats at once if you end up liking every single one.

IV Bag Drinks

halloween treats

Price: $14 for 10 bags

Get crunk with your squad this Halloween by sipping out of these IV bags. It’ll make you look even iller than that creepy zombie costume you have, and is the only time its ever acceptable to drink anything out of these medical bags.

Assorted Halloween Peeps

Price: $12.40 for a 4-pack assortment.

Apart from the pumpkins and cats pictured above, Ghost and Frankenstein Monster head Peeps are also available. They’ll make a sweet snack on their own, but you could always blow them up in the microwave for a ghoulish Peeps experience.

Gummy Fang Teeth Candy

A post shared by Seo-hyun.Lee (@taki329) on

Price: $13.23 for 2 pounds (130ish pieces)

Trick all of the nearby kids into thinking you actually have fangs and scare them. Then, instead of tossing the fake fangery in the trash, you can reap the rewards of your scary work and nibble on your candy teeth.

Chocolate Fudge Halloween Pop-Tarts

Price: $10 for a pack of 12

Get into the Halloween spirit from the start of the day with these Halloween Pop-Tarts. Alternatively, hand them out for trick-or-treating and watch as parents loathe the sugar coma you just gave their kids.

Halloween Fortune Cookies

Price: $18.50 for 12

Break these out with your friends to see if you get a good fortune this Halloween. Hopefully, it won’t be a bat that will end up tangled in your hair. ‘Cause yeah, bat in your hair.

Gummies Shaped Like Organs

Price: $24.99 for 38

You gotta have some organs and human parts around in candy form at a Halloween party. These candies actually look like the real organs, so they may creep some people out as they down handfuls of them.

Cadbury “SCREME” Eggs

Price: $50 for 48 about 99 cents each

Cadbury Eggs are wildly popular, and these are taken to a spooky new level with a green creme filling. Wonder if it’ll stain our teeth green as well.

Gummy Eyeball Ice Cube Tray

Price: $10

If you’re making drinks for your pals, have a few of these eyeball-infused ice cubes handy. It’ll definitely disturb them and give you a few good laughs as they realize that their beverage is staring straight back at them.

Jello Shot Syringes

Price: $19 for 24

If you’re looking for more creative ways to get lit, pick up some of these syringes that you can inject straight into your mouth. Plus, these are usable for functions outside of Halloween, so save them for the next time your mates wanna turn up.

Zombie White Chocolate Bars

Price: $20 for 4

This is a simple but fun chocolate bar to pick up to decorate your Halloween table, with an inviting message to “Bite Me” written in what likely is candy blood. But if the bars are asking us to eat them… doesn’t that make us the zombies?

Gelatin Heart Molds

Price: $10, comes with a pack of Jell-O

Utilizing Jell-O inside of these heart molds could actually make the jelly heart look like it’s actually beating as it quivers throughout the night. To make it even spookier, you can do what these guys did and stick an actual heart inside as well. Yikes.

3D Skull Ice Cube Tray

Price: $12.69

These skull ice cubes are going to creep your party up to the next level when folks stick them in their drinks. As a pro tip, add some B vitamins into your water for the ice cubes to glow under black light. Talk about a #litty Halloween party.

All photos are screenshots from the Amazon website