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U.S. Marshal Arrested For Allegedly Pulling A Gun On A McDonald’s Employee



A U.S. Marshal was arrested early Saturday morning near a Brooklyn McDonald’s after allegedly pulling a gun on an employee over some overdue fast food.

According to Gothamist, 30-year-old Charles Brown got into a heated argument with a 25-year-old employee about the wait for his meal. Allegedly, Brown angrily left the restaurant, pulled out a gun, and pointed the weapon at an employee from the outside of the McDonald’s.

Police found Brown about a block away with a loaded .40-caliber pistol. He is being charged with menacing, a licensed firearm transgression, and harassment.

The U.S. Marshal appeared in court and was released without bail and the U.S. Marshal Service is currently looking into Brown’s employment status. As a result of the incident, Brown is required to stay away from the McDonald’s location.

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Man Is Shot And Killed By His BFF Over A Restaurant Bill [WATCH]

I’ve heard of disputes over who has to pay the check at the end of the meal, but never like this.

Being a Middle Eastern man myself, I understand many of the customs when it comes to dining out with friends. One of them, and probably the most common, is the virtually necessary argument between the men on the table over who gets to pay the bill. In America, we call this a “big swinging dick” contest.

Well, two Turkish men were enjoying their soup at a quaint, little restaurant nestled in the heart of Istanbul when the bill finally arrived. Hasan Erdemir and Idris Alakus (who were also accompanied by several other unnamed friends) were talking and eating their meal until Alakus said he had to leave. He tried to pay for everyone’s meal, but was informed that Erdemir had preemptively taken care of it.

This act of kindness somehow threw Alakus into a fit of rage, leading him to storm out of the restaurant. Erdemir and the others thought that the scene had ended, only to learn moments later that things were about to get substantially worse.

After handing his friend a few more bucks to tip the staff, Alakus stormed back into the restaurant with a quick but surefooted pace. Out of nowhere, Alakus pulled his gun from the back of his pants and pointed it directly at Erdemir’s genitals, taking the first shot. As Erdemir hunched over and began falling down, Alakus took another shot at the victim. Based on the footage from the bloody scene, it looked like Alakus hit him near his back left side. After a moment, Erdemir fell to his knees on the floor, then collapsed onto the ground.

Subsequently, Alakus then headed over to the payment counter where Erdemir’s two friends were and shot them as well. Thankfully, their injuries were not fatal and they both survived; unfortunately, the injuries that Erdemir sustained were too criticial, and resulted in him passing away at the hospital.

Alakus managed to temporarily escape for the time being, but was apprehended by authorities a short time later.

The moral of the story here, and it baffles me to even have to say this, is that if somebody offers to pay for your meal, let them pay for the meal. It’s not worth dying over.



Video Source: Liveleak


This Guy Tries To Distract His Beer Pong Opponent With A Gun, Guess What Happens Next


When playing beer pong, pretty much anything goes when you’re trying to distract your opponent from getting that shot in. However, if you plan on using a gun for that purpose, try not to shoot anyone.

DNAinfo reports that two men were shot at a 4th of July party after one of the players began waving a gun as a distraction tactic.

Mannus Shannon, 27, decided it was a good idea to pull a 9mm semiautomatic out during a game of beer pong. When Shannon’s opponent tried to push him away, the gun misfired and shot him in the finger. Another man was hit in the shoulder.

The victims reportedly drove themselves to the hospital and were treated by doctors. Their conditions stabilized.

Shannon was arrested in his home and was held on $100,000 bail.


Good Idea: This Oklahoma Gun Range Got Its Own Liquor License


On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City city council approved a liquor license for the upcoming Wilshire Gun Range, a 40,000 square foot establishment slated to be the “first in the state where people can shoot and enjoy libations,” according to the Associated Press. Sounds like a brilliant idea.

Approved by council members 6 – 3, the range is expected to contain 24 firearm lanes, 10 archery lanes, and a cafe serving both food and alcohol. Don’t worry too much though. According to co-owner Jeff Swanson (whom we can only assume is related to Ron), visitors must shoot first before drinking, and, upon ordering a drink, will be prevented from entering the shooting lanes, either as spectators or shooters.

Surveillance cameras and employees trained in “field sobriety” will also prevent drunk people from getting anywhere near the guns.

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The Sausage Gun is Oddly Beautiful, Mesmerizing


If you’re able to get over the inevitable squelching that comes with putting meat through a small tube, pause,  then it might be time to break out the sausage gun. Yes, you read that right, the sausage gun.

The apparatus was handmade by Iskander van Wagtendonk for his  graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven and resembles a cross between a futuristic ray gun and a caulking gun. Ground meat is placed in a clear compartment, from which casings full of delicious are pumped out.

All things considered, it’s a beautiful, elegant tool. Plus, once you get past the squishy meat part, you’re already in the clear.


H/T Gizmodo + Picthx Iskander van Wagtendonk


Gun Mug

Have you ever had a cup of coffee in the morning and it just shoots caffeine right through you? Then BANG! You’re awake all of a sudden. If you haven’t, then this Gun Mug should help with that. The eight-ounce ceramic mug will blow your mind. Tired of the gun references? Yea, me too.  ($11.99 @ Think Geek)

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[Video] Man Pulls Gun on Taco Bell Employee for Forgetting Hot Sauce

Every fast food employee forgets to throw some hot sauce in the bag every once in a while. You just can either go back and ask for some, or you can come back with a 12-gauge shotgun.

KCTV5 reports, Jeffery Combs, 3o, a man from Lee’s Summit was dissatisfied to find that he was not given the taco sauce he requested from a Taco Bell. He promptly returned with a 12-gauge shot gun demanding his order be rectified.

Combs, who had three previous felony charges, will be facing 10 years in prison.

[THX: KCTV5 Photo Credit: KCTV5]


Condiment Dispenser Gun


You won’t have to wait for the ketchup to slowly pour out of the bottle anymore – with this Condiment Gun you can shoot that sauce onto your burger immediately.  Liven up your next barbecue, and gear up for a food fight! ($26.00 @ Plasticland)