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Popeyes Quietly Removes Two Coveted Sides From Its Menu

Photo: Beppe Castro // Shutterstock

Fans of Popeye’s Cajun Rice and Green Beans will have to resort to copycat methods to get their fix from here onward. The chain has confirmed that both of these sides were taken off of their permanent menu.

The Takeout was the first to report on the missing sides, getting a tip from a local reader. Popeyes told the outlet in a statement that “after thoughtful consideration, our Cajun Rice and Green Beans are no longer on the permanent menu.”

Popeyes also confirmed the news on Twitter in responses to fans asking about the discontinued sides.

This appears to have been a recent change from within the past week, as the sides still appear as options on Popeyes’ website as of publication time for this article.

Naturally, folks haven’t been too happy about it on social media, moreso for the rice than the green beans. It’s all a part of the process at chains though as they look at their menus and what’s working and not working for them.

For those looking to get something like the rice back, continuing to voice your opinion on social media might work in the long run. It ended up succeeding in bringing Taco Bell’s potatoes back, though it’s not clear if the Cajun Rice has as equal of a cult following.


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