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Guys Turn Hundreds Of Airheads Candy Into A Ghost Costume

Halloween is less than a month away and we’ll have to start looking for the perfect costume. That is, unless, we want to get creative and make our own this year.

YouTuber Lazyron decided to embrace the spirit of the holiday with a spooky ghost costume made entirely from Airheads.

With the help of Canada’s prime minister of poutine, Josh Elkin, and YouTuber KyleHatch, the group sets off to create the sweet specter.

They start by creating three human-sized triangles out of the taffy candy. The pieces are then heated together and molded around Lazyron to form the “ghost sheet.” When the colorful costume is complete — equipped with googly eyes and all — the gang takes to the streets to spook some pedestrians.

After watching this video, maybe we’ll want to get creative with some of our favorite holiday candies. Perhaps a superhero, Captain Candy Corn, and his life-long enemy: Dr. Diabetes. Maybe.

The only thing that truly terrifies us about this costume will be the impending ant problem that will absolutely come to pass.