Trader Joe’s Catching Heat For Allegedly Under-filling Tuna Cans


A class-action lawsuit was filed against Trader Joe’s that claims the chain isn’t filling its tuna cans enough to meet federal standards.

These allegations specifically fall on the Albacore Tuna in Water Half Salt and Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil Salt Added. So the cans of tuna are five ounces in size. However, they’re only required by law to have at least 3 ounces of fish in them.

Allegedly, Trader Joe’s Tuna in Water Half Salt only average 2.43 ounces per can and its Tuna in Olive Oil Salt Added averaged 2.87. Neither of those averages meet the 3-ounce federal standard. While those numbers don’t seem like much, consumers are getting about 25 and 11 percent less fish than they’re expecting.

According to the lawsuit, every can of Trader Joe’s tuna the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tested didn’t meet the fill requirement and was shy of 3 ounces.

Photo: Google Maps


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