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The Internet Is Furious Over This Peeps Pizza

Easter is only a couple weeks away and we’re seeing a lot more Peeps pop up the closer we get. While some Peeps-inspired innovations can be pretty delicious, others have us second-guessing the concept of food fusion.

Like this Peeps Pizza.

A recent tweet from @AustinOnSocial showed the world that maybe not everything should be thrown onto a pizza, BroBible reported. In fact, his tweet was even bold enough to state this was better than pineapple pizza. While the topic of pineapples on pizza isn’t something we’d like to get into, it’s definitely more appetizing than this monstrosity.

This ‘Peepza’ drew the full ire of Twitter. Like with the rest of the Internet, users of the social media platform were not afraid to voice their opinions and concerns regarding this cheesy monster of Frankenstein.

While not his own creation, Austin is still sticking with his Peepy guns. We can respect that.

So how do you feel about a pizza that’s topped with melted Peeps?

Animals Cravings

This Guy Tried Dog Soup In Korea And Loved It

Eating dogs is still a thing, and will likely remain as long as there are hungry people in the 11 countries that still eat dog meat. As disgusting and appalling as it might sound to us, eating our canine companions is no more strange to billions of people than eating beef or chicken.

One user on Imgur known as chrisron posted a picture of his meal during his visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea. According to chrisron, his lunch consisted of mostly unrecognizable things, as is pretty common in a fairy tail country like North Korea.

But his main course was the dog soup, and according to him, he loved it! “I saw it on the menu and absolutely had to try it. It was fantastic, best thing I ate in the DPRK. I would describe dog as tasting like very tender lamb. Would eat again.”

Would you try it?

Dog soup



Photo Credit: 2 Cute Animal Pics, Imgur

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6 Horrifying Things Left In Food That’ll Make You Reconsider Eating Out

1. Serrated knife


After John Agnesini found a 7-inch serrated knife in his Subway cold cut combo sandwich, the Queens customer sought $1 million in a lawsuit. The sandwich chain counter-offered $20,000, which he took.

2. Bloody band-aid


Ken Wieczerza bit into a leftover slice of Pizza Hut and chewed on what he then realized was a bloody band-aid baked into the bottom crust. After trying to quietly resolve the matter, wanting only blood work and tests to make sure he hadn’t suddenly been give hepatitis or AIDS, he went to the media when the pizza chain stopped returning his calls.

3. Human flesh


At a Miami Arby’s, a man found a piece of flesh that didn’t belong to a chicken. Once he saw fingerprints on it, he knew what he was looking at and bolted to the bathroom. As it turned out, in the investigation that followed, the manager had sliced his thumb pretty bad while shredding lettuce.

4. . Deep-fried chicken head


Photo Credit: methodshop

Katherine Ortega bought a box of McDonald’s fried wings for her kids, only to discover a chicken body part she wasn’t looking for. She found a deep-fried head, complete with beak, eyes, and comb, totally breaded and fried. Many believe it to have been faked, but given this list, maybe the super weird isn’t all that super rare.

5. Winged insect

bug hashbrown

Photo: LinkBoyJT (Redditor)

There’s nothing like eating your McDonald’s hash brown on the way home and feeling something weird in the bag…and then practically eating what appears to be a giant cooked moth. When would you get over your trust issues?

6. Hand towel

At a KFC in the United Kingdom, a woman and her 7-year-old stepson bit into (what he had every right to assume was) a chicken nugget to discover it instead filled with a rock-hard, blue hand towel.

Honorable Mention: Penis-shaped buffalo chicken tender


Photo Credit: DonnyGeeseGuy (Redditor)

Guys point out penises in everything. It’s a strange infatuation, whether “this looks like a penis” and “that looks like a penis.” But this chicken monstrosity really looks like a penis. So much so that the guy who snapped the photo called it “The Buffalo Dicken Finger.”


The 10 Nastiest Beers Of All Time

When I was in college, the beers I drank (as did the majority of college students in America) were Keystone Light, Bud Light, Coors Light and Natural Light. The majority of people use these beers to drink mass quantities at a time for whatever flip cup, beer pong, civil war, king’s cup or f*** the dealer game they’re playing. It’s just what you do. Nobody wants to have to chug a Stone IPA while playing quarters.

Once college is done, the allure of these beers fades away as fast as all that knowledge you amassed over the last 4+ years. Today, that transition is happening even faster with the growing popularity of craft beers.

Now that I’m all grown up (ish), the thought of any of those four beers makes me really sad. I’ll drink them, but ONLY if I really want to get drunk and there are no other beers around to drink.

Of course, that was my mentality, until I discovered…

The 10 Nastiest Beers Of All Time

1. The Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

rocky mountain oyster stout

Brewery: Wynkoop Brewing Co – Denver, CO

ABV: 7.5%

Availability: Limited release on April 1st 2014 (originally as an April Fool’s joke) with limited rereleases early every April

Despite the misleading name, oysters are not the main ingredient for this monstrous creation. The main ingredient is none other than…drum roll please…bull testicles! Each barrel of this meaty beer contains three bull testicles and no regrets from the brewmaster.

2. Nimble Lips, Noble Tongue – Pale Ale w/ Squid Ink

Nimble Lips Noble Tongue Pale Ale W: Squid Ink

Brewery: 3 Sheeps Brewing Co – Sheboygan, WI

ABV: 6.2%

Availability: Limited

The brewers at 3 Sheeps like to experiment a lot in their free time with different (albeit strange) ingredients. One brewer in particular wanted to create a pale ale that came in a much darker color but didn’t want to risk compromising any of the other ingredients. Somehow, he discovered squid ink as a viable option. Not only does the ink turn the beer black, but it also enhances the flavor of the hops, not to mention adding an element to the mix that the 3 Sheeps Brewing Company’s website calls “a slight briny character.”


3. Beard Beer

beard beer

Brewery: Rogue Ales & Spirits Brewery – Newport, OR

ABV: 4.8%

Availability: In Washington and Oregon only

The Beard Beer uses yeast from a human beard (more specifically the beard of brewmaster John Maier) in order to give it a taste that the brewery itself chooses not to comment on, simply saying, “Try it. We think you’ll be surprised…” Despite the cryptic description, this hair-raising American Wild Ale won gold at the 2015 World Beer Championships. Why they didn’t simply call it a “beerd”, we may never know.


4. Dock Street Walker

Dock Street Walker Philadelphia

Brewery: Dock Street Brewing Co – Philadelphia, PA


Availability: N/A

The Dock Street Walker is known in Philadelphia as the “beer heard ’round the world,” and for good reason. The beer itself is brewed with a shit ton of wheat, oats and barley to give it a smooth mouthfeel, then cranberries are added for both the color and the bittersweet kick. Finally, the piece de resistance is added to the fray: goat brains. This extremely random and questionable ingredient provides a smoky flavor to the beer, along with a sense of feeling flabbergasted.


5. Ghost Face Killah

Twisted Pine Brewing Co. Ghostface Killah

Brewery: Twisted Pine Brewing Co – Boulder, CO

ABV: 5%

Availability: Only during Spring

While the Ghost Face Killah isn’t necessarily disgusting or vile in any way, it certainly earned its place on this list with the slew of other questionable ingredients it contains. The Ghost Face Killah is a Chile Style beer that utilizes the mouth-numbing fire that comes from six different chiles: Anaheim, Fresno, jalapeño, serrano, habenero, and ghost.


6. Hvalur 2

Brugghus Steoja Hvalur 2

Brewery: Brugghús Steðji (translates to Anvil Brewery) – Borgarnes, Iceland

ABV: 5.2%

Availability: Only during Spring

This brewery located in Iceland doesn’t even have an actual address, but rather is found using latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. Hvalur 2 followed the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout’s philosophy and added big ol’ salty balls to the mix. This time, the balls in question belong to the fin whale rather than a bull. These endangered whales found off the coast of Iceland apparently have delicious balls, because brewery co-founder Dagbjartur Ariliusson decided to, “use smoked testicles from fin whales for flavouring the beer.” Furthermore, the testicles are smoked in dry sheep dung for more “flavour,” but mainly because the glaring lack of trees on the island makes smoking anything rather difficult.


7. Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

Lips of Faith Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

Brewery: New Belgium – Fort Collins, CO

ABV: 8%

Availability: N/A

We’ve become accustomed to adorning our beers with all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Hell, even nutsacks are beginning to bowl over competing ingredients for the label spotlight. New Belgium has taken it a step further by creating a coconut and curry flavored beer for the masses. I honestly have no idea how this beer tastes, but any beer that can rock an 8% ABV is worth trying in my book.


8. Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

Brewery: Mikkeller ApS – Copenhagen, Denmark

ABV: 10.9%

Availability: Rotating 

Civet cats are adorable little creatures from the weasel family that, while normally aren’t kept as domesticated house pets, provide humans with the ability to find the best coffee beans in the world. The primary diet for these Southeast Asian animals are coffee beans, and just like any other animal, they seek out the highest quality beans for consumption. Thats where Mikkel Borg Bjergsø comes in. The man behind the beer discovered that the Civets have an enzyme in their bellies that breaks down the bean. The Civets droppings are then used to give the beer that strong, stout taste. I guess no one told them not to shit where they drink.


9. The End Of History

End of History, Taxidermy Beer

Brewery: Brewdog – Ellon, Scotland

ABV: 55% (you read that right)

Availability: N/A

Brewdog decided to make this aptly named beer with the hopes of redefining the limits of traditional brewing. They took it a step further by placing each beer into taxidermied animals, either a squirrel or a stoat (also known as a short-tailed weasel). Not only is this beer the strongest beer in the world, but it also sports the largest price tag, coming in at a whopping $756 per bottle. Only 12 bottles were made, and all the animals used as stuffing were roadkill, so the gruesome-looking beverage is actually not as morally blank as it may seem to animal-lovers. Still, it’s pretty crazy that this is the strongest beer…


10. Snake Venom

Snake Venom, Brewmeister

Brewery: Brewmeister – Keith, Moray, Scotland

ABV: 67.5%

Availability: N/A

…until this came along. While Snake Venom technically is the strongest beer in the world, many people question the validity of that claim by pointing out that it might not actually be beer. A freeze concentrate is used to beef up the alcohol percentage, but that distilling process makes it feel more like hard alcohol than beer. Surprisingly enough, the insanely high ABV doesn’t take away from the actual flavors that the beer boasts, particularly the apples, cherries and lemon. The beer comes in an intense black color and has no head whatsoever, making it look just as peculiar as it sounds.




Photo Credits: 3 Sheeps Brewing, Denver Of The Wagon, Fox News, Brew/Drink/Run, Beer Info, Denver Of The Wagon, Draft Mag, New Belgium, Tree Hugger, The Perfectly Happy Man, Cool Material


Man Gets A Fowl Surprise In His Plate Of Chicken Wings

A fly in your soup sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it?

A fast food restaurant in France called Quick recently became famous after serving a man his chicken wings meal, only for the man to discover that he was given much more than he paid for. After inspecting one particularly odd-shaped wing a bit closer, he realized that this was actually the fried head of a chicken.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.18.44 PM

If you squint really hard, it looks like a nicely cooked ribeye.

The friend of the man who ordered it was actually the one that took the pictures and video, and was the original uploader to LiveLeak. The uploader described the scene, then ended by calling the entire ordeal, “disgusting.”

“At least you know it’s real chicken,” said one wily commenter.


15 Nasty Things People Have Found In Their Restaurant Food

We’ve all had a moment where our world was utterly destroyed by the findings of something curious or disgusting in the meal we order from our favorite restaurants.

I remember my moment — 13-years-old at the time, eating tacos in the backseat of my mom’s minivan. It was pure bliss — Taco Tuesday my mom driving thru my once-favorite hole-in-the-wall. On my second taco, I found a piece of used chewing gum stuck to the shell of the taco. Being the germaphobe that I am (and I feel in this case, rightfully so), I squealed like a chew toy until my mom pulled the car over.

We were too far away from the taco joint to voice a complaint, but the damage was done. I threw everything away, traumatized. To this day, I can’t look at hard shell tacos without double-checking each side for stray chewing gum.

Luckily, when the Internet was asked about the weirdest and nastiest things they’d ever found in their food, they responded with gold and I in that moment I knew I wasn’t alone.Of course, it’s the Internet, so we may have to take some of these stories with a grain of salt:


Bugs are the worst


A slug. It was in my bento box. Luckily, I hadn’t touched the food yet. I called the waiter over, and pointed it out. She thought I was asking what the food was, so she started explaining. I shook my head, and pointed again. She yelped, and took the food away.

