Tea Ad Suggests Tea Bagging Clowns to Death? [VIDEO]


Herbaria took the horror flick route when promoting their “Calming Tea,” featuring a cast of grisly characters drowning in a sea of darkness. What seems to be the clown from Stephen King’s IT, a psycho killer and death himself make it into the ad, representing our deepest “Fears.”

The scene was shot at Pinewood Studios in London, where underwater scenes of the latest James Bonds movies were shot. The clip was directed by Andreas Roth, the same guy behind the Dirt Devil ad inspired by The Exorcist.

While many other pubs are reflecting on the ad’s more terrifying qualities, we couldn’t help but smirk at the clever addition of tea bags tied around the ankles of our nightmares, dragging them to their watery demise. At the end, the ad encourages viewers to “Drown Your Fears” with Herbaria’s calming tea. Duly noted.

H/T Laughing Squid