Culture Clash: Peet’s Coffee Rolls Out a Mint Matcha Latte for St. Patrick’s Day


It makes precisely the same amount of sense as that Scotch-Korean kid from the old Starburst commercials. Actually, maybe a little less.

San Francisco-based Peet’s Coffee and Tea has decided to offer a new Mint Matcha Latte for a limited time, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Get it? Because matcha green tea is green and peppermint syrup, I’m guessing, is also green. Yay, melting pot! Yay, culture!

Of course, there’s the tiny issue of taste, considering most of matcha’s appeal lies in its subtlety and the majority of peppermint syrups out there tend to taste like a dentist just punched you in the mouth. But with all this green and good will around, who cares about a silly thing like taste? Come now, where’s your St. Paddy’s Day spirit?

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating