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Instacart Study Reveals The Most Popular Halloween Candies In America

Spooky season has arrived and with that comes a deluge of snacks, sweets, and treats all geared to ring in the vibes for Halloween. But have you ever wondered which treats are the favorites throughout the country?

A recent study conducted by Instacart and The Harris Poll, entitled The Great Halloween Candy Debate, surveyed responses from more than 2,000 Americans nationwide to reveal how consumers feel about their favorite candies.

As seen in the infographic above, the most popular candies in America are a varied bunch, ranging from Red Vines dominating the West Coast to Twizzlers being a Midwest favorite. Other findings in the study show which candies are the top cravings in the country:

Check out all the results of this study on The Great Halloween Candy Debate.

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Mother Posts Awful Video Of Needle Hidden In Child’s Halloween Candy

A parent’s worst Halloween nightmare is finding that their kid’s candy has been tampered with. While there are always claims of odd things being found in candy bags, you always hope that these foreign objects are found before being consumed.

A woman in Blossvale, New York claimed she found a needle inside her 2-year-old’s Twizzler, as she posted a video of herself tearing through the candy for the reveal, November 2.

While these kind of claims are always susceptible to hoaxes, there were multiple police report filed in the Vernon, New York area according to CNY Central news. Police are aware of the neighborhoods where the mother and her child in the video went trick or treating, but there have been no reported arrests or charges, as of now.

Vernon PD also put out a public notice for citizens to be careful and check their candy carefully.

The shocking video shows the woman unwrapping what she said was a Twizzler package that was already partially opened. She said she thought her son had gotten into it for the packaging rip, but upon further inspection, she noticed something strange within.

As she tore through the candy, she revealed a threading needle within.

Some of the chronology in the video can be questioned, such as her shock to see the needle, which seemed for the first time, even though she said she had already alerted police about it.

Also, giving your 2-year-old candy is a little weird. You have to believe the candy was really for her.

If some scumbag really was handing out needle-filled candy for Halloween, you can only hope he gets his comeuppance.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tell His Daughter He Ate All Her Halloween Candy

Imagine you’re a kid, dressed up and ready for Halloween. After a long night of trick-or-treating, you only get to eat a few pieces before your parents tell you to save the rest for the next day. The only thing that gets you through the night is the thought of popping those sweet morsels of refined sugar into your mouth for breakfast. It’d be downright evil to suddenly take that hope away, right?

For the past six years, late night host Jimmy Kimmel does a bit where he pranks kids by having their parents record themselves telling them they ate all their Halloween candy.

Cruel? Yes. Hilarious? Even more so.

This year, Kimmel decided to shake things up by telling his own two-year-old daughter that he ate all of her Halloween candy. As you can see from the hilarious video, she wasn’t having any of Kimmel’s shenanigans.

Check it out for yourselves!

Celebrity Grub Video

Gordon Ramsay Lists The 5 Worst Halloween Treats You Can Give Out

Gordon Ramsay’s not big on Halloween, but at least he won’t give shitty candy when your kids walk up to his door in their spooky costumes.

Having kids of his own, Ramsay’s very aware of what trick-or-treaters don’t want to see in their giant bags of candy, and in PSA-like fashion, Gordon appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to let us know that we shouldn’t be handing out these garbage candies and treats.

In his typical foul-mouthed fashion, Ramsay rips each item, and by the end of it, you’re going to just feel like an asshole for even considering giving these out to the happy little children in your neighborhood.

If you do give any of the following candies out, in the words of Ramsay himself, “F*ck off!”



“Seriously, the perfect combination of aspirin and Tums. Smarties are for f*cking dummies.”

Circus Peanuts


“How f*ckin’ sad are they? You know what Circus Peanuts are? Clown s*it!”

Candy Corn


“It’s not candy, it’s not corn, it’s ear wax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth.”


“Do I look like a f*ckin’ teacher, mate? Let me give you a lesson; go buy some proper f*cking candy.”


“In 2016 you’re still giving out f*cking pennies! F*ck off!”


This Artist Turned Leftover Halloween Candy Into A Breath-Taking Tiny Town


If you have leftover Halloween candy, you might put it in a jar, or make an awesome dessert with it, but chances are you’ve never made art out of it.

A photographer from Central Florida used that leftover candy to create a little blue-collar town where the miniature residents are just trying to get through the work day.

From mining away at a lollipop, to drilling through a Smarties candy, the detail in this city is nothing short of amazing.

Check out the candy city below, and peep the whole album on Jaysuns photos:


The Wide-Angle View


Bring Home Buckets Of Chocolate


Get Back To Work



Screw The Licks, This Is How You Get To The Center



Drill Time


h/t viralnova


A Hilariously Simple Guide To Spotting Sketchy Halloween Candy [WATCH]

One of the biggest things parents fear on Halloween is that their children will somehow come across a harmful object in their candy.

For one night a year, it is socially acceptable for parents to let strangers hand their kids ingestible substances, and for some odd reason, that practice ends up being dangerous sometimes.

Well, if you’re freaked out and have no idea how to spot dangerous items in candy bags, the Huffington Post created an easy guide to help you out.

Check out the vid below and keep your kids safe:

How To Spot Suspicious Halloween Treats

Here's how to spot suspicious halloween candy…Video: Above Average

Posted by The Huffington Post on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It’s July And Walgreens Is Already Selling Halloween Candy


Grocery stores are no strangers to getting seasonal a little earlier than necessary. You can walk into a Kroger grocery store in early November and hear Christmas music blaring down the aisles.

Releasing Halloween candy in July seems a little excessive, though.

Super coupon blogger Jill Cataldo said this was the case at her local Walgreens las the Chicago store already had its 3 MuskeFears and Brach’s classic candy corn and pumpkins.

Cataldo even held up a copy of the Northwestern Herald, dated as July 21, 2015, just in case she was pulling your skeleton leg.

I’m guessing we can expect Walgreens to put up its Christmas decorations next to the back-to-school stuff once August rolls around.


h/t thatsnerdalicious


11 Ways to Transform Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into Something Sweeter

halloween candy cake

Halloween is finally over and now we’re left with the age old question that hits us all on November 1: “what the hell am I going to do with all this leftover candy?”

Now, all this candy overstock could be because you just didn’t get that many trick-or-treaters, or maybe you decided to buy extra just in case (aka you wanted a stash for yourself), or you swiped some of your kid’s hard-earned sweets. Yes, parents, we’ve been onto your little game for years now. No matter the reason, you still have a grip of candy staring you in the face with nothing to do other than stuff your face with it, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the most creative way to use all that sugary gold.

Your buddies here at Foodbeast want to help you out with this candy conundrum by presenting you with some ways to spruce up those sweets into something even better. P.S. We’re totally not responsible if you a) overdo it or b) get a cavity.


Halloween Candy Bark


Recipe: Just A Taste


Snickers Cupcakes


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Fried Candy Corn


Recipe: Oh, Bite It!


Leftover Halloween Candy Brownies

Halloween Chocolate Leftover Brownies

Recipe: Beki Cook’s Cake Blog


Halloween Candy Cheesecake

candy bar cheesecake

Recipe: Pineapple and Coconut


 Movie Theater Popcorn Cake


Recipe: Foodbeast


Halloween Candy Cookie Cake

halloween candy cake

Recipe: Baker By Nature


Peanut Butter Cup Fudge


Recipe: Sugar Hero


Heath Bar Cupcakes


Recipe: My Baking Addiction 


Twix Caramel Popcorn

twix-caramel-popcorn2Recipe: Two Peas and Their Pod


Milky Way Muddy Buddies


Recipe: Chef in Training