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Hacker Calls Out Donald Trump From McDonald’s Official Twitter Account

McDonald’s needs to step up on their tech game.

A few months out of seeing one of their drive-thru intercoms getting hacked, the fast food chain’s Twitter account was apparently hacked this morning.

Whoever was able to get into McDonald’s Twitter account used it as a megaphone for their feelings about current President Donald Trump and how they’d like to see former President Barack Obama back in office.

The tweet was deleted within a half an hour, but not before getting over 1,000 retweets and picking up coverage across the Internet, according to NPR.

Trump supporters took to their usual internet outcry upon discovering the tweet, with many predictably calling for a boycott of the fast food giant.

McDonald’s has control of their account back now and announced that their account was hacked and that an investigation is being conducted to determine exactly who was responsible.

Now that McDonald’s has confirmed they didn’t tweet out the message, maybe the #BoycottMcDonalds tweets will stop coming?

I mean, President Trump does love himself a good McDonald’s burger.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Crazy Russian Hacker Uses Mortars To Blow Up Watermelons

The Crazy Russian Hacker, a DIY celebrity YouTuber who is constantly posting quirky videos of his sometimes useful — sometimes questionable — experiments, has been posting some pretty incredible videos as of late. A few weeks ago, he showed us how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, which looked simple and delicious.

So this week, possibly to continue with the summer food theme, the Russian and his gang of cronies are using mortars, which are really powerful fireworks (and another summer themed item), to blow up watermelons. This time, however, for some added visual stimulation, they recorded it in slow motion.

While there’s little science behind this experiment, it still takes them a few tries to really get the watermelons to explode perfectly. Once they do, it’s remarkably mesmerizing. It’s even more mesmerizing when played back in slow motion.

We’re not here to tell you that using mortars to blow apart watermelons is a good idea, and we advise adult supervision if you decide to go against our wishes and use powerful explosives to destroy fruit.

It’s your life.

That being said, you can just as easily create liquid nitrogen ice cream and add watermelon for some extra flavor — without the fear or consequence of blowing off a limb.