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Kanye West Has Henny And Grey Goose Lemonade Slushie Machines Backstage

Kanye West once said that Hennessy would be the death of him, and it just might be, if he chugs too many of these frozen drinks on tour.

Wednesday night, Kanye performed in Toronto, and of course, his wife Kim Kardashian-West Snapchatted behind the scenes goodies, as she usually does. Among the things she posted to her Snapchat story, were Kanye’s Hennessy & Coke and Grey Goose Lemonade slushie machines.

Kim captioned the photo, “Pablo rider is LIT” and showed off the 7-Eleven type of machines.

A photo posted by Kanye West (@kanyew.est) on

It’s not just for show, either. In later Snaps, you can see Kanye holding a cup of the frozen Coke & Henny, while Kim’s shrilled voice gives random commentary in the background.


Kanye has always considered himself a revolutionary and a trend-setter. Maybe convenience stores will see this, take note, and make it a thing, so we can all enjoy the boozy Slurpees.


Grey Goose Reveals a ‘Cherry Noir’ Flavor

GREY GOOSE has just launched GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir to their retail outlets. The new flavor boasts “rare black cherries” found in the French Basque Country, and combines the aroma of fresh cherries and sweet red fruits with dark fruit flavors and layers of spice.

For those of you who don’t just pound vodka out of a label-stripped water bottle before heading out on the town, GREY GOOSE breaks down the taste as follows:


Vibrant. Aromas of cherry and sweet red fruits. Clear and distinctive cherry plus a hint of sweet spices. The fruit is very forward, with wonderful aromatic notes such as watermelon, raspberry and banana.


Tart dark fruits and balanced acidity. Very integrated flavors, with a creamy mouth feel. More sweet spices such as cinnamon and allspice, and a hint of vanilla and banana.


Bright, long lingering finish. Very clean. Definitely warming and pleasing.


How To Make Refreshing Vodka Popsicles

Sometimes, a popsicle is just too easy to eat. Often times I like to get my swurve on in the same fell swoop, and thanks to a fresh batch of recipes from the folks at Grey Goose Vodka, we now have a look at how to put together three alcoholic popsicles of our own.

The three covered flavors include a La Poire: Frozen Frenchy, Le Citron: Frozen Fresh Berry Lemonade, and a L’Orange: Frozen Summer. You’ll need a popsicle mold of some sort, if you don’t already have one. We’ve covered a few different ones in the past, like this Zoku Quick Pop maker.

Lick quick, lick safely:


Grey Goose Recipes to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

With Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and now Papa John’s in the mix lately with Royal Wedding product flattery, it looks like Grey Goose Vodka didn’t want to miss the boat either! For those of you looking to celebrate the occasion of the future King and Queen of England with a bit of boozin’, the folks over at the greyest of geese have provided us with some fun recipes to help get your buzz on in the classiest of ways: