Tangerine Creamsicle IPA is Real, Probably Tastes Like Childhood


After a while, there’s some things you’re just supposed to outgrow. Drinking $1 test tube shots. Eating everything in sight and not facing the consequences for it. Getting excited when you hear the ice cream truck. If you’re like us, though, and haven’t quite gotten the hang of that last one, not to worry. Thanks to a new collaboration by Terrapin Beer Company and Green Flash Brewing Company, there might be a way to prolong that childhood yet.

Tangerine Dreamsicle is a new tangerine cream IPA brewed with a little bit of citra hops, a little bit of honey malt, and a tangerine peel, among other things. Essentially a lighter, sweeter, more summer-y Shock Top. And, at 6.5% ABV, we can’t think of anything we’d rather make a Creamsicle float with.

Now who said growing up was a bad thing?

H/T Beer Pulse