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Guy Fieri’s Signature Trash Can Nachos Now Available Nationwide

There’s a legendary town of lore, where first bumps are aplenty, the flames are on max, and the food is always bomb af. This magical place goes by Flavortown and it’s leader, the mayor, is a man of mythic stature in food. The man is none other than Guy Fieri.

As the longtime host of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” Fieri knows a thing or three about the ultimate comfort food that sticks to your ribs and even longer in your memories. Which is why his signature Trash Can Nachos has resonated to his fans fare and wide. The juicy deets? Picture a towering inferno of deliciousness, stacked high with crispy tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, Guy’s Super Melty Cheese Sauce, Guy’s Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, black beans, pico de gallo, jalapeños, sour cream, cilantro, and pickled red onions.

Now, folks nationwide are able to indulge in this Flavortown classic dish. Thanks to a partnership with Goldbelly, Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos are now available to order nationwide on its site. So if you’re fiending for some nacho comfort, choose from the following options of the Trash Can Nachos on Goldbelly:

This indulgent nacho kit doesn’t come with Guy’s trademark fist bump afterwards, but trust you’re channeling his inner flame with each bite.

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Guy Fieri Shares Some Heartwarming Stories From Feeding Carr Fire Victims And Firefighters

Guy Fieri has been the face of Food Network for over a decade now. Since 2006, shows like Guy’s Big Bite and the iconic Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives have become fixtures in the world of food media. Despite all of the accolades he’s received from these programs, Fieri hasn’t slowed down one bit during his time in the spotlight.

The Mayor of Flavortown has been working on getting Chicken Guy!, his new fried chicken tenders concept, to its official launch inside of Disney World’s Disney Springs district. That requires a ton of focus and energy, yet Fieri still took some time to go help feed firefighters battling the Carr Fire with little to no publicity.

We spoke with the foodie troubadour over the phone to catch up on his latest stories and discuss just what Fieri’s work in the food space has done to impact others.

Dishing On Chicken Guy!

guy fieri

Foodbeast: You’re looking at making Chicken Guy! a fried chicken chain. What made you decide to open the first location in Disney Springs?

Guy Fieri: Disney plays at the top level in all shape and forms, they’ve got so many different aspects and restaurants that if you can make it through their approval process and all of the concepts that are doing so well, you’re in the line of fire and really get a great chance to test it out. And it’s Disney, you gotta love Disney and my kids love Disney. And [Chicken Guy! co-founder] Robert Earle has Planet Hollywood here.

We developed the menu and curated it a couple of years ago. And listen, we got the opportunity to open up in one of the biggest stages in the world, right here at Disney in Orlando.

FB: So I know that Chicken Guy! is going to focus mainly on the tenders world and you’re going the fast casual route. As you’re expanding, you’re gonna find yourself competing against places like Cane’s and Zaxby’s. Compared to these guys, how is Chicken Guy! gonna take us to Flavortown? What’s the secret sauce here?

GF: You’ve got the right attitude and track there, you understand that this is a member of Flavortown. Here’s what it is: everybody’s got their own style, their own method, their own jam that they do. That doesn’t mean that one band is better than the other, you’re just rolling with the music and the band that you like the best. And what we’re doing is outrageous, from non-frozen chicken raised without antibiotics, quality tenders with a really fantastic brine, the hand breading, the pressure frying, all of that is generating such a delicious tender that, on its own, tastes fantastic.

chicken guy

But we don’t stop there, we take it to the next level and offer 22 different scratch-made proprietary dipping sauces. But then you can take it even a step further with how you enjoy the tenders. You can have it as a sandwich, on loaded mac and cheese, loaded fries, salads… you name it, we got a way to enjoy it. But it’s knowing that if it’s from Flavortown, it’s the real deal.

Let me tell you something, I know how rough it is getting into the chicken game, I know everybody’s out there, they’ve been doing it for a while. So I told Robert Earle, my partner in crime, “I’m gonna make you a chicken tender that is going to blow your mind. If we’re gonna do this, if we’re gonna go nationwide or go global, I’ve gotta make you something that is going to turn heads.” You wait till you try it, give me a shoutout when you try it, let me know what you think.

Rescue Relief And Feeding The Carr Fire Victims And Firefighters

FB: I think there’s a lot of people that are really grateful that you took some time to go up to Redding with little to no publicity and help feed those affected by the Carr Fire but also giving the firefighters something to eat to keep going and fight those fires.

GF: I got a ton of interview requests in relation to that when it was happening. And as much as I love the media for what they’ve done for me, I said to everybody, listen, this is not about me, this is not about a celebrity doing this, this is just a dude. I’ve got 15 of my buddies, my son — who’s in the last part of his summer vacation — two of his best friends, I’ve got a couple of my buddies that don’t even know how to cook, and a guy whose house had just burned down. We had a real hodgepodge of people coming together to feed people in need. Not just the firefighters, people in the rescue shelters that just had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That was just about taking care of my brothers and sisters, and helping folks.

