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Chipotle Adds Quesadillas Nationwide Complete With Dipping Sauce Tray

Every so often, I find myself torn between ordering a burrito or tacos when stopping at Chipotle. While the bowls have their own magic, there’s something special about biting into a layer of warm tortilla paired with fresh meat. It’s euphoric.

Photo courtesy of Chipotle

Imagine how much tougher that decision has become, knowing that Chipotle has now added mouthwatering build-your-own Quesadillas to their plethora of menu options. 

Oh, man.

Customers can choose from any of their favorite proteins. This includes Adobo Chicken, Steak, Barbacoa, Carnitas, and plant-based Sofritas, before filling it with their favorite accoutrements.

You can personalize it with any of their salsas and dips, so your meaty quesadillas will never be without sauce options.

The Quesadillas are available at Chipotle locations nationwide and can only be ordered online or through the Chipotle mobile app.

Created in partnership with Chipotle.

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For One Day Only, Chipotle’s Guacamole Will Be FREE

If you hate forking over those extra couple bucks for Chipotle’s guacamole, you’re not alone. Though it’s brutal on your wallet, that creamy addition seems to always be worth it when stuffed inside that massive burrito.

On Tuesday, July 31, Chipotle’s blessing its customers with a free side of their prized guacamole, for National Guacamole Day.

All you have to do is order an entree online or through their app and you’ll qualify for the freebie.

It’s 2018, online ordering seems reasonable by now, right?

You can’t be too upset that you still have to purchase an entree, either. I mean, you need something to put the guac on, right?



This seems like an easy and effective way for Chipotle to get people to download their app. Such a strategy had been used recently by McDonald’s, giving customers free fries every week for a year, plus a sweet $1 burger deal, all for downloading their app.

Chipotle is deploying the same type of app strategy: all you have to do is set up an account, pick an entree, select guacamole or both chips and guac as an add-on, then checkout using the coupon code AVOCADO. You can only use the code once, so unless some glitch occurs, you won’t be able to walk out of Chipotle with an overabundance of guac.

Probably the nicest part of the deal is that you likely won’t have to wait in a crazy line since you’re ordering ahead through the app. Just pray that 100 other people don’t order at the same time as you, and you should be good to go.

Health News

Avocado Prices Reach Record High After Terrible Harvest, Here Is How It Affects You

It’s the last thing we want to hear, but the days of affordable avocados might be a thing of the past, as avocado prices have been rising, hitting a record high this summer.

Per The Wall Street Journal, wholesale prices on avocados have surged by 75 percent since July after a bad harvest season in not only California, but in Mexico, as well. The U.S. can usually rely on Mexico for avocado backup, but a drought put the country behind on its usual production.

Now, a case of 48 Hass avocados is costing about $80, meaning retailers would have to sell each avocado for about $2 just to break even.

Avocado production is a bit tough to predict, as there could be a really good harvest one year, and a record-breaking terrible harvest the next, as is the case right now.

Chipotle, who spends 10 percent of its food costs on avocados, and Whole Foods, who just slashed prices after being acquired by Amazon, might be able to take the hit, but that might not be the case at other restaurants or supermarkets.

If you start seeing guacamole cost a little more than usual at your favorite taco spot, now you know why.

#foodbeast Hit-Or-Miss News

A Free Pop-Up Guacamole Lounge Is Making It’s Stop In Los Angeles This Week

Calling all guac lovers, basic bitches, trend hoppers, and anyone who just loves free food!

A pop-up guacamole lounge is making its Los Angeles stop, boasting free chips and guac, a custom sample bar, photobooth among other things that most Angelenos get excited about. Did we mention free chips and guac?

A post shared by Wholly Guacamole (@eatwholly) on

Wholly Guacamole—the most properly named avocado company next to Avogadro’s Avocados, is inviting everyone out for their free Summer soiree celebrating all things guac. Who could blame them? Guacamole and Summer go together like pumpkin spice and Autumn.  This is free for the public to join in, with absolutely no ticket required.

The “Guac Stop” is happening now, July 27 through July 31 at The Americana in Glendale.

Hit-Or-Miss News

‘Avocado Hand’ Is A Legit Medical Condition Affecting People Worldwide

If you’ve ever sliced yourself while cutting an avocado, you cannot be trusted with knives, but you’re also not alone. It has been such a prevalent problem that doctors have dubbed it, “Avocado Hand,” and are urging people to be more careful while prepping that guac.


According to the Times of London, people are out here getting irreparable nerve damage in their hands from this “global phenomenon.”

Plastic surgeon Simon Eccles said he treats at least four patients a week for avocado hand, and there’s even a “post-brunch surge” on the weekends.


How does this keep happening?

Well, apparently when you underestimate the avocado’s ripeness, and when you try to take out the pit.

Just be careful when you’re prepping that beautiful avocado toast because you don’t want to end up in the Emergency Room, telling your friends and family you got “avocado hand.”

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For Playing This Online Game, Chipotle Will Give You Free Chips And Guac


In honor of the Big Game, Chipotle is releasing another online game for customers to score free food from the fast-casual chain.

Partnering with Avocados from Mexico, the chain will be giving away free chips and guacamole to patrons who can complete the game ‘Cado Crusher. The rules are simple: Crush as many ingredients as you can to make a fresh batch of guacamole.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet:


After beating the game, you’ll be directed to a page where you put in your information and phone number. You’ll soon receive a text for your free tortilla chips and guacamole.

You can play the game from Jan. 24 through Feb. 7. Like with every other Chipotle online game giveaway, you can only get the free appetizer while supplies last.


2016’s Best Breakfast Burrito Is Wrapped In Bacon And Topped With Strawberry Salsa

Cafe Calacas sits on a quaint corner across the street from The Ronald Reagan Federal Building in the Historic Arts District of Downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the city’s historic Art Deco-era style architecture. However, just by looking at the traditional, Dia de Los Muertos-themed storefront, you wouldn’t be able to tell how far the quaint eatery is pushing the limits of traditional Mexican cuisine.

Even though there’s still a few weeks left in the year, Cafe Calacas’ strawberry guilallo salsa topped, bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito takes the prize for the best breakfast burrito of 2016.

The creators of the queso fundido chorizo brioche donut have debuted another breakfast delicacy, that could very well shame any other breakfast burritos out of existence.

Starting with their El Famoso Breakfast Burrito, which is served with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, Calacas neatly wraps the El Famoso in a brown sugar and syrup glazed-bacon and grills the it to perfection.

To top it off, a nice thick layer of Cafe Calacas’ strawberry guilallo salsa and guacamole are added. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, it should be.

Currently, the strawberry guilallo salsa topped, bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito is only available at the cafe during brunch time once a week, on Sundays. Should be plenty of time for you to mark your calendars to take on this champ of a burrito.


Chipotle Will Give You Free Guac And Chips For Playing This Simple Game


Who: Chipotle Mexican Grill

What: Customers will get free chips and guacamole if they can spot five differences in the three photos shown by playing the game Guac Hunter.

Under a timer, you’ll have to click on the differences between the two photos and see if you can beat the clock. The prize, free guac and tortilla chips.

The sucky thing is the images rotate so you can’t just quit and try again with the same two images. Still, if you can stick it through, you’ll get yourself a free snack.

Where: All participating Chipotle locations.