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McDonald’s Is Releasing A Limited Edition Gudetama McFlurry In Japan

Sure, our Oreo McFlurry is nice and sweet, but the McDonald’s dessert we get here in the states doesn’t do much to melt our hearts. McDonald’s Japan, on the other hand, just introduced a whimsical variation of the dessert that’s tugging at our heartstrings.

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Design Taxi reported that the fast food chain is launching a dessert collaboration with Sanrio, creating six different packing designs featuring the lazy cartoon egg Gudetama.

While McDonald’s has been pretty hush about what the new flavor actually is, we know it features McDonald’s traditional soft serve mixed with sponge cake and two yet-to-be-identified sauces.

McDonald’s Japan will release these exclusive McFlurrys beginning June 8 through early July. Anyone visiting Japan at that time, be sure to let us know how it tastes!

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Curry House And Sanrio Just Created An Exclusive Gudetama Menu

Photo: Sanrio

Fans of Sanrio’s popular Gudetama, prepare your palates and your camera phones.

In a special collaboration with Curry House, the lazy cartoon egg will be the star of an exclusive menu created by the restaurant chain. It’s pretty darn adorable, too.

Patrons of Curry House will be able to enjoy a special multi-course tasting menu for $29. The Gudetama-inspired dinner features keema curry (with rice, salad, corn soup), custard pudding, and a beverage. Guests will also receive a limited edition Gudetama x Curry House beanie for attending the tasting.

Photo: Sanrio

Select menu items will also feature Gudetama’s likeness, including his face looking at you from a bright yellow yolk.

Mark your calendars, as the Gudetama x Curry House collaboration will begin on Oct. 20, 2017 and run through Jan. 20, 2018. This leaves plenty of time to get your lazy egg fix before it comes to a close.

Gudetama’s menu will be available at all nine Curry House locations throughout California.