It’s sad to see a tragedy like that happen, but it’s beautiful to see what a great country we come from and how much our neighbors and community members step up. So we’re in the parking lot of the Shasta Community College in Redding. We’re cooking, we got there late in the evening, we already had the smokers up and running with pork butts, getting ready to serve 700 people the next day for lunch. And people started showing up, this guy came and asked “Can I help you?” I said “Yeah, we got enough people, but I can use more help.” And he says “Well I’m the head baseball coach here and I got the keys to the cafeteria, we can wash dishes over there.” Another guy comes up and says “Hey, I’m the head football coach, I got some volunteers, we can get a golf cart, we can drive stuff back and forth.”

It was just amazing! These guys, they’re the head coaches, they have their seasons going on, they’re dropping everything to help these people they don’t even know! That was the beauty. In such a tragedy, there were some silver linings. It was great to be able to help, and I think everyone would do the same given the opportunity.

FB: While your team was helping out with the Carr Fire, you had the chance to work with Jose Andres, who’s been working and aiding in disaster relief around the world. What was it like teaming up with him?

GF: Jose and I have been brothers for a long time, and to be honest, when I saw Jose’s efforts down in Puerto Rico, and I was in the middle of filming and couldn’t leave the studio and had all kinds of things hinging on me to finish production. So I said I was going to donate and to help pay for the food. And of course, he was alright with that.

It’s the energy that Jose and I and all the other chefs that are volunteering and getting involved, it’s all of that. Jose will be able to tell you that. It’s raising the awareness of the support that’s needed and recognizing that just because the fire is out doesn’t mean that the devastation is over. And we need to do this around the world. Puerto Rico is still going through such tragedy, and all of these other countries. So Jose and I talk on a regular basis about how we’re going to continue to act and continue to support and help those in need. What we do as chefs is that we have the skill of feeding people, and at a certain point, it’s the most important thing that there is.

I haven’t run into a chef that isn’t willing to jump into it. There was a chef who worked for the Sheraton Hotel in Redding. We didn’t know each other, but he pulled up and he said, “Whatever I can do to help, my full kitchen is at your disposal.” And I’m cooking on camp stoves in the middle of a parking lot at 110 degrees.

There’s just this brotherhood of chefs that comes together, and Jose Andres is a great example and really one of the leaders in that group.

Guy Fieri’s Legacy With Food Network And In Food Media

FB: You’ve been with Food Network and been one of the faces of both it and food media for over a decade now, which is incredible.

GF: A decade, a decade… (laughing). I still can’t believe that. There was one of our producers at a shoot recently in Arkansas, and he said to me it’s amazing to think this has been going for a decade. It’s funny to hear someone say that.

FB: How do you feel having been in that role and being that figurehead for so long, with all the shows you’ve had?

GF: I honestly can’t say thank you enough. I try to give back, and I try to say thank you any time I can. When you get the opportunities that I’ve been grateful to have, you try to give back in any way that you can. Whether it’s for the elderly, for the nonprofits, or for veteran’s groups, we’ll have them on shows and find ways to celebrate veterans. We try to find ways to celebrate families, celebrate kids. It’s just overwhelming in respect to all that’s happened, and with all of the fans, I want to give back to them. I want to be out there hanging out with the fans. They’ve been a huge reason for the success and have helped generate shows that changed lives.

You know, we’ve been to over 1100 locations with Triple D, and with all the places we’ve been to, it’s not been about me. It’s about these communities and these families and what they’re doing, and we shine a light on what they’re making. These are places that already exist, and I just appreciate the opportunity to see them. It’s been quite a ride.

FB: With all of these locations you’ve been to, have any of these become go-to spots when you’re back in town?

GF: Oh, without question. The funny thing is, we have this new show that shows the legacy of these locations, it’s called Triple D Nation. And with being all over the country, the only places we have missed are South Dakota, North Dakota, and Delaware. How we haven’t hit there, I don’t know, and we hadn’t hit Arkansas until just this past week. But otherwise, we’ve been to it if you name it. We’ve even been to Europe with Triple D. So we’re getting these last few states, making sure they’re getting their presence on Triple D.

What Triple D Nation is about is not going back and celebrating and saying what has Triple D done for you. It’s more asking what have you done since you appeared on the show. What have you experienced since you were all over TV and all over the news because of this experience, and it’s awesome. It’s awesome to see places that have opened multiple locations that have paid off their mortgage, put their kids through college, all these different things that have taken place.

But yeah, there’s quite a few. We go back to a town and we’ve got friends that have become lifelong friends, places that have helped develop and mentor other restaurants, there’s more than I can even mention.


Author’s Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and accuracy. 