A few minutes later, she apologized, and gave me a fresh one. It turns out that they used pre-packed lettuce, and the slug must have come in the bag. They were really apologetic, and gave me a voucher for next time.

Still my favourite restaurant. 10/10 would eat there again. (verte_aile)

Cock roach half hanging out of victim’s mouth when she took a bite. We ordered the same thing.

When a manager showed up we were told not to make a scene.

Ended up yelling their was a cock roach in our food and you don’t want to refund us but want to give us a coupon to come back?! Yup. Pretty much the entire restaurant left. (Kiky23)

Reminds me of something my uncle did.

He was eating at some Asian restaurant when he found a roach in is soup. He calmly took the roach out and put it off to the side and then finished the entire soup. He then put the roach back in the bowl and went to complain to get another bowl of free soup. (alonso23422)

Not as nasty as most, but I found a fried fly in my McDonalds fries. (RikkuHoraiji)

Probably contained more nutrients than the fries. (elitemember)

When someone else gets to your food first…


McDonalds. There was literally a bite in my burger when I opened it up LOL. (BlackenBlueShit)


Used bandages pop up more than you’d realize…


A used bandage with blood on it in my guacamole — yea — found it when it went into my mouth.

I made a big stink about it and everyone in the restaurant heard what happened, a few people actually walked out of the place.

I’ve never gone back, not even sure if they are still in business. (MadLintElf)

Same thing happened to me but with Chinese food.

I chewed on it thinking it was just a tough piece of chicken. It was takeout, and found it while eating at home. I let out the loudest and longest “ewww” of my life. Got a refund though. Never went back. (LucianAltair89)

I worked in a courthouse and one of the judges had a case where a teenage girl at a Chinese buffet restaurant sued because she found a bandaid inside a fried dumpling. Her family had her tested for aids, hepatitis, etc. all tests came back negative.

The restaurant’s lawyer offered a lowball settlement amount of $4,500. His argument: while gross, the girl wasn’t really injured. the family argued that the girl went through high school known as the “AIDS girl” due to the incident. This was South Philly- not a place known for sensitivity and respect.

Case went to trial and she got $4 million. While Philly residents are insensitive, their jurors are also pretty generous.

Mediators still show that verdict to defense lawyers who give lowball offers.

EDIT: found an article from before the trial. I was a little off on some of the facts, but this happened 11 years ago. I’ll see if I can find an article about the verdict.

EDIT 2: Verdict was FOUR MILLION DOLLARS! (gnujack)


When the food is not what you expect…

One time at Checkers I ordered a vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce turned out to be barbecue sauce, both bottles looked the exact same apparently. Luckily I was stoned and just ate it anyway.  (MuffinMilky)

When I worked at a retirement home, I was putting together some bowls of ice cream with chocolate sauce for the 4 old dudes who didn’t like the dessert that night. Only one of them noticed that it was off and complained to me. Turns out they had vanilla ice cream covered in balsamic vinegar reduction. (themittenstate)


Hair and food don’t mix…


A clump of black hair nestled deeply in my cheesy fries at Steak n’ Shake. Never been back. (SwanRonson23)

There’s a Harley bar in Okinawa near Camp Foster. I ordered a Jack and Coke and there was a hair frozen into the ice cube. It was about a foot long. As I’m holding it up, the bartender/owner looks over and without skipping a beat, says “Cunt hair, that’ll cost you extra.”

I tossed it aside and finished my drink cuz I ain’t no bitch. (Cheef_Queef)

Quit screwing around in the kitchen…


A giant rusty bolt. Like, Frankenstein’s monster’s neck-bolt. In my stir-fry. Like a bitch I still paid tho. (Beyonce_Fanatic)

My buddy found a 2″ sheetrock screw in his soup at Olive Garden. (MyKidsAreOCD)

Technically this was at a movie theater, not a restaurant.

I was with my family at the local movie theater and we had gotten there a little early. I was munching away on my popcorn without a care in the world, waiting for the lights to dim and the previews to start. I had been talking to my parents while shoveling the popcorn into my mouth when my mom stopped mid-sentence and grabbed my arm to stop me. She exclaimed, “what is that??”

