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Barack Obama And Guy Fieri Are Saving American Food [The Katchup Podcast]

What does it mean for something — or someone – to be basic, honestly? We throw the term around when it comes to things like Starbucks, avocados, and many other food items, but do we have a complete understanding of what it means?

That’s what we dive into on this week’s episode of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup. After a deep discussion on ancient bacteria waking up and making people sick, climate change, food systems, and an important speech given by Barack Obama on the future of food, Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth brought up some of his experiences at a Guy Fieri restaurant in Cancun to myself and Managing Editor Reach Guinto. That led to me making the comment that “Guy Fieri is basic,” triggering some passionate debate and discussion into Guy Fieri, Barack Obama, and the entire notion of what it means to be basic. Video producer Michael Priestley also jumped into the discussion with some good points about the entire thing.

Eventually, we do come to a conclusion as to what it means to be basic and whether someone like Guy Fieri, Barack Obama, or even Gordon Ramsay can be classified as basic. You’ll have to listen to our podcast to get the answer to that question.

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Guy Fieri Says He ‘Really Don’t Give A S**t’ What You Think About Him

Chef and TV Host Guy Fieri has no idea how he became such a high-powered pop culture icon, and as much love as he gets from his popularity, he gets a lot of hate too.

To the haters, Fieri said, “I really don’t give a shit,” while taking First We Feast’s Hot Ones chicken wing challenge.

During the wing-filled interview, where guests eat 10 hot wings, each one hotter than the next, host Sean Evans asked Fieri if all the negativity surrounding his clothes, or hairstyle ever get to him, and apparently, it doesn’t. If his mom where to say something, then it’d be different, because he actually cares about what she thinks.

“I really don’t give a shit. It’s not that I don’t think people should have their opinion, they should have their opinion, but I really don’t get too tied up with it. If my mom walks up to me and says, ‘Hey… don’t ever wear that shirt again on the show.’ All right, no more shirt.”

He did admit that it has been annoyed by others sometime, though:

“Have I ever been annoyed about something? Without question. I’m human… but do I let it get in the way of my day? Not at all.”


Within the interview, Fieri discussed being a meme sensation, Rachel Ray being gangster, and he even took down all 10 wings without drinking a single drop of water or milk, something no guest ever does on the challenge.

That is the legend: Guy Fieri.

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Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos Are The Craziest Nachos We’ve Seen

If there’s one thing we all love about Guy Fieri, it’s his over-the-top, original style combined with his fearless attitude when it comes to creating mouthwatering food in the kitchen.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, the FOODBEAST team had a chance to try Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos, aka The Craziest Nachos We’ve Ever Seen. It starts with a unique “Trash Can” presentation, which reveals a towering stack of tortilla chips, melted cheese, savory bites of house-smoked brisket ends, sliced jalapeños, and pico de gallo.

Topped with Guy’s secret house-made barbecue sauce, crema, and more cheese, this is a culinary experience we’ll never forget, as it was clearly beyond any normal nachos ever.

These Trash Can Nachos can be found at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar inside the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. To be honest, this is something we hope doesn’t have to stay in Vegas — because it’s that damn good.

Created in partnership with Caesars Entertainment

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Guy Fieri Reveals The One Thing That’ll Make Him Change His Hairstyle

For decades, Guy Fieri has insisted on keeping frosted tips over his spiked hair like an extra on the set of Baywatch. But now, he’s recently revealed that there is actually one way that he would change his ‘do.

Fieri talked to CBS Monday and was asked if he’d ever abandon his look. While the Food Network star said that he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, there is a dark horse that can completely alter the signature hair and goatee: his wife.

“There’s been quite a few conversations between me and my wife; she’d like to see my hair brown again. So who knows what will happen. I used to have long hair.”

That leaves the door completely open for something like this spectacular Photoshop work:


Or the sexy Joe Dirt-like mullet he used to rock in college:


We need to start a petition and help the beautiful Lori Fieri conduct a full-on attack that will force Guy to make the hair swap. The world deserves to see it happen.


Guy Fieri Said We Could Build Our Own Burger At His Restaurant, Challenge Accepted

Cruise ship food is intense. Imagine being on a small city that moves, most restaurants on board are inclusive and eat-till-you-pass-out, and in the case of the Carnival Vista ship I’m on right now, it’s home to Guy’s Burger Joint. Yeah, that Guy. Guy Flavor-Town Fieri himself. In case you forgot:


I’ve had his burger joint before (on another Carnival cruise ship, his brand a staple of the ship’s eateries), and I’ll be begrudgingly honest with you, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. His restaurant is simple, close in style to Chipotle, grab a tray, pick a burger, one or two patties, cheese, maybe some chili, his well-known “Donkey Sauce,” and then you’re on your way to…well, fuck it, I’ll say it again, “Flavor Town.”

This particular night was different. My feet were weathered from an excursion in Rome (woe is me), my palette was painted Italian, and upon the end of our port day, I was eager to get anything but culture. No Chef’s Table, no fresh-pulled mozzarella on a stone fire-grilled pizza–I wanted a burger.

Fellow Foodbeast writers Peter and Isai were down to slum it as well. Something came over me in line, though. I knew the friendly wait staff at Guy’s, a slew of Indian and Filipino gents, would at least humor any request, so I asked “What’s the biggest burger I can make?”

