Finally, a 7-foot, 36,720 Calorie Gummy Python

It’s unsanitary. It’s gargantuan. It’s totally impractical. It’s a 36,720 calorie gummy snake that will literally take you out if you eat it all by yourself. The maker of the gummy python, VAT19, points out that 36,720 calories is 18.36 days of an adult’s recommended daily allowance, which sounds more like a warning. Although, the twenty-seven pounds of sugar nor the $150 price tag have gotten in the way of sales, as these 7-foot gummy pythons are currently sold out. But upon November 14th, the Blue Raspberry & Green Apple Python, as well as the Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry Python, will be ready to make it’s debut as the gnarliest treat yet.

7-foot Gummy Python: $149.99 @ Vat19

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Red Hot Chilli Jellies

One might just catch sight of one of these gummy morsels and see some sweet chewy strawberries ripe for the picking. That same individual might just then proceed to thoughtlessly munch down these jellies by the handful.

After a few moments of firey agony, our friend will have realized that these candies pack some sizable punch. Each one of these gummy chili peppers is spiced enough for that heat that chili lovers love. They also serve as the perfect disguise to punish any potential candy pilferers.

($11 @ Fire Box)


Gummy Brains

Just in time for Halloween…Gummy Brains! There will be Halloween posts all month so prepare yourselves Foodbeasts. You can get your fill of brains at Think Geek for $10. Brains have never tasted sweeter.


Craving: Red Licorice

red licorice

Maybe I don’t spend enough time at home because without knowing my mother purchased a tub of licorice from Costco and it’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for a week unopened. I think I knew it was there but just hadn’t broken into it yet. But today was different, and the 25 pieces I just had proves it. A can of coke goes greats with adding to the stomach ache I’m going to have in an hour.