All photos courtesy of Disney World and Chicken Guy!
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Guy Fieri Takes On Fast Food With His New Fried Chicken Chain

Guy Fieri is officially jumping into the fast food business with his newest concept: An empire of affordable fried chicken restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Chicken Guy!

Fieri’s new chain is called “Chicken Guy!” and is all about showing off one of America’s favorite foods. The model is pretty similar to a place like Raising Cane’s, since the only poultry cut that will be served out of the restaurant will be tenders. They’ll be repurposed into a variety of items, including salads and sandwiches.

Unlike Cane’s, who has one signature sauce to their name, Fieri will have a whopping 22 options available for anyone to dunk their fries or chicken in. The sauces are as numerous as they are diverse, with flavors ranging from Nashville Hot Honey to Teriyaki and even Cumin Lime Mojo. For those wondering, Guido’s signature Donkey Sauce will be an option as well.

You can pair the tenders with sides like mac & cheese and fried pickles, and finish things off with desserts that include a bowl of soft serve topped with various types of cereal.

While most celebrity chefs tend to charge big bucks for their food, Fieri could challenge McDonald’s with the prices he’s running at Chicken Guy! None of the items on the menu will cost more than 9 bucks, making them all affordable options so that anyone can get in on his tenders.

chicken guy Photo courtesy of Chicken Guy!

It’s unclear just how fast America’s culinary hypeman plans to spread his new fried chicken concept around the nation. What we do know, though, is that the flagship location is now open at Disney World’s Disney Springs district. Chicken Guy! plans to set up several more across the country, potentially even rivaling the size of Cane’s or Zaxby’s one day.

(UPDATE 8/3/2018): With Chicken Guy! officially opening today, they’ve released their full menu with pricings to the public. If you’re at Disneyworld and want to check the flagship restaurant out, here’s what you can expect to find at their respective costs:

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Guy Fieri Wasted No Time In Feeding California Fire Victims and First Responders

A devastating wildfire is mercilessly sweeping through Northern California right now. Known as the Carr Fire, the blaze began a week ago in Redding, CA, scorching more than 98,000 acres and destroying over 850 structures. At the time of publication six lives have already been claimed by the disaster, including that of two firefighters.

While first responders work tirelessly to extinguish the flames and evacuate people, culinary icons are stepping up to lend a hand with the efforts. Among them were celebrity chefs Guy Fieri and Jose Andres.

The fire began last Monday on Highway 299, caused by a spark from the mechanical failure of a vehicle.

Fieri told CNN that as a kid, he would often visit Redding. When news of the fire broke, Fieri, his son, and some of their friends caravanned out from Wine Country to help assist victims and first responders.

Teaming up with with non-profit Operation BBQ Relief, Fieri and his team got to work serving meals to over a thousand evacuees and first responders. Operation BBQ Relief provided the teams with smokers and pit crews to organize the cooking efforts.

They were joined by chef Jose Andres and the non-profit World Central Kitchen as the collective diligently worked to help keep both crews and victims fed. Donations of beef from nearby cattle farmers were provided for the chefs to smoke.

Though many are coming together to tackle this blaze, there is still a long road ahead before the Carr Fire is out. With so much devastation already claimed by the fire, it’s inspiring to see so many come together in an effort to assist those in need during this time.

As of run time of this story, CalFire reports that 20 percent of the fire has been contained.

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Guy Fieri Almost Passed On The Chance To Become The Food Superstar He Is Today

Search through the annals of YouTube today, and you’ll find the original Guy Fieri audition tape that launched him onto season 2 of The Next Food Network Star. Fieri blew the competition out of the water that time around, and his television legacy has since grown to include several multi-season shows, Emmy awards, and of course, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. You can peep that fun, out-of-bounds audition in the video below.

What’s crazier about this audition is that Fieri almost didn’t go through with it, and the Food Network came within a miracle of never watching his tape. Fieri recently broke down the whole story with Brian Koppelman on his podcast, The Moment.

At the time, Fieri was in a good place in life, with four restaurants to his name in the Santa Rosa area. After filming a demo tape for a TV show on barbecue that he says “never went anywhere,” The Food Network Star launched and people began talking about it, which is how Fieri found out. He had watched maybe a grand total of 30 minutes of the channel up to that point, but two of his buddies pushed him to apply for the second season. Fieri kinda dragged his feet at that point, since he didn’t really even know what he was applying for.

“And so I delay it enough so that the expiration of entering it happens. And I’m like okay, this is good, I don’t have to do it… but flat out, the reason I didn’t want to do it is I was scared.”

Fieri didn’t want anything to do with competing on a reality show at first, but his buddies wouldn’t stop letting up on him. He finally relented and sent the tape in late, but the casting team almost didn’t watch it upon arrival. When they put it into the DVD player at the studio, it didn’t work, so the casting director put it in her purse and took it home. By some stroke of serendipity, it fell out of her purse and she was compelled to try watching it again. This time, it worked, and she was blown away by Fieri’s audition.

