Why Busta Rhymes’ Protein Drink Got Him Arrested At The Gym


Because he threw a protein drink at a gym employee, Busta Rhymes was arrested and charged with assault, NBC reports.

Witnesses say that Rhymes was seen arguing with a Steel Gym employee on Tuesday over Rhymes’ desire to bring a cameraman into the Chelsea gym to film his workout routine. The employee did not let Rhymes bring the cameraman into the gym.

The two started up another argument the next day, witnesses say, which led to Rhymes splashing water at the employee and the employee splashing back. This caused Rhymes to allegedly throw the bottle of chocolate protein drink at the employee. The cardboard from the bottle cut the victims head, however, they denied medical assistance.

Police arrived and charged Rhymes with second-degree assault. The rapper’s lawyer told the New York Daily News that the whole situation was ridiculous.

Rhymes is ordered to appear in court on Nov. 6. He’s since posted this Instagram photo: