This Dude Carves AWESOME Skulls From Fruits And Veggies

Have you ever wondered what a vegetable carved into a skull would look like? Me neither. But we all probably have that one friend that’s weirdly obsessed with skulls. I’m lookin’ at you, Jenn. Weirdo.

Well, Russian dreamer and sculptor Dimitri Tsykalov did, and we’re stoked about it.
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For a little over two and a half decades now, Tsykalov has been commenting on society’s woes through his modern art.

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While a good number of his pieces were made to incite thought (like guns made from deli meats and bearskin rugs made from ammunition boxes), most of them are just made for fun, like the skulls made from fruits and vegetables.

What makes these skulls particularly special is the way they are made. Tsykalov uses knives, spoons, scalpels and power drills, but it’s still all done by hand.

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Even after they are made, the artistry doesn’t stop there. These beautifully haunting skulls actually become much more lifelike once they start rotting a bit.

Tsykalov also never used any computer programs to enhance or pixelate any of his work, as he correctly assumed it would take away from the inherent beauty of it all.

Dimitri’s latest work revolves around building model cars out of wood, including a Rolls Royce and a Porsche.



Photo Credit: Dimitri Tsykalov


Restaurant Offers Gun Carriers 10% Discount

guns discount

Depending on how you look at it, this restaurant is either the safest, or scariest, place to dine. Customers can now get a 10 percent discount from Burgeron’s restaurant when they show off their guns. No, not the type of gun show you see from that muscular dude with a tiny tank top at the gym, actual guns.

“If you have a gun on you, I’m gonna give you a discount,” owner Kevin Cox told WAFB.

The promotion was originally only offered to police officers, as the owner said it made him feel safe that they were there with their guns. Two weeks ago, he extended it to gun-toting civilians as well. However, customers can’t just own a gun, they actually need to have the gun present when inside the restaurant.

So, you get to eat for cheap and feel like you’re in an Old West saloon. ‘Murica.

H/T Eater


Russian Meal Time — Epic Meal Time’s Latest Installment

The ridiculous YouTube chefs behind Epic Meal Time have teamed up with some Russian socialites to create a meal of proportions — proportions that are rather…well…let’s say — Russian. Their various concoctions include, but aren’t limited to, a bayonet  skewering a host of McDonald’s food, a myriad of bacon and a host of other weapons used as utensils.

I guess there’s not much more Russian than cooking with Vodka, shooting guns and eating with your hands. Any other stereotypes we should cover?


Mazooka: The Marshmallow Bazooka

Ready to blow away your neighborhood with this [relatively] high-powered, soft-hitting, marshmallow artillery? We’ve shown you the Marshmallow Crossbow, but now you can use this battery-powered, micro-processor controlled Marshmallow Bazooka to launch large puffs of sugar approximately 30 feet. You can even utilize a drop-down, illuminated, cross-hair site to dial in your target. Seems perfect for that talk-a lot in the cubicle next to you at work, might have to invest in one these! ($49.95 @ MarshmallowVille)


How to Cook Bacon With a Machine Gun

Based off Oelund‘s great walkthrough, we’re going to be piecing together how to cook bacon with a machine gun. That’s right, a machine gun. What are you going to need? Bacon (duh), tin foil, string, and a 7.62mm machine gun (duh x2). If you don’t mind the smell of crispy, sizzling bacon coinciding with the smell of gunpowder and weapon oil, this recipe is definitely for you. Just wrap the barrel in tin foil, wrap the bacon around it, tie it down with string, then wrap some more tin foil around it, and tie THAT down with string. Let off a few bursts and start smelling the bacon, Oelund gave this baby 250 rounds, but he says 150 might actually do the trick.