Bacon Garlic Herb Shrimp Taco

Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill lives up to its name when it comes to their fresh and tasty Mexican ingredients. While I don’t patronize their locations as much as I’d like, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had bacon on the menu via their  Bacon Garlic Herb Shrimp Tacos. The thought of adding bacon to their garlic herb shrimp was a combination too good to pass up:

Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ Truck’s Spicy Habanero Peanut Butter and Cheese Dog

In celebration of Jae’s birthday, the Kogi BBQ‘s Naranja truck night time manager, the team has put together what they have termed the Spicy Dirty Dog or the PB & JAE. You with it? The hot dog is highlighted by a spicy habanero peanut butter sauce and cheese on a hot dog, sitting between a crispy bun.

Fast Food

Carl’s Jr. Testing a Habanero Bacon Cheeseburger

Spotted at locations in both Garden Grove and Orange, CA, it seems Carl’s Jr. has taken to the field with a limited time Habanero Bacon Cheeseburger. Officially confirmed to be a test item by way of official Carl’s Jr. representatives, the sandwich looks to make some waves by way its use of the Habanero chili, one of the more intense chili peppers of the Capsicum genus.

Ripe habanero chili peppers are often rated between 100,000-350,000 on the Scoville scale, and are used in this sandwich as a special Habanero Sauce alongside Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and onion.