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Documentary Shows Footage Of Horrifying Conditions For Haribo Workers And Pigs

Photo courtesy of ARD film, Markencheck

Haribo, a German confectionary company known for its gummy candy, has found itself in a sticky situation after a documentary claims that the workers and animals used to make the candy were kept in appalling conditions.

According to Deutsche Welle, or DW, German broadcaster ARD aired the film Markencheck, or “brand check,” to identify the health and production problems revolving around the company’s gummy candies that are sold worldwide. The documentary claims that the two ingredients causing the workers and pigs to suffer in such shocking conditions are carnauba wax and gelatin.

Caranauba wax, an ingredient that comes from carnauba palm trees, is applied to the gummies to prevent sticking and to keep them glossy. The carnauba palm trees grow only in the poorest regions of the northeastern states of Brazil including Piaui, Ceara, Maranhao, Bahia, and Rio Grande do Norte. The documentary claims that Haribo sourced their carnauba wax from plantations where workers earn about $12 a day. These workers, some of whom are underage, are also allegedly forced to sleep outside or in their trucks, made to drink unfiltered water from nearby rivers, and not given access to toilets. Brazilian police would allegedly have to carry out raids to free the workers from the horrible working conditions on the plantations.

In that same documentary, footage of the disgusting living conditions of the pigs that provide gelatin for Gelita, Haribo’s main gelatin supplier, was aired. Numerous pigs are shown living in their own filth, covered with stool and urine, and suffering from open sores and infections. Veterinarians interviewed in the film claim that these living conditions clearly go against Germany’s animal protection laws.

In response to the film, Haribo made an official statement saying that they were not aware of of the violations to their guidelines and that they would proactively work with their suppliers to pursue the issue.

In an article by, a spokesperson from Haribo told them, “We are aware of the serious allegations that have been made and an urgent investigation is underway to help us establish the facts. Our production processes are of the utmost importance and we ask all suppliers to adhere to the strictest social and ethical standards. We have always believed such standards to be indivisible and non-negotiable.”

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8 Popcorn Toppings And The Moviegoers Who Choose Them

Popcorn is the best snack to have at the movies. It just embodies all that you’re about with a day or night at the theater: slight escapism. You’re not looking to get crazy, but you clearly want to treat yourself. How you do it, though, is up to you, whether it’s well mannered or really going for it. Here’s a few routes to take.

1. Regular

You’re not a wild man or woman, but you make solid decisions. People respect that about you. Maybe you bought popcorn for the group and don’t want to try anything fancy because it may snub a member’s tastes. It’s possible you fear losing your reputation as a reliable person, or it comes down to the fact that you just like things the way they are. A dip or two of butter and a pinch of salt is as far as you’ll go, but even that’s calling it close.

2. Salt


We’re not talking a civil sprinkling here. This isn’t a polite kiss of salt that’s going to delight any and all. No, this is the addition of salt that makes you wonder if heart disease runs in your family. It’s the kind where you spend the movie realizing you might die in your seat, frenzied up with questions about yourself, like why you have this affinity for salty things and how it may be a problem. But you don’t stop because you don’t want to stop. It’s just too good. Salt is life! You’re practically high on the stuff!

3. Flavored Toppings (Butter, Caramel, etc.)


I know this seems like one of the safest moves, but it’s absolutely not. This is such a reckless all-or-nothing deal. It’s like trying to diffuse a flavor bomb. If you nail the ratio, you’re pretty much destined to become a fabled hero. If you add too much, which is all too easy, that voluptuous bag of popcorn is ruined. You then have to buy another one or boldly ask for an empty bag to try and salvage it.

4. Chocolate Candy


Here’s an umbrella move that could mean anything from Junior Mints to a broken-up Butterfinger. It’s all delicious, that sultry yet classic bite of sweet and salty, and yet it doesn’t ring as store-bought. You feel some ownership, like you successfully cooked up a dish without reading the recipe at the snack bar. Personally, I’m a Reese’s Pieces kind of guy, but it’s all pretty killer.

5. Gummy Candy


This is an acquired taste, maybe even simply niche. It’s got a specific taste and texture that you might not be ready for (or even be that kind of the person). It’s probably for people with really strong jawlines. I mean, there is some serious chewing involved here. People are probably going to think you’re trying to kick cigarettes. Don’t be fooled though, because if you are the type of person who enjoys this, you really enjoy it.

