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Bar Offers Free Beer Until Green Bay Packers Score, Team Gets Shut Out

A Milwaukee bar has fumbled a promotion they did to get people in to their place to watch the Green Bay Packers play. Now, they’re giving away free beer for the entire week as a result.

The bar, called The Bavarian Bierhaus, offered up free beer to anyone who came in during game time this past Sunday until the local NFL team scored a touchdown. Unfortunately, their opponents that day, the Baltimore Ravens, swooped in on the opportunity and shut out the Packers on their home turf. Thus, patrons of the Bierhaus went the entire game with free beers to drown the sorrows of their crushing defeat in.

The free beer game time special has been going on all season, ABC7 Detroit reports. Considering that Green Bay hasn’t been held scoreless at home since 2006, it was a good bet that the free beers wouldn’t last too long. Alas, this past evening was not the case.

The Bierhaus is holding up their end of the deal, however. They’ve committed to offering free beer all week long until they score against the Pittsburgh Steelers (who has the second-best defense in the league) in an upcoming bout this Sunday.

That’s a true class act by the Bavarian Bierhaus, but they better hope the Green Bay Packers don’t walk away scoreless in this matchup as well as future ones. The bar could be in for a long, costly remainder of the season otherwise.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Green Bay Packers Rookies Pranked With A $33,000 Dinner Tab

As the NFL season beings, team veterans will usually find some humiliating way to haze incoming rookies. Well, you can say the Green Bay Packers rookies got their money’s worth, after a photo of a $33,000 dinner bill surfaced over the weekend.

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari posted a photo to his Twitter account, with the caption, “What a dinner, I’m stuffed. Thanks #Rooks,” thanking his new teammates for the lavish dinner.

green bay packers rookies

Via Twitter/@DBak69

With that said, after looking at the 51-item bill, it’s easy to see how a few hungry pro-football players could rack up such an expensive tab. Some notable standouts include seven bottles of Lafite Rothschild 10 ($2,700 each), 12 glasses of  Macallan 25 Years Old Whisky ($215 each), and one bottle of Harlan Estate Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon ($1,445 each).

After posting the photo, Bakhtiari’s Twitter blew up with comments and retweets, with Twitter users calling it shameful and, “absolutely ridiculous,” arguing that the bill was too expensive to showcase on social media.

Capital Grille even managed to send in a thank you tweet.

However, the internet couldn’t handle the cost of this high-class meal. Thankfully, Packer’s veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was able to quell the agitation of the masses. To calm everyone’s nerves, Rodgers tweeted that the bill was fake, and was just part of an elaborate prank on Green Bay Packer rookies.

green bay packers rookies


Thanks to a tweet from Jason Wilde, ESPNWisconsin’s Packers reporter, we learned that Bakhtiari was just getting even. In 2013, Rodgers pranked him into thinking he owed $11,000 for a dinner during the offensive tackle’s rookie season.

Although, it’s still unclear who actually paid for the bill or if the photo was even a REAL receipt.

Even if the Packers spent an entry level salary on dinner, between Rodgers’ $22 million a year and Bakhtiari’s $16 million from last season, it’s safe to say someone was able to take care of the damage.

Now that we all know it was a prank, we can go back to buying overpriced food inside most NFL stadiums.


Campbell Soup Set to Release New Oddball Flavors: Cheeseburger, Quesadilla and Philly Cheesesteak


Campbell Chunky’s latest offerings come from a line of “pub-inspired soups” and feature Hearty Cheeseburger, Spicy Chicken Quesadilla and Philly-Style Cheesesteak. All three flavors are available nationwide and are promoted by Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers linebacker and Super Bowl XLV champion.

According to the press release, Matthews is the face of the quintessential “Mama’s Boy,” aka the kind of guy you’d find sucking down liquid cheeseburgers at your “local pub or sports bar.”

The new soups were inspired by “foods guys love to eat when they are out watching football.” While I could write an entire essay on why this statement is heartbreaking (the last time I checked, the female species also enjoys watching sports and eating), I’l let this one slide.

So, gather ye, man-children and kick off the NFL season with a grip of man food hearty, pub’y, no doubt delicious soup.