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Shake Shack to Debut A Limited-Edition Grilled Cheese Made By Michelin-Starred Chef

Photo: Shake Shack

Hot off the recent collab with Milk Bar, Shake Shack will now link up with highly acclaimed, Michelin-starred chef, Dominique Crenn, to launch a limited-edition Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Shake Shack taps in with Dominique Crenn for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich that incorporates high quality Bay Area-specific ingredients, with Boho Belle cheese from Bohemian Creamery, tomatoes and onion jam from Bleu Belle Farm, and sourdough bread slices from Tartine Bakery. The result is a one indulgent and artisinal quality sandwich that also supports a good cause, with all proceeds from this collaboration going to La Cocina, which will support its brand new Municipal Marketplace in San Francisco’s Tenderloin section.

If you’re down for a top notch Grilled Cheese Sandwich that supports a noble cause, then you can snag it only at the San Francisco Shake Shack location in Cow Hollow on Fillmore Street on September 9, for $13.00.

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How To Easily ‘Level Up’ Your Grilled Cheese Game With Simple Household Ingredients [WATCH]

Grilled cheese sandwiches are arguably the greatest bachelor or college meal to date. Melty cheese, toasty bread, and plenty of butter are all you need to make this cheap but delicious meal within minutes.

However, if you’re bored of the bachelor way to do this classic sandwich and want to “level it up” a little bit, British cooking YouTube channel SORTEDfood has got a couple of sandwich hacks to help you get started.

The team at SORTEDfood unveiled their “Leveled Up” version of this classic sandwich, which is basically the same, humble grilled cheese we all know and love but at the highest level of perfection possible.

It’s not like these guys went out and dug up a bunch of truffles and wrapped the sandwich in gold leaf. They understand that we working stiffs simply don’t have the kind of money to do all that legwork at the end of a long work day.

The team transformed the grilled cheese with ingredients you can easily find in your own cupboard like simple herbs, spices, and honey. Best of all, it doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of time or money to accomplish.

As a broke graduate school student myself, I’m totally down for any recipe that uses what I already have to elevate a classic to new heights.

I’ll definitely be trying this recipe out at home.

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The Ooze Is Real In This MASSIVE Grilled Cheese Sandwich [WATCH]

Grilled Cheese. It’s the ultimate quick comfort dish of warm, toasted bread and gooey, melted cheese. We’ve all craved these time and time again.

This mega-sized grilled cheese sandwich takes that craving to a whole new level.

Hellthy Junkfood, creators of massive DIY fast-food favorites like the Giant Chicken McNugget, has created another college food staple in gigantic form. They recently uploaded a video of this massive grilled cheese showing how they made it, which involved two HUGE loaves of fresh baked bread, lots of melted butter, and at least TWO huge packs of cheddar for the perfect level of gooey goodness for the perfect cheese pull.

Because you can’t have grilled cheese without some sort of tomato dip (soup or ketchup), the team also created a massive bowl of tomato soup to dunk the sandwich in. Talk about perfecting a childhood classic.

While we’ve heralded grilled cheese’s epicness before on Jeff’s Table, there’s no question that when it comes to size, this is truly the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

Time to go make a regular grilled cheese sandwich and pretend its just as big by holding it up to the screen. Bachelor life, y’all.

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JEFF’S TABLE: Grilled Cheese, Your Favorite Sandwich’s Favorite Sandwich

Cheese, sliced bread, butter. To tastebuds, this is their holy trinity. Apply heat and you’ve got a godsend to your palate.

For a sandwich as simple as the venerable grilled cheese, its level of satisfaction far surpasses the effort put into making quite possibly the GOAT of sandwiches. And that’s perfectly fine. Simplicity can bring about a purity in greatness. When the formula works, why shake things up for the sake of predictable mediocrity?

They say The Roaring Twenties was but a mere meow before the modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich originated during that time. We totally get it. You know who else does? Jeff and his blank canvas of a table. Watch as Foodbeast’s latest episode of Jeff’s Table spotlights the work of art that is a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Grab a seat at Jeff’s Table and share in all the melty, crunchy goodness. And make sure to stay tuned for further taste-triggering episodes.

If you’re the type to be activated by the oozy awesomeness of melted cheese (which you probably are because oozy melted cheese), make sure to check out Ooozefest ’16 this weekend, on the 15th and 16th.


Cake made out of 30 grilled cheese sandwiches and Cheez Whiz


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Here’s How To Make a Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Whenever I order a BLT, the bacon to lettuce and tomato ratio always seems to go as such: bacon < tomato < lettuce. Then again, there’s never never enough bacon. Alas, in the same way that he solved human inefficiency with the Beer & Bacon Deep Fried Slider, the man at DudeFoods has solved the problem of insufficient bacon.

How the magic is done: Basketweave bacon together until you get it to the size of a piece of bread. Do this twice so that now you have two bacon-weaved pieces. Next, pop them in the microwave for a few minutes (yes, it’s that classy), then toss them on a skillet with a piece of cheese smashed between them.

I love it. Cutting through the BS and getting down to business — no bread, just bacon and cheese.

Now how about that bacon shortage?

Via DudeFoods


Grilled Cheese Sandwich Plushie

A deliciously cute 3 x 3.5 inch Grilled Cheese Sandwich Plushie goes well as a toy or as part of your kitchen décor. Stuffed with multiple pieces of melted cheese and topped with some cute beady eyes. (Buy @ BethanysToyBox)

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Kogi BBQ Reveals the “Grilled Cheezy Weezy Sandwich”

Kogi BBQ has really been pushing the new products this month, and this week is no slouch, with the release of their featured Grilled Cheezy Weezy Sandwich. Interested? Imagine a Bangkok street-style grilled cheese sandwich with bananas, satay peanut butter and Thai chili sauce. GAME. ON! If you’re trying to grab one of these sandwiches, stay tuned to the whereabouts of the Kogi BBQ truck via their website.