6. Jalapenos


This is an underutilized move. It’s got boldness; it’s got sass. Butter and spice and everything nice are at play, and you feel like a king or queen scarfing it down. Of course this combination works, you pridefully think with each handful every time you make this magic happen at the movies. They’ll make a statue out of me someday, you consider, already delusional with pride before the full lights go down. Do work, me, you likely whisper before licking your salty pickled lips.

7. Nacho Cheese

Nacho Cheese

Did you come here to ball or what? This is a game-changer move, or it at least feels like you’re pulling a sly run out of the naughty playbook. “You’re just replacing chips with popcorn,” some yokel might say with a dismissive shrug. Your reply should be obvious: “Oh, I’m just replacing chips with popcorn?” What, like this is an everyday occurrence? Hell no, make them take it back. You did the unthinkable. Where’s your biopic?

8. Tapatio & Lemon Pepper

IMG_2433 (1)

This is if you’re straight up just down to bring your own gear from home. It’s an insanely delicious combo, but this is you playing God. If you get carried away with hot sauce power, be sure to bring a spoon, because you’re going to have to eat it like cereal. If you’re capable of restraint, bring a bottle of Tapatio, not some measly packets. Go big or go home, you know? Oh, you do? Okay, good. Yeah, you look like a confident person.

See you at the movies!


Literally Eat Yourself . . . In Gummy Form


Are you a narcissistic foodie or know someone who is? Thanks to the innovators at Japan’s FabCafe and White Day, you can indulge your sweet tooth while basking in the sight of a miniature gummy replica of you.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, the process is fairly simplistic. First is a trip inside a 3D full-body scanner, which creates the beginnings of your gummy self. With scan now complete, a custom human-like mold of yourself is made to be filled with gelatinous, sugary wonder.

So if you have roughly $65 to spend, plus money for a plane ticket to Japan, this isn’t a tough choice. Not to mention it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “eat me.”

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Gummi Green Army Men

If it wasn’t for movies like Toy Story, I’d have let these awesome memories of my childhood slip away into the same crevice 90s cartoons fell into. Luckily for us, Albanese has recreated these Green Army Men in gummi molds, allowing us to chew on them without feeling like a sloppy 4-year old (no offense to the 4-year olds reading) or like a perverted old man (no offense to the…well you get the picture).

The Albenese Gummy Military Heroes come in the above pictured green, as well as a patriotic red, blue and clear variety (pictured below). Regardless of the color, they’ll run you about 9 bucks for 1.5 lbs of the candy.

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Gummy Shot Glasses

Sick of washing your shot glasses? Maybe you’re just a fan of hittin’ that last shot of whiskey without a worry of poking around for a chaser. With these flavored Gummy Shot Glasses, you can have your shot…and eat it too.

Comes in two differently flavored sets, each of which comes with 6 shot glasses (2 of each flavor). The “RGB” set comes with Cherry (Red), Sour Apple (Green) and Blue Raspberry (Blue). The “Soda” set comes with Cola (Dark Brown), Orange (Orange) and Cherry Cola (Reddish Brown). Each shot glass measures 2″ in diameter and stands 2″ tall. ($14.99 @ ThinkGeek)

Here’s a rather humorous video of the glasses in action, with the host waiting out for the “orange” flavor. Enjoy:

Cravings Sweets

Root Beer Cupcakes

Imagine one of the most iconic sodas in history turned into an edible cake. We’re looking at Root Beer Cupcakes that utilize a chocolate base that has been infused with some old fashion root beer. The frosting is made of dark chocolate and a splash of root beer as well! The entire cake is topped off with a root beer cola gummy bottle! (Thx Cookbookarchaeology)

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Craving: Jolly Rancher Screaming Sours

I had a full bag of these gummy sour delights last week following a trip to Fry’s Electronics with my buddy Marc. Little did I know I consumed the better half of 1,000 calories in the bag I took on, but, it was 1,000 calories well worth it. The flavors pictured above are the wondrous Apple, Cherry, Orange and Watermelon, each more luscious than the next. If you don’t have a Fry’s Electronics near you, you can pick some up direct from the CandyWarehouse.

Cravings Sweets

Craving: Sour Cherry Cola Bottle Gummy Candy

Anytime I make a trip to the local shopping mall, I have to make a pitstop at the resident SweetFactory and get some supplies for my normally strenuous shopping experience. Among the candies I stock up on is the amazing sweet/sour/cola/cherry experience that is the Sour Cherry Cola Bottle. My brother just surprised me with a bag full of them, and five minutes later, the bag of candy is gone and I’m here writing about it. I just learned that I can purchase them over the Internet by the 1 lb. or 5 lb. bag. My life is complete. Anyone ever been to a candy shop? What’s your favorite candy?!