A particularly chippy fellow assembling burgers at the end of the line chuckled and asked, “How big you want?”

Damn, Guy teaches his dudes well. “I don’t know, can you do ten patties?”

He murmured with his dudes behind the line and ultimately sacked up, like any Guy-fearing employee would, and cheerfully began prepping patties. “You know what,” he said. “Let’s do 11 patties. I make one with bacon. Chili? Yeah, you need chili on here too.”

My man was killing it, the ghost of still-alive Guy Fieri embodying ever fiber of his being as he stacked patty-after-patty with a huge smile on his face. “What’s the biggest burger you’ve built before?” I asked.

“Only 7 before, this is the biggest burger I’ve made in my life. Trust me, I’ve made plenty.”


Photo: @Pham_Bot

A basketball player joined the line, admitting his coach would kill him if he ever attempted to eat something like that. “I’ll stick with a double patty, thanks,” the player said, smile creeping on his face as he pulled out his phone to catch a Snapchat of the 11-patty burger. A few couples walk by, presumably on some group 50th anniversary trip, complete disgust on their faces. I’m sure they’ll hit the ship’s complaint box later, inking slips of paper about the “young kids loose upstairs at Guy Fieri’s Burger Establishment.”

Oh shit, he’s done:


Photo: @Pham_Bot

It takes two steady hands to carry the monstrosity over to a nearby table, but we make it.

We’re determined to finish. Folks are looking over now– and frankly, between the three of us, we’re basically just eating a burger with a little over 3 patties each. I’ve done fatter things with less on the line, so we dig in, every bite better than the last. The patties are crispy, smashed with seasoning on the grill just moments prior, but the patties flake apart with every bite. The chili is everywhere, the cheese dividers between each layer are a welcome addition.


Photo: @Pham_Bot

A gentleman passing by stops to take a picture, “My wife is gonna love this, she loves crazy food.”

Tell your wife I say what’s up, I thought, but obviously didn’t because I’m not that brazen.

Then the awesome dude who built our burger comes out from behind the counter to check on us. In the heat of the moment I hadn’t caught his name earlier. I inquire.

“My name is ______, but they call me ‘Gorilla.'”


“Yes, because I eat everything and I make the craziest things.”


Photo: @Pham_Bot

Gorilla, thank you for being you. Guy, if you’re reading this, give this gentleman a raise. A fat one. Or at least give him a season pass to Flavor Town.


Check Out This Photo Of Guy Fieri From His Frat Days


We all know Guy Fieri as the rebel Food Network superstar with spiked hair and frosted tips, but it wasn’t always that way — not by a long shot.

There was a time when Fieri’s 90s-looking boy band haircut was actually an 80s-looking stone cold mullet.

Somehow Total Frat Move got hold of this borderline-incriminating photo of Fieri murdering his scalp with a David-Bowie-esque hairstyle.

The photo was taken in 1988, while Fieri was ripping through UNLV’s Alpha Tau Omaga fraternity.

The mullet isn’t the only freaky thing about this pic, as it’s pretty creepy seeing Guy without his patented goatee, and sporting a suit. There’s just too much going on in this photo.

I’m sorry, not sorry. Enjoy.


h/t Bro Bible

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Freaky Guy Fieri Fan Makes Twisted Request On Craigslist


If you’re curious about how terrifying of a site Craigslist can be, Jared Fogle used to hunt for young companions on there. Really, really young companions.

Now that I’ve got you in an icky state-of-mind, a Guy Fieri lover had a very specific request in the form of terrible innuendos, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives roleplay, and quite possibly sexual favors.

A 37-year-old man from Oakland, Calif., wrote on his post:

“I have a fantasy where I am Guy Fieri going to a diner on his TV show, I order a spicey Texas melt with a side of potato wedges, you pull up your skirt and say ‘I’ve got a hot creamy place you can wedge something into’. I’ve already spent $12K decorating my apartment like a diner so I can host.”

According to Eater, the post has since been deleted, probably because the guy already found the woman of his dreams, but thankfully there is photographic evidence of this guy’s search for frosted-tip love.

This dude’s totally a serial killer, right. No one should like THIS GUY that much:

Celebrity Grub

Chrissy Teigen Took The Bus To Flavortown And Came Back With This Halloween Costume


Photo: Disney/ABC

Chrissy Teigen, social media star and model, celebrates Halloween just like everyone else. This year, she decided to embrace her inner foodie and dress up as…Guy Fieri.

Let’s let that sink in.

Teigen, host of Lip Sync Battle and The FAB Life, is one of the few celebrities to blast her Instagram feed with gratuitous food porn. For that, Chrissy, we’re incredibly thankful.


A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

While promoting her upcoming Halloween episode of the FAB Life, Teigen gave fans a sneak preview of who she’s dressing up as for the spooky holiday. Yep, none other than the host of the long-running Food Network series Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives

The costume features a blonde wig and goatee, sunglasses and a fiery button-down. Classic Fieri. 


Watch @fablifeshow this Friday for more Chrissy Fieri than you ever imagined or wanted at all A video posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

As you can see, it’s both hilarious and terrifying.

Teigen will be in full “Fieri mode” on her Oct. 30 Halloween episode.