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Alka-Seltzer Gum Now Exists For Minty Heartburn Relief

Look, when you’re in a tough spot like catching heartburn after taking down your customary order of In-N-Out with all the secret menu fixins while on a date, the situation is unique to say the least. Relief could come in many forms, though not all at once — until Alka-Seltzer came through in the clutch.

Available now, Alka-Seltzer Extra Strength Heartburn Relief Gum is providing discrete relief for all. The dual layer gum combines a fast acting antacid with ‘cooling flavor crystals’ to simultaneously provide cooling heartburn relief and minty fresh breath. Tell me this isn’t a game changer.

You can choose between two flavors: cool mint and peppermint. So the only choice to be made is between two flavors, instead of having to buy two separate things in an antacid and a pack of gum. Happy chewing, Foodbeasts.

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How To Start A Fire With A Stick Of Gum, Just In Case Your Life Depended On It

Picture this: you’re lost in the woods with no cell service and the sun is about to set. Rather than sitting in the wintry darkness and getting eaten by lions, tigers, and bears, you decide you need to get a fire going for warmth and safety. Unfortunately, all you have in your pockets is a stick of gum and a fairly used battery.

According to Grant Thompson (The King Of Random), that’s pretty much all you need to get that fire going.

In one of his latest videos, Thompson utilizes the gum wrapper and a AA battery to create the greatest element mankind has ever been gifted with. During this experiment, he toys around with three different gum brands to see which worked best in igniting the battery.

Ideally, you’d want a foil wrapper that’s metallic on one side and fibrous on the other. 5 Gum is a good example that meets those criteria.

Proceed by cutting the fiber into strips and place the metallic end on the ends of the battery. If done correctly, the wrapper should immediately catch fire. You can check out the video above to see the process, in beautiful technicolor.

All that’s left for you to do with this newfound skill is set up some dry grass and pieces of wood and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time.

Hopefully you make it to the morning.


That Infamous GUM Wall In Seattle Is Finally Coming Down


One of Seattle’s more unique sights is the infamous wall of gum. The Market Theater Gum Wall, as gross as it may sound, has become a cultural phenomenon throughout the state of Washington. Now, it looks like that wall is coming down.

While not as impactful as the Berlin Wall coming down, losing the Gum Wall is still a pretty big deal. What began as a ’90s habit of sticking gum on the wall of the Pike Place Market quickly turned into a long-standing tradition to locals and tourists alike.

This tradition, however, has left the wall one of the most germ-ridden spots in the world.

Sadly, the Los Angeles Times announced that the wall will be clean in a few days. On Nov. 10, the wall will be steam blasted through Nov. 13. That’s gonna be a lot of gum coming down.

Officials from the market expect, however, that a new wall will soon take its place.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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This Simple Chewing Gum Commercial Will Bring You To Tears

Extra Commercial 2015

A few days ago, Extra released a short video promoting their chewing gum. Told in a narrative, the video focused on the relationship of two individuals: Sarah and Juan.

In a little less than 2 minutes, the touching gum commercial succeeded into bringing an office full of grown men on the verge of tears. Some of us actually got moist in the eyes.

We won’t give away any more, so check out the video for yourself.


McDonald’s Once Invented Broccoli That Tasted Like Bubblegum, Willy Wonka-Level Stuff


We have to hand it to McDonald’s for creativity. It was reported that Don Thompson, current CEO of McDonald’s, was asked at an event what the brand was doing to produce better health options for its younger customers. Besides portioning off french fries and adding apples, it was revealed that a special broccoli was once developed for kids.

What could be so special about this broccoli that it could find a place on a fast food menu? Maybe that it tasted like bubblegum.

The bubblegum broccoli never made it past development stages, however, as Thompson admitted that it wasn’t really that impressive. Apparently it just confused kids with its taste. What, really?

Still McDonald’s gets points for such a Willy Wonka-inspired development.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a heavily-guarded McDonald’s lab, there’s gotta be a few samples left. Just biding their time.

H/T Consumerist


Seasonal pumpkin spice breath


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First They’re Sour, Now They’re Sour Patch Kid-Flavored Gum


Yes, we could be a little too old to get excited about this, but it’s cool dammit, so shut up. Stride has partnered with the makers of Sour Patch Kids to create a brand new line of SPK-flavored gum, available in stores come January. Let’s pause a moment to let this sink in. Sour Patch Kid gum exists, people. Whoever said growing up had to be a bad thing?

Currently the only flavors available are redberry and lime, so lemon and orange fans: well, sucks to suck. Early promo images reveal the packaging takes its cues from the original yellow Sour Patch box, though we wonder if it won’t also draw more than a few comparisons to that other kid-friendly chewing gum, Juicy Fruit. Best of all, it’s sugar-free.

Stride Sour Patch Kids: $1.29 for a single pack and $2.89 for a multipack.

H/T + Picthx Brand Eating


Foie Gras Bubble Gum

I never understood how the liver of a goose is held in such high culinary esteem, but the liver of virtually any other animal in the average American’s diet is regarded as… well… chopped liver. In any event, if you’re looking to treat yourself with only the fanciest of bubble gum balls, look no further. These gumballs don’t just ooze the flavor of goose liver, they ooze class. ($3.99 @ Amazon)