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Here’s How You Can Help Set A Guacamole World Record


It’s no secret that Americans are crazy about avocados. Fresh avocado consumption increased over 13 percent from last year, and it’s expected that a record 278 million avocados will have been consumed leading up to this February’s Big Game.

Oh, yeah, it’s also no secret that we love to enjoy avocados during any and every athletic event! This year, an estimated 139 million pounds of avocado will be consumed in celebration of the Big Game (16 million more pounds than last year).

That statistic is already impressive on its own, but the Hass Avocado Board is looking to shatter even more records, via ‘the world’s largest online photo album of guacamole dipping.’ To meet their #GuacGoal, they’re asking Americans to share photos of their avocado-centric football feasts via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Vine or Flickr using the hashtag.

To become a part of this history-making attempt, avocado fans can submit photos between January 22 and February 7. Participants will be automatically entered for a chance to win a grand prize of $500, two runner-up prizes of $250, and one of seven footballs signed by Joe Montana.

You can even see how fellow avocado lovers enjoy their guac during Big Game festivities, at this online photo gallery. #GuacGoal is the new #SquadGoal, so start dippin’!

Created in partnership with the Hass Avocado Board


What In-N-Out Burgers Would Look Like If Other Restaurants Made Them


Native Californians know that In-N-Out is a must whenever those burger pangs kick in. Whether its the fresh ingredients or the addicting fries, once you crave it there’s nothing you can do until you get your fill. Part of the appeal of the chain is that they keep the menu simple, with three burger options, shakes and fries. Secret menu not withstanding. What if, however, In-N-Out tweaked their menu just a bit and expanded their burger options?

With so much time on our hands journalistic curiosity, we imagined what it would look like if In-N-Out took over other fast food chains to create burger collaborations. Using In-N-Out’s core ingredients as a template with a signature customization for each new burger, we let our cravings take over.


In-N-Out x McDonald’s Big Mac


More or less the same as a double double, save the addition of pickles and that famous extra layer of bread. I mean, what’s a Big Mac without that burger bun in the middle.


In-N-Out x Tommy Burger


Known for their world-famous chili, just a simple spoonful of the stuff is enough to crank a Double Double up to an 11. What do you mean your dials only go up to 10?


In-N-Out x Carl’s Jr. Guac Burger


A California inspired burger, the burger needs a generous helping of guacamole to truly be called Californian. There should be a second patty somewhere under all that guac.


In-N-Out x Jack in the Box’s Sourdough Jack


The bacon and the sourdough bun. Two signature staples of the famous Sourdough Jack. Sure it’s messy, but the best burgers always are.


In-N-Out x Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken


Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken sandwich is pretty bomb on its own. Though let’s say one were to add it to an In-N-Out cheeseburger. I’m drooling just staring at the picture.


In-N-Out x Carl’s Jr. Western BBQ Bacon Burger


No matter where you go, the three things you think of most when hearing Western Burger is BBQ sauce, onion rings and bacon. If there isn’t a noticeable crunch when you bite into a Western, you’re ordering the wrong burger.


In-N-Out x Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger


Pineapples and honey mustard dressing makes for a pretty damn sweet burger. Should taste amazing with a salty order of fries well done. Just make sure the pineapple’s fresh.


In-N-Out x White Castle


It’s a square burger. On the plus side, you can eat them in pairs without having to travel to the East Coast.


In-N-Out x Burger King Whopper


Though you wouldn’t expect it, pickles, ketchup and mayo can really turn a burger into a Whopper. The second that mayo and ketchup mix together after a bite…you’ve got yourself a fancy sauce situation you can’t put down.


In-N-Out x McGangBang


We also wanted to see what some lesser known creations would look like. Take the McGangBang for example, a double burger with a crispy chicken patty thrown inside.


In-N-Out x Ramen Burger


How dope would it be if In-N-Out made a Ramen Burger? We know ramen burgers haven’t hit mainstream fast food yet, but we just had to see what it would look like. We are pleased.


Fast Food

Del Taco Delivers Carne Asada and Fry-Stuffed Epic California Burritos


Late last year, GQ described the California Burrito as “one of the most elegantly decadent foods you’ve never heard of.” A hefty, Chipotle-sized tank crammed with some arrangement of steak, cheese, pico, sour cream, guacamole, and, the clincher, golden crispy french fries, California Burritos are the leading cause of failed diets in the Golden State. It’s scientific fact.

They also happen to be a perfect addition to Del Taco’s Epic Burrito line. For a limited time, the new Cali Steak & Guac combines all the aforementioned ingredients within one massive 18-ounce wrap, descriptively named for anyone who hasn’t been blessed enough to try a real California burrito in person.


We decided to sample the beast ourselves for breakfast this morning, and while not nearly as artery-clogging as we might have liked, the Cali Steak & Guac should be perfectly palatable for anyone just looking to dip their feet in the waters of guacamole and french fry-loaded degeneracy. It’s also available with a free medium drink, along with the rest of the Epic line, through Wednesday June 18.

Fast Food

McDonald’s Testing Guacamole Burger in Denver


A move that’s sure to have California based McDonald’s customers crying foul, the golden arches has begun testing a Guacamole Burger at its Denver locations.

Guacamole has been available in California for a while now, but only as a custom topping as part of the chain’s build your own burger ordering system at select SoCal locations. However, the fast food giant is only testing their official Guacamole Burger in Denver. So basically here in SoCal you can’t just go to the counter and order a Guacamole Burger, you have to go to the iPads and McCustomize it yourself. Weird.

