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Chance The Rapper’s Taking A Shift At Nando’s, Will Be Grilling Your Chicken

Hip Hop has a pretty crazy love affair with Nando’s grilled chicken, so it makes sense that Chance the Rapper would be working with them, as they get set to open a new location in Chicago, Illinois.

On Sept. 5, not only will Chance get to work with the popular chicken restaurant, but he’ll be able to do it in his hometown, and raise money for his Social Works charity in Chicago. It’s a win, win for everybody involved.

“Chance made the announcement through Twitter Tuesday, saying “Meet me at @NandosUSA Michigan Ave opening. I’m grilling on 9/5 @6pm to  & raise $ for

Chance’s Social Works charity was created to “empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement.” Nando’s has been working with several charities, raising over $225,000 in a week thus far.

Nando’s said you would not need to RSVP, but they did not say how long Chance would be there, grilling up your chicken.

The restaurant also dropped a teaser that Chance would be there, tweeting out last week that, “We’ve made summer friends for our Michgan Aenue opening in Chicago,” likely referencing Chance the Rapper’s popular song “Summer Friends.”

If you’re into Chance, chicken, Chicago, and charities, you’ll definitely want to check this out and maybe even meet the popular rapper.


Grilled Pizza: Chicken, Red Onions, and Cream Cheese

Last weekend I was out and about, shopping, taking care of business. When I finally came home and pulled up into my driveway, as I opened the car door to get out, a big whiff of grilled food just about knocked me out.

It was beautiful! Summer is here!

Bob, the neighbor, was grilling steaks. Robert, the neighbor across the street, was grilling burgers and kebabs. And I, the only female on the block hanging out next to R2D2, was about to grill something… or just about everything that I saw in my fridge. I was hungry, I was inspired, I was ready to eat!

In case you haven’t met, this is R2D2 – my grill.

I took out some chicken, some veggies, salads… Hubs then came out and suggested I grill the pizza that I wouldn’t stop talking about.

That would be this pizza – Kim, from Liv Life, one of my absolute favorites,  grilled a pizza dough made with semolina flour and topped it with cheese and pepperoni. Deeeelish! But I had neither semolina flour, nor pepperoni.

I went to the next best thing. My favorite pizza dough that comes in a package,  (don’t judge, it’s delicious!) and my favorite topping – cream cheese!


Grilled Pizza with Chicken, Red Onions, and Cream Cheese

You will need:

1 Betty Crocker Pizza Crust mix

1/4 package (2 oz.) cream cheese

1/2 cup mushrooms, sliced

1 grilled chicken breast, seasoned with your favorite seasoning, shredded

1 small red onion, sliced

1/2 cup part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded

Olive oil for the grill


Preheat the grill on high.

Prepare the dough and shape it on top of a cutting board or a flat baking sheet. Lightly flour the surface so that the dough does not stick.

When the grill is hot and ready, brush the grates with some olive oil.

Slide the pizza dough off the baking sheet and onto the grill.

Close the grill and cook the dough for about 2 minutes.

Check if the dough is browned underneath. If it’s not browned, give it another minute.

Take the dough off the grill with some tongs and put it on top of the cookie sheet or cutting board. Let it cool.

In the meantime prepare all your toppings.

Turn the pizza crust over, browned-side up.

Spread the cream cheese over the entire pizza crust.

Add the red onions, the shredded chicken, and the mushrooms.

Top with the shredded mozzarella cheese.

Put the pizza back on the grill.

Turn the heat down to medium-high, and close the lid.

Cook for about 3 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly and melted.

Pull the pizza off the grill onto a cutting board and let it rest for a minute or so before cutting it.

For more delicious recipes please hop over to Diethood.


Olive Garden Presents Four Cheese Pastachettis Dish

The Olive Garden restaurant chain pushes forward with its Italian-American cuisine by offering up a new dish this month, their Four Cheese Pastachettis. For $9.95, customers wil be treated to parmesan crusted lasagna squares filled with mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and romano cheese, served with grilled chicken breasts and spinach in a garlic cream sauce. Per usual, the dish is accompanied by their famous unlimited Salad and Breadsticks.

Cravings Recipes

Turmeaken: Turducken Inspired Subway Sandwich

Our friend Nick of DudeFoods has a very special way of envisioning a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of a traditional turducken (de-boned chicken stuffed within a de-boned duck stuffed into a de-boned turkey), he has brought similar schematics to a series of Subway sandwiches. Specifically, since Subway does not offer a duck sub sandwich, he starts with a Subway footlong grilled chicken sub, stuffed inside a footlong meatball sub that is then stuffed inside a footlong turkey sub. To round out the lack of duck in the meal, Nick has covered the sandwich in duck sauce that he had left over from some Chinese takeout he recently enjoyed. Happy early Thanksgiving!


Islands: Pesto Paradiso Sandwich

As part of a limited time only taste at Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks restaurants across five states (California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii), the casual dining restaurant presents their Pesto Paradiso sandwich, available until the end of November. This offering includes grilled chicken breast topped with a blend of jack and parmesan cheeses, and finally covered with basil pesto. Advertised along with the brand’s famous endless Island Fries, there is no word yet as to whether this will become a permanent menu item or not. Check out their website to find an Islands near you.


Adventure: Taqueria El Granjenal (Costa Mesa, CA)

Orange County is renowned for its perfect weather, breathtaking beaches, attractive people and… taquerias!? The gang and I were driving down 19th street in Costa Mesa  and spotted no less then seven taco stands within the span of a couple blocks. With our stomachs running on empty, we picked Taqueria El Granjenal out of the bunch and grubbed down! Check out the play-by-play after this rainy day in Costa Mesa, CA.


The Fat Sandwich

Measuring almost six inches in diameter, we’re looking at a sandwich made of two rolls, 4 cheeseburgers, double cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak, gyro meat, grilled chicken, bacon, sausage, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese bites, fried mushrooms, jalapeño poppers, pizza bites, onion rings, hash browns, American cheese, mayo, ketchup and french fries. I guess a good question to ask is, what’s NOT on this sandwich? You can pick one up from the Fat Sandwich Company if you’re so inclined to try all those ingredients and flavors in one bite. (PicThx ThisIsWhyYoureHuge)


Jack in the Box: Testing New Quesadilla Grillers

Jack is bringing in another item, and this time around it’s in the form of a product called the Quesadilla Grillers. The item is currently in the testing stages, so you may see it, you may not. The quesadilla comes in two varieties, The Southwest Chicken and Cheesy Chicken, both of which are served with a side of “fire-roasted salsa”. If you happen to be in a test area, let us know what you think! (Thx BurgerBusiness)