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Grumpy Cat Gets $700K In Lawsuit Against Coffee Company, Still Won’t Smile

In the continuous quest to find something that could make internet icon Grumpy Cat smile, we now know that lawsuit victories won’t quite cut it.

The popular feline, also known as Tardar Sauce, was at the center of a trademark lawsuit between Grumpy Cat LLC and Grenade Beverage company. Grenade had been allowed to use the cat’s image and likeness for a special cappuccino product, according to Business Insider. However, the coffee company went too far when they decided to also package coffee grounds with Tardar’s face on it.

The complaints were originally filed in 2015, and were finally ruled on by an Orange County, CA judge earlier this week. The original suit said that Grenade’s “despicable conduct here has actually given Grumpy Cat and her owners something to be grumpy about.” Talk about savage.

You’d think that Tardar Sauce would be happy to know that this lawsuit is finally out of her fur. However, Grumpy Cat apparently still looks like this:

grumpy cat

Photo: Paul Anderson//Flickr

Ah, well. Guess the search for something to make this grouchy feline smile continues.


Dating < Stuffed Crust Pizza



Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino Will Probably Taste Like ‘Couldn’t Care Less Caramel’


Work gotcha down? Why not keep your crappy day going with a cool Grumpy Cat Grumppaccino!

Yup. This thing is serious and we probably should have seen it coming.

The drink was announced on the Official Grumpy Cat Facebook page earlier this week. The perpetually sour puss-faced internet sensation is looking to make her mark on the coffee world with three flavors of her Grumppuccinos. No word on what the other flavors are yet, I’m guessing maybe “Why Bother White Chocolate” and “Couldn’t Care Less Caramel,” or something like that.

According to the official Drink Grumpy Cat website these moody mochas will be available for purchase starting August 7th, but you can sign up for their mailing list now if you want in on when sales go live.

We can’t guarantee that these caffeine concoctions aren’t extra bitter about life though.

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid


This Grumpy Cat 3D Latte is Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat


So normally we’d be super stoked to see yet another food product based off of the famous Grumpy Cat meme, and who could blame us? There’s something ridiculously satisfying about munching on the Grumpy Cat’s perpetual look of hateful misery, especially when that misery comes in the form of a cookie. But this 3D Grumpy Cat latte looks less grumpy and more like the unfortunate offspring of the Wicked Witch of the West and a particularly sad panda. We love you, Grumpy Cat. Just . . . not like this.

H/T Incredible Things


Grumpy Cat Cookies? No. (But Yes)


If you know Grumpy Cat, you know he (?) doesn’t appreciate cookies. Or sugar. Or happiness. Although, that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy devouring his face, laughing all the while! These paradoxically cute cookies are from Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia, and reddit loves them. Sort of.

Which is great, because weren’t we all getting a little tired of joy-cookies, anyway?


H/T + PicThx Neatorama


Tard Hopes This Grumpy Cat Gingerbread House Makes You Fat

It’s covered in white sugar frosting and what looks like blue Nerds and chocolate sprinkles—enough to guarantee at least a sugar crash, if not a whole winter’s long food coma.

Spotted at a Whole Foods Market, this Tard the Grumpy Cat-inspired Gingerbread House could be the perfect tool for ensuring a very Silent Night this holiday season. “Silent Night,” being a euphemism for sickness or even death, obviously.

In Tard’s own words: Good.

via Neatorama