Water Bottle Growler Keeps Your Beer Cold For 24 Hours


Transporting and storing fresh-off-the-tap beer can be tricky. Standard growlers don’t usually keep the beer chilled or preserve all carbonation, but that’s where the Hydro Flask Growler comes in.

This 64 oz. state-of-the-art container is the very first vacuum insulated growler designed to maintain a beer’s carbonation and ideal temperature during transport. Hydro Flask features a stainless steel interior to minimize bacteria and odor and double-wall vacuum insulation that’ll keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. That means this water-bottle-gone-growler isn’t just for beer; fill it up with lemonade, hot chocolate, heck, even a Candy Cane Blizzard, and it’ll do the job!

Hydro Flasks are made from 100% recyclable materials and come in black, copper and stainless colors. They’re also guaranteed for life, so if you get one of these growlers, count on kissing your boring amber ones goodbye.

Hydro Flask Growler, $49.99 @Hydro Flask

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Would You Drink Beer Out of a Capri Sun Packet?


(Yes – the answer is yes.)

Here’s the thing. I know plenty of fully-grown men who still drink Capri Suns. Granted, these same men also live with their parents and haven’t been on actual dates in a while, but the perfection of a Capri Sun’s packaging still stands. Beverage pouches are just better. You can bring them pretty much anywhere and don’t have to worry about any carbonated liquids sloshing around and causing a huge mess. There’s a reason they give these things to kids. And what are drunken adults but giant, accountable kids?

BeerPouch bills itself as the “first flexible beverage pouch made for ALL beverages, particularly sparkling or carbonated beverages,” and it’s the perfect alternative to glass growlers. Capable of holding 64 ounces, each BeerPouch runs for only $10, eliminates oxygen and light damage and folds up for easy storage — assuming you don’t just fill it up again once you’re done chugging your Allagash.

Sadly, fully-loaded BeerPouches are only available from breweries who’ve already made the switch. But you can purchase 10 beer pouches for $60 at And since they’re twist-cap, you also can’t stick a straw in them like the good old days. But you’re a grown-up now and no one can tell you not to drink out of the spout.


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Beer Mission: Florida Brewers Push to Legalize 64oz Growlers


Florida’s attempt at continual crystallization of the past should easily be undone as beer enthusiasts push to allow the legal sale of 64oz beer growlers. Currently, Florida allows the sale of both 32oz and 128oz growlers, even allowing consumers to buy multiples of each. 64oz growlers, though, are the undisputed perfect size for beer enthusiasts. However, the state prohibits the sale of 64oz growlers. It’s one of three states in which the 64oz growler is illegal. Why the disparity?

It really comes down to beer enthusiasts and small breweries wanting to buy/sell the 64oz growlers against beer distributors who want to protect larger beer producers like Anheuser-Busch from losing customers. There are currently two bills filed which push to allow the legal sale of the half-gallon, but can they get past the resistance?

Proponents of the bills are finding ample amounts of support, as common sense seems to say it should be so. “It’s really silly. I have in my office a 32-ounce, a gallon and a 64 to show people. And I ask them, ‘Which one do you think is currently illegal?’” said Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation, whose lobbying for the law to be passed. “They all think the gallon is illegal. They say, ‘Oh, you’re trying to legalize the big one!’ and I say, ‘No, it’s the one in the middle,’ and it’s like, ‘Why is it not legal?’ They don’t get it.”

However, lobbyists for beer distributors have the law and history on their side. One of the lobbyists fighting against the bill cited the rationale for the law as a protection of the three-tier alcohol distribution system, aka a method that requires customers to first go through distributors when obtaining alcohol, a system that has been in place since the end of the Prohibition Era. Oh, but consumers can still buy the other sizes without going through a distributor first. There are obvious other exceptions as with wine bottles being sold directly at a winery, and of course, 32oz and 128oz beer growlers from breweries.

Another reason is that smaller breweries shirking the three-tier system means less people buying from larger beer producers — a classic example of David vs. Goliath. The smaller craft breweries want to be allowed to sell what their customers want, but are finding it difficult because of laws which protect and ensure that the larger companies remain the cash cows they have been for years.

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This Ingenious Cap Transforms Your Growler Into A Mini Keg


While there are plenty of guys and gals who could finish off a 64 oz growler in one sitting, not everyone can achieve such a feat. If you’ve ever owned a growler, you know that its one downfall is that the beer immediately starts to degrade once you open it. So, if you’re a craft drinker who likes to get the most out of your brew (so, everyone), check out The TapIt Cap. This ingenious accessory easily transforms your growler into a mini keg by making sure it stays fresh and carbonated. Because there is nothing worse than flat beer, nothing.

TapIt Cap $45 @Kickstarter

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Behold: the Beer Bottle Car Seat, for Scumbag Parents

For basically being over 70% water, most people’s most precious cargo is still remarkably fragile. But luckily for those parents who strive to take at least as much–if not more–care of their favorite brews as they do of their children, now there’s Growler on Board.

Essentially a holster-like foam “Beer Transportation Unit” designed to keep your little darlings safe on long car rides, GoB can hold up to three ~64 ounce growlers, keeping them from tossing around and making messes all over your back seat.

And for that bit of extra safety, the Growler on Board website also offers $2 car decals so you can warn other drivers to keep far, far away from your precious water bags–or you know, just convince them of what a horrible, horrible parent you are.

Growler on Board/BTUs are $30 online and available in yellow, grey, red and black; 2 for $50.

Drive responsibly.

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