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Watch How Gummy Candy Is Made, From Skinning The Pig To Mixing The Colors

I can remember as a kid, one of my elementary school teachers told the class that gelatin was made out of cow and pig bone. I thought it was fascinating, and promptly removed it from my mind, as the subject never came up again in my adult life, until now.

Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens put together a video showing the entire gummy making process, but in reverse. By the end of the video, you see that the gelatin-based candies are made up of pig skin before they get their cute shape and sweet taste.

Yup, unless it’s a vegan product, your favorite gummy bear, sour watermelon rings and sour worms were once part of a cute and cuddly pig, but so are most of our favorite foods.

It might be a little shocking to watch, but the process actually looks pretty cool, probably because it’s shot so beautifully.

Check out the mesmerizing video below:


Snack like a Tweenage Spice Girl with Maria Sharapova’s New Line of ‘Sugarpova’ Gummies

In case the Olympics closing ceremony didn’t quite get you your Spice Girls comeback fix, this new line of gummy candies by tennis champ Maria Sharapova features varieties like “Sporty,” “Spooky,” and “Chic,” and promises to satisfy your sweet tooth in the most grating way possible.

The line, dubbed “Sugarpova,” is a “premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of [the] international tennis sensation”—marking yet another celebrity-driven product that has no business existing ever. Depending on the “flavor,” these “fun and fashionable” gummies come lip-shaped or bear-shaped or turtle-shaped or fruit-shaped, etc., and are just cute enough to assure you that your money’s going completely towards the packaging, leaving almost nothing left over for the taste.

At this point, it’s hard to tell which is more infuriating: the fact that Sugarpova’s copy sounds like it was written for and by thirteen year old girls, with descriptions like “cute but fierce,” and “sugar, spice and mostly nice”; or the fact that the only decently cool item—the tennis-ball shaped gumballs—is already sold out, only a day after Sugarpova’s launch.

Gawker claims Sharapova hand-carves the tennis ball candies herself, which might provide some insight into that little phenomenon, but why anyone would pay $5.99 (plus $7.95 shipping) for a 5 oz. bag of gumballs is beyond me.

Sugarpova candies by Maria Sharapova come in 12 different flavors and are available online or at a select number of It’Sugar retail locations.

[Via LATimes]

What do you guys think of these sickeningly sweet sweets? Would you pay $13+ for a bag of balls fondled by Maria Sharapova?

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Worms In Dirt Cupcakes

In Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs the first essential need that a human must have to sustain life is food, shelter, and all the basic necessities of life. Andrew’s hierarchy of needs begins and ends with gummy worms and cupcakes, how convenient that this dessert has both of them! Amy from VeryCulinary made these Worms In Dirt Cupcakes and I have fell in love with them ever since! It is just your regular cake/cupcake mix that has been frosted and topped with gummy worms that seem to be crawling out of their Oreo crusted dirt! What more do you need in life?

Cravings Sweets

Craving: Assorted Caramel Apples

On a trip to get sushi with Elie, Andrew and Gio the other day, we walked passed this sweet store. I don’t know if they just like making people’s mouths water or if they sell a ton of caramel apples. But these were just cooling in the window and I wanted one badly. Check the rest of the collection in the next picture.