Similar to Del Taco’s “go bold” option, McDonald’s Denver is also letting customers add the new guacamole to nearly any menu item for a reasonable 89 cent charge. If you’re not feeling a Guacamole Burger maybe a McGuac McChicken is more up your alley, or perhaps an Egg McGuacmuffin? Or get Foodbeast bold like our Publisher Elie Ayrouth and have it blended into a McCafe or McFlurry, because why the hell not.

Besides being used as a burger topping, the guacamole is also available as a dipping sauce for McDonald’s famous fries and McNuggets…although we’re not sure how good that’d be. I’ll stick with my sweet and sour sauce thank you very much.

H/T Consumerist, PicThx The Daily Meal


Chipotle’s Guac Supply Threatened by Global Warming, Suddenly We All Care About Climate Change


It worked for the Twinkie and Sriracha, but good guy Chipotle thinks you should stop freaking out about that whole “guacamole shortage” thing.

In its 2013 annual report, the quick-service Mexican chain warned of a temporary suspension of menu items such as guacamole or salsa due to “increasing weather volatility or other long-term changes in global weather patterns.” Global warming, basically. Rather than pay the “increased cost for the ingredients,” the report stated the chain could simply pull the items from the assembly line.

A new interview with the Los Angeles Times, however, reveals such disclosures are merely “routine” and do not necessarily reflect any impending guacapocalyptic doom.

“This is way overblown,” a Chipotle spokesman reportedly told the LAT.

“As a public company … we are required to disclose any potential issues that could have potential impact on our business, and we do that very thoroughly.”

The message hasn’t seemed to reach the Twitter-verse, though, which continues to flood with folks panicking over global warming for the first time in their lives. Trust, the day we won’t all pay $5 – 10 for extra guacamole is the day Chipotle might consider pulling the stuff for good. Maybe.



Because #priorities yo.

Packaged Food

Japan Has Avocado and Cheese-Flavored Doritos


In case you’re one of those crazies who love the taste of avocado, but hate the texture, Frito-Lay Japan has just introduced a new “Avocado Cheese” flavor of Doritos. Let’s just hope they taste better than those awful “Guacachips.”

The cheese in this scenario, according to the Frito-Lay site, is none other cream cheese, which means that with a nice sheet of seaweed, this whole thing should taste oddly like a California roll. Yummy?


Unfortunately for all you Avocado Doritos Locos Taco hopefuls (but fortunately for the rest of us), the AC Doritos are only available in Japan, and only from October 28 through February 28, 2014. Guess we’ll just have to settle for dipping our tortilla chips into regular old smooth, nutty, and perfectly buttery guacamole, drats.

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Frito-Lay Japan


Hilarious Rant on Sh*tty Burrito Building Everyone Should Read Immediately

hilarious-burrito-rant“Have you ever been to earth?” asks pen-named LuckyShirt upon receiving a burrito built like the accompanying illustration (see above) with ingredients packed into ill-conceived zones.

The entire rant is addressed to Guy Who Just Made My Burrito, and reminds the cemented jackass that “Humans also don’t eat burritos like fucking corn on the cob. Like a fucking typewriter from one end to the other a little at a time and then DING next line.

Catch his full rant on, and let’s keep tabs on his Twitter account to make sure this guy doesn’t cross paths with some dyslexic Chipotle burrito artist in the near future.



Back to Basics: Snazz Up Your 4th of July with These Simple Recipe Tweaks


Are you still waking up on Independence Morning, scrambling into your local Ralph’s and grabbing all the pre-made 7-Layer Dips and bacon-wrapped hot dogs you can find? You deserve better and luckily for you, whipping up a vastly improved 4th of July feast isn’t that hard to do. So leave your basic onions, mustards and ketchups at your college roommate’s house and try your hand at any of these gussied-up versions of some of your favorite barbecue staples, compiled by our friends at First We Feast. From chunky cilantro guacamole to spicy Sriracha shrimp skewers, good food doesn’t have to be complicated. It should, however, taste phenomenal.


Rest Your Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog On a Bed of Bean Sprout Slaw


A more Asian take on the infamous bacon-wrapped Tijuana “Danger Dogs,” all you need is to wash and season some bean sprouts and misc. veggies with salt, pepper, sugar and rice vinegar and then bury them beneath Sriracha mayo and a bacon wrapped dog. Thick-cut applewood is probably best, because moar bacon is always better.



Use Mostly Solid Avocados In Your Guacamole


Store-bought guac can be too bland and mushy, but this version uses only lightly-crushed avocados mixed with chopped cilantro and minced serrano or jalapeno chilies so you can really taste the dip.



Drizzle Your Corn with Lime, Parmesan and Chili


If you’ve never had Mexican corn, what have you been doing with your life. “Creamy, tangy, spicy and sweet all at once,” this roasted recipe will have you never eating regular old buttered corn again.



Marinate Your Shrimp With Sriracha and Sugar


Sriracha, olive oil, Worcestershire, sugar and cilantro caramelize over these grilled shrimps for the perfect finger food. Plus it’s shrimp season, so why go back to your typical chicken or beef?



Ditch the Spaghetti and Meatballs For Penne and Herbs


Finally, proof that pasta doesn’t need meat to be delicious. Just toss everything together for a cool upgrade to your aunt’s infamous “spaghetti.”




Check out the rest of the list over at First We Feast!

Picthx FWF, Food 52