This Must-Watch Alternative Grey Poupon Ad Asks, ‘What Do You Poup-on?’


Imagine if dijon mustard brand Grey Poupon had ditched the stuffy, high-brow rich themes of their original commercial branding and instead opted for a more K-Martish ‘I ship my pants‘ type campaign. Thanks to YouTube user OBVS, we need not imagine any longer.

This satirical take on Grey Poupon’s phonetics finds the commercial actors being asked, “What do you poup-on?”

Could this be the resurgence Grey Poupon needs with the new millennial audience? You be the judge:


Grey Poupon Ad Makes A Comeback After 16 Year Hiatus


In the game of fancy shmancy mustards, there’s one that’s stood the test of time– Grey Poupon. Aside from being a deliciously grainy condiment, the mustard was made pretty famous from its clever campaign ad featuring a snooty (and hilarious) British guy who asks, “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” It’s been 16 years since that last aired, but we have some fantastic news: the dijon is back y’all!

A new mustard commercial will premiere this Sunday, February 24th during the Academy Awards, and it’ll follow the same high-class snarky style. All we’ve gotta say is thank the sweet mustard heavens this marketing campaign is back, because more people need to know about the glory of the Poupon.

H/T + Picthx ABC News