Fieri’s audition tape, though, was supposed to be a joke. “I was trying to make it so that nobody would actually take it,” he said. But the casting director was so blown away by it that she called everyone back into work and played Fieri’s tape for everyone. Their immediate response was, in Fieri’s words, “Call him. Get him on the phone now.”

Fieri got the call that night, a contract arrived the next day, and his crazy journey to Food Network stardom began at that point. Imagine if the DVD hadn’t fallen onto the casting director’s floor. It wouldn’t be just Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives that we’d be missing out on. The mayor of Flavortown may have never came to be.

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How To Properly Eat Hot Wings According To Wing Expert Sean Evans

There probably isn’t much critical thinking going on in your head when eating chicken wings, but apparently there are many approaches people take, as has been evident on the hit First We Feast Show “Hot Ones.”

For four seasons, Hot Ones host Sean Evans has endured hot wing after hot wing, watching celebrities in front of him try to tackle the fiery food — and has happened to take some notes along the way.

While he has been criticized for his technique, Evans doesn’t think it’s that serious. He is fully aware of the “goofball YouTube tutorials” that tell you to twist off the little bone, then pull out the larger one — which is all good in theory — but a different story when you’re chowing down on some of the hottest wings on Earth, trying not to die.

While observing the different techniques from several guests, such as Key and Peele, and even Gary Vaynerchuk, Evans gave his critiques. He eventually said he’d lean more toward Guy Fieri’s Pick and Pop, and Eric Andre’s “shoot first ask questions later” technique, which you can see below:

So you can try the fancy twisty bone technique while enjoying a regular plate of wings, but if you’re in the trenches and fighting for your life against some really hot chicken, you’re better off doing it like Guy Fieri — as is usually the case with anything.


Guy Fieri Helps Feed Evacuees And First Responders In Fire-Ravaged City

The Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, decided to bring the smoke to a fire-ravaged city to help feed evacuees and first responders.

The ongoing Northern California fires have already claimed at least 31 lives, and have devastated over 212,000 acres of land, including over 3,500 structures, according to the the Los Angeles Times. With over approximately 50,000 evacuees and hundreds of firemen and first responders, the Santa Rosa restaurateur knew it was time to step up, and help prepare hot meals for those most affected.

“So I called the Salvation Army in Santa Rosa and I said, ‘I’m ready, I’ve got an army, I’m ready to help,’” Fieri said. “And they said, ‘Bring it.’”

So with a trailer, a team of workers, a CBS news crew, and a barbecue smoker in tow, the Santa Rosa native returned to Santa Rosa to do just that.

In an interview with KQED, Fieri said that by Thursday, he had already fed 1,200 for lunch and planned about 2,500 for dinner.

However, according to that same interview, Fieri was met with some criticism about his attempt to take advantage of the disaster as a publicity stunt and his decision to bring a barbecue smoker to a city that’s been engulfed in flames.

“If that’s what you think and you’re that shallow at a time like this with what we’re facing, then there’s no changing your mind about that,” Fieri told KQED. “This isn’t a PR stunt. You don’t see my banners up. I’m not promoting anything. I’m just here cooking. This is feeding people. People need help, and I’m here to help. That’s it.”

As for the criticism of using a barbecue smoker, Fieri was rendered speechless.

“I don’t even have anything to say about that,” he said. “That’s a ridiculous question. And that’s a ridiculous statement. I mean, come on. What do you want me to do?”

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Comedian Thinks Your Guy Fieri Hate Is Stupid, Hilariously Defends Him For Five Minutes

Guy Fieri gets a lot of flack for his flame-emblazoned bowling shirts, 90s boy band haircut, and his dorky catch phrases, but are any of those things deserving of true hatred?

Comedian Shane Torres seems to believe that all the Fieri hate is stupid, and furiously defends him in a hilarious five minute joke that actually makes a lot of sense.

Torres released the clip as a teaser to his upcoming Comedy Central-backed album, “Established 1981,” and probably spent way more time defending Guy Fieri than any human should.

“Can someone please explain to me what the f*ck Guy Fieri ever did to anyone?” Torres says to start the joke. ” ‘Cause people shit on that dude all the time, and as far as I can tell, all he ever did was follow his dreams.”

A post shared by Guy Fieri (@guyfieri) on

He goes on to point out the internet hate Fieri gets, even though he does not discriminate in his hiring, pays workers above minimum wage,  and even donates “pretzel-making machines to inner-city schools so they can have fundraisers.”

“… but because he has flames on his shirt, everyone shits on him like if he’s a member of Nickelback.”

Torres makes a lot of sense. Fieri is a legend and should be treated as such, but we can never get rid of the Fieri memes. Those are just as beloved as Fieri should be.