We stared down at the kernel in my hand and could barely make out something small and round on it, but it was hard to make out as it was covered in that yellow powdery popcorn seasoning. At first glance, we thought it may have been a bug but we realized it was actually the cap of an OPEN SAFETY PIN with a piece of popcorn wedged into it!

Thankfully the lights were still on or I would have blindly shoved the entire thing in my mouth. We now get free popcorn/snacks for life at this theater. They know us as the “safety pin” family. (meowzmeow)

Note: Stories edited for grammar, punctuation and context. 


Kinky Wife Sticks Fruit Up Her Privates ALL DAY For Her Marriage

People do some pretty crazy and nasty things in bed. I’m no saint either, I once asked a girl to hogtie me and slap my nipples like they brought dishonor to her family.

One reddit user known as morninglost recently posed a question for the Reddit community. I can sit here and try to explain it thoroughly, but I’d rather just come out and say it while picturing the shocked “O” face you’ll likely be making: she shoves fruits and vegetables up her vagina and leaves them there all day for her husband to eat when he gets back. Check out her short back story:

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.40.50 AM

Right now you’re imagining it.

Ok, now you’re wondering if leaving food in a vagina all day is bad for it, and assuring yourself it has to be.

Finally, you’re wondering what the hell is wrong with her husband. You’re also thinking, “food-stuffed vaginas have never once saved a marriage…well, at least none that I know of.”

Guess where those grapes have been all day.


Thankfully for morninglost, one of the commenters was a family doctor who gave a detailed overview of the risks associated with putting things that aren’t a penis into your vagina. Friendly as the good doctor was, his opening line was still a bit curious. He started off by saying, “I’m a family doctor with an interest in helping people explore kinks and sexual interests in a healthy way, but I’m not a gynecologist.”*

A family doctor that likes helping people explore kinks? Yikes, color me concerned. Still, he brought up some good points, such as the risk for toxic shock syndrome and sexually transmitted infections.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.03.37 PM

I still can’t figure out what the “hot” part of this fetish is. Is he trying to ferment the fruit or something? Does he think he’s going to come home to some carrot vagina wine? And when she says things like pears and apples, does she mean the entire fruit!? Did Hermione use an Extension Charm on morninglost’s vagina? Because I don’t know how else you would fit an entire apple in there.

Also, your husband wants you to put food in your body, but not through your mouth hole. Perhaps I’m overstepping my bounds, but maybe it’s time to start looking for a partner that enjoys his food refrigerated, rather than using your reproductive organs as a way-too-organic storehouse. Just my two cents.

Hey, whatever you gotta do to get your daily fruits and veggies, right?



*Editor’s Note: This sentence was edited for correctional purposes, none of the words were changed.

Photo Credit: Google, Reddit, Vocal Health, Ebaum’s World, Self


Maryland Teen Breaks Into Home, Eats Food, Whacks Off Then Bounces

Some little fartling has raised the bar for shittiness worldwide by not only breaking into someone’s house and stealing shit, but then eating the homeowner’s food and masturbating into his fridge. Don’t read that sentence again, you read it right the first time. This little hellspawn literally chowed down then began badgering his witness right into the fruits and vegetables drawer.

Kids these days, am I right?

The crime of passion took place in Laurel, Maryland, on the 3400 block of Old Annapolis Road.

The victim had been robbed before when an intruder broke in and stole an electronic tablet, so he decided to set up cameras throughout the house in order to catch any future would-be thieves. It was later discovered that the little splooge scrooge that was punchin’ his munchkin into the fridge was the same suspect that robbed the house the first time.

On November 7th, 2015, the Anne Arundel County Police Department was alerted of a breach in security at the home. After reviewing the tape, police saw the suspect walk into the kitchen and eat the homeowner’s food. The little semen demon then topped off the night with his pièce de résistance, which was his plan to smite his knight into the fridge.

Dude…why? I can’t figure out why this 15-year-old spermin’ vermin chose to bash his bishop directly into the fridge rather than pop a squat on the couch or take a stroll into one of the bedrooms.

Police eventually tracked the sproglodyte down and arrested him, charging him with two counts of first degree burglary, three counts of theft and my personal favorite, cause to ingest bodily fluid. I didn’t even know that was something you could be charged with.

Moral of the story? If you’re going to adjust your antenna, do it in the privacy of your own home, on your own food.

Image Source: iFunny, Comic Vine