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This Is What Happens When A Giant Gummy Bear Is Exposed To Molten Copper

It’s been a while since YouTuber Tito4re threw molten copper on some kind of food. You may remember him buying some McDonald’s Big Macs and French fries and dousing them with the hot liquid metal a little while back. Now, he’s at it again.

This time, he’s gonna maim one of those giant gummy bears that weigh five pounds. In the latest hypnotizing video, a stream of red-hot molten copper covers a sweet giant gummy bear.

Check out the fiery, sticky mess in the video above.


Kids Thrown Into Candy-Filled Room, Go Sugar Crazy on Grown-Up


Halloween is one day away and those with kids may want to prepare for the onslaught of children on a sugar high. Unless you run a tight ship in your household, there’s no way kids are going to stick to one or two pieces of candy this Halloween.

Crest got a bunch of kids dressed in costumes and put them in a room full of candy. Upon throwing a giant gummy bear into their midst, similar to throwing a zebra into a pride of lions, the kids devoured the glutinous ursine. Naturally what comes next is a room full of children high on sugar screaming at the top of their lungs. A little peek of what’s to come this Halloween.

Check out this adorable, albeit horrifying, video of kids going ape-shit on a Crest spokesman. The cameramen do nothing.

H/T Design Taxi


Hello Weekend: Gummy Bear Sangrias


We did it. Labor Day feels like forever ago, but we’ve pushed through the past three grueling work days to find ourselves at the start of another weekend. Time to sleep, drink, and eat our weight in candy. And we just found an incredible way to do two of those things at once.

Drunken gummy bears are nothing new, but this Gummy Bear Sangria recipe takes the ratchet-y college staple and classes it up a bit with fresh fruit and wine. Simply place your gummy bears in a container with your alcohol of choice (this recipe calls for vodka, though spiced rum sounds good too), let them soak for at least 8 hours, strain, then pour over with chilled white wine, sparkling water, and apple juice. There’s truly no better way to say I’m an overgrown child AND a semi-functioning adult. You can even add the leftover strained-through vodka back to the sangria for an extra kick. Go on, you deserve it.

Get the whole recipe at mynameisyeh.


Snack like a Tweenage Spice Girl with Maria Sharapova’s New Line of ‘Sugarpova’ Gummies

In case the Olympics closing ceremony didn’t quite get you your Spice Girls comeback fix, this new line of gummy candies by tennis champ Maria Sharapova features varieties like “Sporty,” “Spooky,” and “Chic,” and promises to satisfy your sweet tooth in the most grating way possible.

The line, dubbed “Sugarpova,” is a “premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of [the] international tennis sensation”—marking yet another celebrity-driven product that has no business existing ever. Depending on the “flavor,” these “fun and fashionable” gummies come lip-shaped or bear-shaped or turtle-shaped or fruit-shaped, etc., and are just cute enough to assure you that your money’s going completely towards the packaging, leaving almost nothing left over for the taste.

At this point, it’s hard to tell which is more infuriating: the fact that Sugarpova’s copy sounds like it was written for and by thirteen year old girls, with descriptions like “cute but fierce,” and “sugar, spice and mostly nice”; or the fact that the only decently cool item—the tennis-ball shaped gumballs—is already sold out, only a day after Sugarpova’s launch.

Gawker claims Sharapova hand-carves the tennis ball candies herself, which might provide some insight into that little phenomenon, but why anyone would pay $5.99 (plus $7.95 shipping) for a 5 oz. bag of gumballs is beyond me.

Sugarpova candies by Maria Sharapova come in 12 different flavors and are available online or at a select number of It’Sugar retail locations.

[Via LATimes]

What do you guys think of these sickeningly sweet sweets? Would you pay $13+ for a bag of balls fondled by Maria Sharapova?


Gummy Bear Light

It’s a known fact that gummy bears are an excellent conductor of light (I seriously have no evidence to back this claim up) so it’s no surprise that someone decided to harness the natural luminescence of these sweet treats to illuminate their living space. Of course, this isn’t a real gummy bear — You definitely can’t eat it, and furthermore, I don’t think you’d want to mostly because of the electrical wiring running through it. Despite not having any of the delicious properties of your ordinary gummy bear, it definitely has all the aesthetics down to each gummy letter. ($28.99 @ Amazon)


Comparable pH Levels: Battery Acid and Sour Candy

When I was younger, my parents always told me, “Candy will rot your teeth!” Using the best deductive reasoning a precocious five-year-old could muster, I came to the conclusion that couldn’t be true. I mean, how could something that tastes so good corrode me from the inside out? Again, I was five so that logic seemed pretty sound at the time. It wasn’t until much later down the line that I learned that virtually everything that tastes good is bad for you. Apparently, that sentiment is most true when it comes to sour candies.

Your teeth’s enamel starts to wear away when you start munching on anything more acidic than a 4 on the pH scale. To give you some comparison, water has an acidity of 7 and battery acid is at a 1 on the pH scale. The acidity of your average candy of even the mildest of tangingess start around a 3 to a 2.5 of the pH scale, and I’m not talking about the really sour stuff here, I’m talking about Skittles and your typical gummy bear.

The insane thing here is that some of the heavy hitting sour candies like Wonka Fun Dip powder and Altoid Sours  measure up around a 1.8 and 1.9, respectively. WarHeads Sour Spray tops the charts with a 1.6 pH level, a mere 0.6 pH away from battery acid.

I feel like what my parents said to me all those years ago should have been amended to “(Sour) candy will rot your teeth!” At least then, the advice they gave me would have been more accurate when I chose to ignore it.

(via Gizmodo)


26-pound Gummy Party Bear

It is literally 26 pounds of gummy bear delight. That’s 32,000 calories of gluten-free chewable sugar that features a 1-liter tummy bowl. Thanks to the geniuses of VAT19, you can own this masterpiece for just $199.99.

Now you may ask yourself, “Isn’t that a bit steep for candy?” The answer is “No, because this isn’t candy. It’s a masterpiece.” What do you think?


Giant Gummy Bears on a Stick

For many of us, the portions that come along in even some of the most hefty gummy bear bags aren’t enough for our snack time. That’s where this half-pound Gummy Bear on a Stick looks to gain your friendship. In fact, this particular gummy bear is 88 times bigger than his classic brothers and sisters, available in an array of different flavors, and sits 8″ high with stick, 5″ high without and 1.75″ thick. ($12 @ FredFlare)