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Watch Saweetie and H.E.R. List Their Top 3 Filipino Dishes

Hit R&B songstress H.E.R. and rapper Saweetie have always repped hard for their Filipino heritage, as both stars have Filipino mothers. On a recent IG Live this past February, they both broke down their top 3 Filipino foods.

Both started off showing their love for sinigang, a tamarind-based soup, followed by extra crispy lumpia, which are fried spring rolls. The two then cycle through some other popular dishes like adobo and kare kare, before seeming to settle on pancit, which make up a variety of noodle dishes, as the third.

Though they did seem to match up with their favorites, there was one Filipino food that Saweetie couldn’t make the connection with.

“I don’t like ube,” Saweetie sheepishly confessed.

“Aight, that’s one thing we don’t have in common,” laughed H.E.R.

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