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Velveeta Is Now Selling Stuffed GRILLED CHEESE In The Frozen Foods Section

We don’t see as many grilled cheese options as we’d like in the frozen foods section of our local grocery stores. This is more likely because they are so easy to make, with minimum effort. If you’re looking to quell those grilled cheese pangs without having to fire up that stove, however, then there’s a box of liquid gold at the end of the rainbow of frozen food packages.

Velveeta has introduced a new line of Stuffed Grilled Cheese, reports Brand Eating.

Essentially, its a biscuit turnover that’s filled with Velveeta cheese. You pop it in the microwave and the cheese becomes a molten gold ooze hidden inside the flaky crust. Simple, yet effective.

Velveeta also introduced a line of Cheesy Bites, which are crispy breaded poppers filled with original cheese or salsa con queso. Might as well fire these up, too , since your microwave’s already warmed up.

You can get the new Grilled Cheese and Cheesy Bites in 8-oz and 16-oz boxes at participating grocery retailers now.


France Is Banning Supermarkets From Throwing Away UNSOLD Foods, Must Be Given To Charities


A new law in France will make sure supermarkets won’t be able to throw out unsold food, reports The Guardian. In a unanimous vote by the French national assembly, a legislation was passed to prevent grocers from throwing out or destroying unsold products.

Instead, they’ll be required by law to donate to charities.

Most packaged foods sport a “Best By” date somewhere on the product. While they’re still edible after that period, stores don’t tend to keep the ones past the printed dates stocked. These foods are usually what’s destroyed, even if they’re still perfectly safe to eat.

Supermarkets that fail to comply with this new law and purposely soil their foods will face fines up to €75,000 ($82,500 US) or two years of jail time.

France has been working to find a solution to its food waste issue and those struggling to eat in the country. The goal is to reduce food waste in half within the next decade. Because of this, the new law also introduces an education program dealing with food waste in schools and businesses.



Trader Joe’s Continues Their Hummus Innovation: BEET HUMMUS Y’all

TJ-Beet-HummusTrader Joe’s has added a new Beet Hummus to their grocery line-up. Surprisingly not a product from Nickelodeon’s beloved cartoon Doug.

The Middle Eastern dish is made with chickpeas colored red and purple. It’s blended with beet juice, canola oil, garlic, olive oil, tahini, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, spearmint and other spices. The hummus is topped with extra beet chunks to complete the experience.

Patrons can find the Beet Hummus at their local Trader Joe’s location. Each seven-ounce tub goes for $2.29.




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