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7-Eleven Adds Skittles-flavored Slurpees


With everyone saying a bittersweet goodbye to summer, 7-Eleven adds one sweet new Slurpee flavor to have the season go out with a candy-coated bang. The convenience store retailer is now serving a new Green Apple Skittles Slurpee flavor for patrons to get their fill of.

7-Eleven has been known to dabble in the hybridization of Slurpee and candy. Not too long ago, they introduced a line of Sour Patch Kids Slurpee flavors.

From September 12 through September 18, you can also buy one Slurpee and get the second free. Y’know, in case you need a sugar high on your commute to work.

You can find the Skittles Slurpee at all participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide.


Skittles Swaps Green Apple Flavor with Lime, Changes ‘Original’ Rainbow


Someone in Skittles Candy Land really screwed up. I’m not looking to get anyone fired, but who the hell decided to change one of the original Skittles flavors? Apparently, after conducting some sort of poll, the team over at the Skittles Kingdom chose to replace the Lime-flavored green Skittle with Green Apple. In a move that has left many feeling as betrayed as when Monopoly changed the Iron to a Cat, the negative outpour should be cause for concern in the Rainbow Factory.

The green Skittle has always been Lime. It should always be Lime. This Green Apple Skittle just feels wrong. Who’s going to pal around with Lemon now? Is this meant to be some sort of affront to citrus lovers? It’s like when your favorite band loses an original member; it’s hard to retain the magic or ever get it back.

Since the decision, there has been much outrage. A Facebook group entitled, ‘Bring Back Lime Skittles,’ has begun. People have desperately turned to the Internet to find answers, and the candy blogosphere has erupted with outrage.

Simple suggestion for Skittles: Why not make a Green Apple flavor in a different shade of green? I’m sure the people over at Pantone would be happy to help.

The question now becomes, do the makers of Skittles have the integrity to no longer use the word ‘Original’ on their labels?

H/T CandyBlog


Finally, a 7-foot, 36,720 Calorie Gummy Python

It’s unsanitary. It’s gargantuan. It’s totally impractical. It’s a 36,720 calorie gummy snake that will literally take you out if you eat it all by yourself. The maker of the gummy python, VAT19, points out that 36,720 calories is 18.36 days of an adult’s recommended daily allowance, which sounds more like a warning. Although, the twenty-seven pounds of sugar nor the $150 price tag have gotten in the way of sales, as these 7-foot gummy pythons are currently sold out. But upon November 14th, the Blue Raspberry & Green Apple Python, as well as the Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry Python, will be ready to make it’s debut as the gnarliest treat yet.

7-foot Gummy Python: $149.99 @ Vat19

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Four Loko Presents Limited Edition “XXX” Drink

Early January, Phusion Projects announced the launch of its newest product that subsequently went under the radar (hell, we missed it too!). The new product, under the name Four Loko XXX Limited Edition, will feature a brand new Four Loko flavor profile every four months. Green Apple will be the line’s first entry in this limited edition venture. The idea behind this limited edition flavor system is to continually expand on their “innovative” processes that got them notoriety in the first place, even if their new alcoholic concoctions do “not contain caffeine or other stimulants”. The next flavor in the line, Blueberry Lemonade, will be rolled out in May. You ready?