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A Taco Bell Is Scammed Out Of THOUSANDS By Suspect Pretending To Be Company Vice President

A single Taco Bell is making headlines, though not for any crazy new items.

It seems this particular Taco Bell fell victim to a grift, reports Consumerist.

On Tuesday evening someone called an Arkansas Taco Bell store claiming to be “Pamela Miller” a vice president at Taco Bell.

The caller told the employee that US Marshalls would be coming to arrest the store manager and that she needed to collect thousands of dollars from the safe, throw it into a bank bag, and hand it off to a trusted coworker until further instructions were giving.

The Taco Bell employee did just that, cleaning out the restaurant’s safe and gave it to another coworker. “Pamela” then instructed the second employee to complete a wire transfer.

While the second employee was out handling his share of the “mission,” the first employee began to have doubts of the authenticity of the caller.

After a call to the regional manager of Taco Bell, she learned that the caller was a fraud.

Unfortunately, the second employee already transferred more than $2,000 through Western Union and Money Gram at two different stores.

Police officers were able to find the recipients of the money transfers, despite the employee flushing the transfer receipts down the toilet, per instructions of the “Pamela.”

You can’t make this up.

The most astonishing part of this caper was that both Taco Bell employees missed quite a few red flags before common sense kicked in.


Father And Son Duo Stole Over $40,000 In Chicken Wings


We’re all for fathers spending time with their sons. Stealing $41,000 in chicken wings, however, might not be the best way to spend that time.

Fox News reports that a father and son employed at a New York-based Twin Trees Too Restaurant was caught stealing more than $40,000 in chicken wings. According to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s office Paul Rojeck, 56, and Joshua Rojek, 33, worked as cooks at the Syracuse restaurant.

They placed a bunch of orders for chicken wings through the restaurant with the wholesaler. According to officials, they had planed to pick up the wings and resell them at lower prices.

The total came out to about $41,000 in chicken wings stolen from the restaurant. Hopefully the next experience they plan to share together involves less thievery.