New NERDS Clusters Wraps The Candy Around Gummy Core

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I’ve always believed that there exists a level of sweet tooth satiation that can only be achieved with a box of Nerds. My only gripe is that, in a rush to have some, I’ll tend to drop a few (dozen) getting them out of the box.

Now, from the hallowed halls of Nerds HQ comes a new form of the treat that avoids all that messiness. This new innovation wraps the colorful confections around a sweet gummy center.

The new Nerds Gummy Clusters are composed of mini Rainbow Nerds that wrap around a soft gummy center.

It sounds like biting into a sugar-packed dream, really.

You can find the new Nerds Gummy Clusters available this August at supermarket snack aisles across the country.  

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Americans Rejoice, Haribo Is Opening A Factory In The US

Anyone in the United States with a sweet tooth will have to brush just a little bit harder now that Haribo is opening a factory in the US.

The German candy maker, best known for producing iconic fruit-flavored gummy bears, announced that plans to build their first production facility in the United States. While there has been a sales office located in Maryland since 1982, this new factory will give the candy product the rights to boast that they’re Made in the US on their packaging.

According to Fortune, local production on the factory is set to begin in 2020. “America’s Dairyland,” also known as the state of Wisconsin, will host the new facility.

As we patiently wait for the factory to arrive, the sky will fill with the deafening screams of gummy bears between our molars. Hey, they’re addicting.

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You Can Anonymously Send A Bag Of Gummy D*cks For Valentine’s Day


For anyone who’s ever been told to “Eat a dick,” here’s your chance to get a few in before Valentine’s Day. Dicks by Mail, the online service that sends gummy penises to anyone is offering a special Valentine’s Day Box for the upcoming holiday.


The non-conspicous packaging is a perfect decoy for any and every romantic from here to the end of the block. For $20, you just include the name and address of the recipient and patiently wait for a reaction from your Valentine. A bag of dicks, without the holiday packaging, costs $15.

You can also customize your bag of dicks with additional penis-shaped confetti and glitter for an additional fee, leaving an unwanted messed for the target of your affections.

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This Is What Happens When A Giant Gummy Bear Is Exposed To Molten Copper

It’s been a while since YouTuber Tito4re threw molten copper on some kind of food. You may remember him buying some McDonald’s Big Macs and French fries and dousing them with the hot liquid metal a little while back. Now, he’s at it again.

This time, he’s gonna maim one of those giant gummy bears that weigh five pounds. In the latest hypnotizing video, a stream of red-hot molten copper covers a sweet giant gummy bear.

Check out the fiery, sticky mess in the video above.


I Can’t Stop Watching My Favorite Drinks In Gummy Form, Getting Sliced Up


Earlier today, we talked about a YouTuber who recreated an entire Milk Jug with Jell-O ingredients and it looked eerily identical to the real thing. After a bit more digging, I realized there’s a beautiful archive of culinary and artistic geniuses recreating their favorite bottled drinks in Jell-O or gummy form.

Here are some highlights of pure gummy bear wizardry with accompanying instructional recipes:

Orange Fanta Gummy:

Blue Powerade Gummy:

Mountain Dew Code Red:

Regular Mountain Dew:

Rainbow Soda Bottle:

Nutella Jar…which could be a drink if you want it bad enough:


These Guys Froze Gummies In Liquid Nitrogen And Threw Them Off A Roof

The guys over at Vat19 had a few gallons of liquid nitrogen to spare. What’d they do with it? The  YouTubers took everyday food items and their gummy counterparts and froze them in some liquid nitrogen.

Both items are dropped from the roof of their building to see what would happen. Sure, there’s some science behind it, but these dudes are just doing it for the eye candy.

Everyone loves watching things shatter.

Some of the items dropped in liquid nitrogen were peppers, pizza and a glass bottle of Coke. Their gummy versions (gummy peppers, gummy pizza and gummy Coke) were also frozen soon after.

Check out the video to see if the actual food item shattered more than a gummy when chucked from a great height.

Cover Photo: Vat19


Did A Nazi Billionaire Create the Gummy Bear?


In 2013, the candy world mourned the death of Hans Riegel Jr., a scion of the German-born entrepreneurial family behind the ubiquitously edible Haribo Gummi Bears. En route to a multi-billion dollar fortune, the Riegels made these munchies the most delicious, yet problematic, snacks in the game. 

German candy kaiser Hans Riegel Sr. of Bonn, Germany founded Haribo (an acronym for Hans Riegel, Bonn) in 1920. A trained confectioner, he started his own really small business. Riegel invented the gummy bear in 1922—inspired by dancing circus bears—and soon the candy became popular with the likes of Alfred Einstein and an exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II. The latter monarch dubbed them “the best thing to come out of the Weimar Republic,” the democratic German government formed in his home country after he was exiled.

fktvtqsuglhe2rwwzumxJustin Bieber and his Haribo gummies. (Coolspotters)

During World War II, though, the Riegels became a bit suspect. Their business suffered, Riegel Sr.’s sons were prisoners of war, and employees were few and far between. But when the German government rallied many prominent businesses to compensate the hundreds of thousands forced into labor during the war, but Haribo didn’t join in the effort. As a result, it’s been speculated the Riegels used forced labor to keep the business afloat. Time reported in 2000, “Haribo, makers of the jelly bear candy sold around the world, was named in the German parliament as having used forced labor, a charge it denies.”

After Riegel Sr. died in 1945, his two sons built the company up to unprecedented heights. Since the 1980s, they’ve dominated Americans’ sweet teeth, boasting fans worldwide. Despite its success, though, in recent years, Haribo also sold racist candy.

Written by Carly Silver, HistoryBuff

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Anonymously Send A Bag Of D*cks To Your Enemies


Have an enemy? You can anonymously send them a tootsome doo-dooan envelope full of glitter, OR a bag of penis-shaped gummies thanks to D*cks By Mail. The company pockets your $15 and in return mails off the package of gummy packages to your worst enemy along with a note that instructs them to eat a bag of d*cks. Quick question: do the candies taste bad? If so, okay, yes, that is stone cold Steve Austin. I do NOT wanna be on your bad side. If not — if they’re just regular, delicious gummies — then the sender is the real sucker here. I mean, spending $15 to tell someone they’re a jerk using candy? C’mon now yall. It’s doesn’t matter what shape it comes in! Candy is candy is candy is candy.


Written by Brittany High of Incredible Things