Epic Kaukau Time is the Hawaiian Response to Epic Meal Time

Chalk it up, yet another Epic Meal Time offspring has hit the web, this time led by a group of hefty Hawaiians calling their show Epic Kaukau Time. In their debut effort the crew has cooked up an epic manapua (barbecue pork-filled bun) that racks up 460g of fat and 13,301 calories. The show’s aesthetic and music follows the general Epic Meal Time established rhetoric, with a lower third calorie and fat counter using a familiar font.


Pork Orgy

If you’re out for the kill, this Pork Orgy will do the trick. Made from a 2lb bacon weave that’s stuffed with a pound of ground pork, a pound of spicy Italian sausage and a pound of cooked bacon for good measure. Applewood smoked for that darkness and finally basted with bourbon BBQ sauce for that extra flavor. I could get used to this! (Thx TIWYF)