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These Cannabis Gummies Are Designed To Make You Feel Specific Moods

Photo courtesy of Kiva

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, California included, we’re seeing more decadent edibles come to fruition. What a time to be alive.

Kiva Confections, known for being one of the original edible cannabis companies, has launched a line of California-inspired candies, called Camino Gummies, that offer a unique mood depending on the flavor you choose.

The gummies pair custom combinations of THC and variety of carefully selected terpenes to craft a tailored cannabis experience for consumers. Kiva’s idea is to trigger a California State of Mind, allowing their consumer base to experience the feeling of relaxation.

Photo courtesy of Kiva

Each gummy will give you a specific result. The Camino Wild Berry provides a “chill” effect for stressors in your life. The Blenheim Apricot Gummy offers a feeling of “balance” when you’re feeling overwhelmed. When you’re feeling a bit anti-social, the Sparkling Pear is designed to help you strike up a conversation. Finally, the spicy Pineapple Habanero will uplift your spirits for whenever you’re feeling blue.

Not sure if popping one of each will create a Captain Planet of emotional balance in your body, or just get you lit, but I’m curious to find out.

The gummies are notably sold at Med Men, a popular US-based dispensary, but a full list of retailers that offer Camino Gummies can be found here.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor News Now Trending

Parents Fear Kids Will Be Given Edibles This Halloween, The Internet Collectively Laughs

There are always concerns about dangerous things being found inside kids’ trick-or-treating bags. It’s usually something ridiculous, like, needles, or razor blades, but this year, all the rage seems to be edibles.

The New Jersey Department of Health is terrified that kids will be secretly getting marijuana edibles this Halloween, and they’ve issued a warning to parents, according to FOX 29.

They fear that edible gummies could be made to look like regular gummies, and if there’s anything that mortifies parents, is the thought of their kids getting drugged up.

While on the surface, you don’t want your kids getting secretly drugged, people who are actually familiar with edibles are calling BS on this report, and for good reason. The main issue on Twitter, as they ravage FOX’s report, is that no one’s going to waste their edibles to get kids high.

Perfect example below. If you let your kids eat gummies from a random baggie, you’re blowing it as a parent.

It does all seem a bit silly, but check out the Tweets below, as everyone collectively clowns on the report:








I Can’t Stop Watching My Favorite Drinks In Gummy Form, Getting Sliced Up


Earlier today, we talked about a YouTuber who recreated an entire Milk Jug with Jell-O ingredients and it looked eerily identical to the real thing. After a bit more digging, I realized there’s a beautiful archive of culinary and artistic geniuses recreating their favorite bottled drinks in Jell-O or gummy form.

Here are some highlights of pure gummy bear wizardry with accompanying instructional recipes:

Orange Fanta Gummy:

Blue Powerade Gummy:

Mountain Dew Code Red:

Regular Mountain Dew:

Rainbow Soda Bottle:

Nutella Jar…which could be a drink if you want it bad enough:


These Guys Froze Gummies In Liquid Nitrogen And Threw Them Off A Roof

The guys over at Vat19 had a few gallons of liquid nitrogen to spare. What’d they do with it? The  YouTubers took everyday food items and their gummy counterparts and froze them in some liquid nitrogen.

Both items are dropped from the roof of their building to see what would happen. Sure, there’s some science behind it, but these dudes are just doing it for the eye candy.

Everyone loves watching things shatter.

Some of the items dropped in liquid nitrogen were peppers, pizza and a glass bottle of Coke. Their gummy versions (gummy peppers, gummy pizza and gummy Coke) were also frozen soon after.

Check out the video to see if the actual food item shattered more than a gummy when chucked from a great height.

Cover Photo: Vat19


Somewhere, There’s a Wonderland of Gummies That Exists


H/T Webewildered


Ghost Pepper, Habanero, and Jalapeno Gummy Peppers Will Burn So Sweet


New to the world of novelty candies are Spicy Gummy Peppers, the snack that’s supposedly almost as spicy as the real peppers they’re based on. The three peppers come in different shapes: Jalapeño, Habanero and Ghost Pepper. Each pepper represents a different level of heat intensity.

The gummies are combined with a fruit flavor to pair with the heat: jalapeño and apple, habanero and orange, and cherry and ghost pepper. Each gummy is actually imbued with the real-life pepper, albeit not as intense. It still needs to taste like candy, after all.

A 3-pack of Gummy Peppers, one of each gummy, is available at vat19 for $10. As the site recommends, might be best to keep a milk bucket nearby.

H/T Neatorama



Lego Gummies: Stack 'Em Up

Legos are now edible! This looks like a great and fun way to keep kids occupied for a while. Gummies+Legos= the answer to many parents prays! (Thx Instructables)