This is How Every Continent Serves Corn on the Cob


A versatile and hardy plant, corn can be found on every continent except Antarctica (hmph). The golden kernels offer endless possibilities, from a simple grilled treat doused in lemon and pepper to cheesecake popcorn.

This time around, this tasty graphic decided to take things through the lens of continental food porn and combined 6 different recipes onto one corn on the cob. The visual below takes a playful approach to beloved ingredients — Sriracha, Greek yogurt, goat cheese etc. — and offers quick, slathery spreads for grilled corn. Peek the refreshing lime-avocado crema and quesco fresco, then dive deep into that recipe for maple bourbon butter folded with crumbled bacon. We know you’ve been eyeing that the entire time.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, however, you can always skip the first step and shamelessly nuke ’em:


Sunshine Sweet & Column Five


Charred Corn and Cumin Guacamole

Adding different elements to your guacamole is quickly becoming the look if your eat-game is starting to flatline. Our friend Gaby took to her grill recently and charred up some sweet corn for some added texture to her guacamole dip. A little lemon juice, red pepper flakes, ground cumin, salt and pepper make up this amazing looking dish. Ready for summer yet? We are! (Recipe @ WhatGabysCooking)