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It’s Official: Impossible Burgers Will Debut In Grocery Stores Next Year

Ever since the plant-based, “bleeding” Impossible Burger debuted a few years ago, customers have been clamoring for the chance to play with it themselves, at home. We finally have a solid timetable on when that will be possible.

Photo: Isai Rocha // Foodbeast

Impossible Foods has confirmed that in 2019, they will be launching their plant-based meat in grocery stores.

The company isn’t providing any other details at this time, so we’re not sure how it will be sold.

Currently, vegan burger purveyor Beyond Beef sells their meat in two-patty packages for grocery, but it’s unknown if Impossible Foods will take a similar approach.

The burgers have exploded on the scene since their debut, with availability currently expanded to about 5,000 restaurants globally with over 13 million consumed to date. That puts the company’s product on reach with that of some major fast food chains.

With the release to grocery next year, Impossible Foods believes that it can eliminate the need for animals in food production by 2035. It’s a bold claim, but considering that estimates say meat production will be unsustainable by 2050, that’s good news for the future of food, and the planet.

An Impossible Foods representative has said that more news will be coming in the next few months, so a concrete final launch date could be announced within that time span.