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Chocolate Instant Noodles Are Unnecessarily Real

Chocolate-Instant-NoodlesWe once wrote about throwing pudding (not so great) into noodles as a sweet upgrade, but we never thought they’d make a dessert variation of instant noodles. For good reason, right?

Called dessert noodles, the Luxurious Chocolate flavor of Pot Noodle features a creamy chocolate sauce, topped with chunks of all-butter fudge, milk chocolate chips and maple-covered pecan nuts. Sounds…delicious. Because of National Chocolate Day, UK-based chocolatier Paul A. Young helped Pot Noodle come up with this lavish flavor of instant noodles.

I mean, if you’re broke and hungry, you might as well give it a shot. Though we imagine this probably won’t sit too well in most stomachs.

We’ll stick to our chocolate-covered bacon, thank you very much.

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Seasonal pumpkin spice breath


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That’s cool, I didn’t want to eat breakfast anyway


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Mountain Dew forgot the green bottle. Looks eerily like pee


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Fast Food

A Side of Pubes Gets KFC Worker Fired


Working in the fast food industry can be frustrating. You have to deal with hundreds of people a day and it always feels like they’re out to get you.

In a very Eric Cartman form of revenge, a former KFC employee in Cardiff, Wales anonymously said he mixed in some pubic hair to the order of a group of young ladies who voiced their displeasure with the customer service they received.

In a Facebook community page called Spotted Cardiff, the employee posted:

A KFC spokeswoman told Wales Online they conducted an investigation and they do not think any food was contaminated. The employee said he wrote it as a social media prank and was a “spur of the moment” thing.

However, the worker was still fired as KFC has the “highest standard” of food hygiene and they were not going to tolerate any kind of pube talk.

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No, it’s not a mug. It’s magic.


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Places Where The Five Second Rule Doesn’t Count: Bathroom Stall


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These Sausages Are Made from Baby-Poop Bacteria


The sausages above were made from Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, probiotics  that were taken from 43 fecal samples of kids up to six months old by scientists at Catalonia’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Research in Spain. According to Anna Jofré, a food microbiologist from the study, “Probiotic fermented sausages will give an opportunity to consumers who don’t take dairy products the possibility to include probiotic foods to their diet.”

Apparently, these same bacteria help “fuet”, a thin fermented pork sausage from Catalonia (usually diaper content-free), develop its unique flavor. The cured pork meat is full of umami notes and is good for you thanks to the probiotics that support the health of your digestive system (the same bacteria found in yogurt).

By the end of their experiment, professional tasters confirmed that the baby poop-bred sausages tasted like regular fuet, despite the former being a healthier, low-fat version.

“We ate them, and they tasted very good,” Jofré told LiveScience.

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