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Why You Should NEVER Pour Cooking Grease Down The Drain [WATCH]

We’ve all had that that momentary lapse in judgment when it comes to cooking grease. Sure it’s easy to dump your extra fat and oil down the drain after frying up a bountiful platter of bacon strips. However, there’s DEFINITELY a reason you’re supposed to properly dispose of your grease rather than simply flush it down your kitchen sink.

Tech Insider created this informative short showing you the repercussions of such an act. It goes much deeper than clogged pipes, which was our immediate thought.

You see, not only can bacon grease clog your pipes, but it also ends up in the sewers where it combines with other fats dumped from other kitchen sinks. These are called “Fat Bergs” and have the potential to completely clog a sewer, leading to sewage seeping through your sink.

Fat Bergs are incredibly time-consuming to remove, and could take weeks depending on the size. They also pretty much freeze human waste and sewage in place.

All these disgusting complications can be avoided by simply pouring your excess grease into a container to solidify and throwing it in the garbage, or taking it to a waste disposal site. Check out the video to see an in-depth look at the repercussions of pouring grease and fat down the sink.

If you need other ways to properly dispose of cooking oil and grease, we got you.

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This Innovative Plate Will Make Healthier Eating Effortless

Let me make sure to clear up the immediate question everybody has right off the bat, that way we don’t waste any time:

No, this plate will not automatically make your food healthier.

Metro reports that the plate was created through a collaboration between advertising agency BBGO Thailand and the Thai government health board, this creation was made in order to help curb the growing obesity problem in Thailand. With grease and oil playing pivotal roles in the typical Thai cuisine, it comes as no wonder that this problem would eventually arise.
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.47.03 PM

The plate, known as the AbsorbPlate, removes all the excess grease from meals by draining the food once it’s been placed onto the plate. The AbsorbPlate sucks up a good chunk of grease, saving you from eating an average of 30 extra calories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.47.14 PM

While this may not be revolutionary in terms of weight loss, it certainly could have noticeable affect over time. Furthermore, the biggest takeaway from this product is the fact that you don’t have to diet. Everybody wants to lose weight but nobody wants to give up burgers and pizza. So why not give up the equivalent to a bite or two instead?

The plate comes riddled with 500 holes made to drain the grease from the food. Much like blotting a slice of pizza with a napkin, the plate works to remove as much oil and grease and possible without jeopardizing the integrity of the food.

While this plate in no way will make any dishes you make healthier, it will at the very least make it slightly less greasy, and that’s better than nothing. The AbsorbPlate is currently still in a concept design phase, but will hopefully be sent into mass production soon.



Photo Credit: Metro


FDA Is Banning Certain Pizza Boxes We Use Cause They Might Kill Us


In a shocking development for pizza lovers, the Food and Drug Administration is saying that there are chemicals in your pizza boxes that may cause serious health problems.

Three substances are being banned by the FDA, specifically for the waxy pizza boxes designed to prevent grease and water from soaking in. The substances all contain perfluoroalkyl ethyl which are classed as aspoly and perfluoroalkyl substances.

These chemicals are said to increase health problems and increase the risk of cancer as they can stay in the body for years. Common household items like wax pastry bags and microwave popcorn bags may also contain the substances.

Numerous health groups filed a petition against the chemicals leading to the ban which went into effect Monday.


Everything You Hate To Love About Dive Bars

Dive Bars are like the girl from She’s All That if she never took off her glasses, but everyone thought she was (non-traditionally) attractive in the first place. Let’s say she also has weird habits and a smell you can’t place, but everyone has such a soft spot for her. And even the popular jocks from high school frequent her several times a month—okay, nevermind, this is a terrible metaphor. Anyway, let’s talk about what makes a dive bar!

Everyone has at least one weird, wild story, if not a dozen.


Dive bars are this weird limbo where, for some insane reason, your moral compass doesn’t work. It just goes all screwy, like when a magnet gets too close to a legitimate compass. You think this decision is pointing toward northern glory, but it’s actually leading you straight to southern infamy, the likes of which will be hard to justify the next day or even explain a year from the next day. Everyone who’s been there has a story that starts all wide-eyed with “Oh man, so this one night…”

Offers drinks you aren’t even sure are legal.

cement-mixer-disgusting-shots (1)

Dive bars have drink menus, but they’re either short-hand or a formality. They’ll have something called a “bar mat shot,” where they put everything leftover on the counter into a glass, or they’ll have something called a “we honestly just punch you in the gut” shot, which you’ve obviously always been too scared to order. That’s why you keep ordering beers or well drinks. They might be the only things that keep you alive.

The food sucks unless you’re drunk.


Dive bars don’t have kitchens. If they do, they don’t have health codes or respect for the food pyramid. Everything you could possibly eat there are technically sides anyway and they’ll taste mostly like batter. You’re probably eating a day’s worth of calories in one dive bar sitting. Surely, you didn’t start your evening thinking you would end it with, “I’ll have the chips and salsa and mozzarella sticks with a side of onion rings.” Are you going to wash those all down with your cheap beer? Cool, see you in Hell, old age.

It’s filled with “lasts.”


Dive bars all have a crowd of lasts. They don’t make up the entire drinking capacity, but, sprinkled throughout the drunks, the cheapskates, and the college kids, there are consistent patrons with wild life stories. From women who look like last hopes, men who look like last resorts, and a spread of weirdos you may revisit at last call, there’s a huge spread of human experience garnishing your Jack and Coke. People on their last leg are there drinking their last beer (they swear, this time!), and then there’s you, just wanting to read last rites to a good number of them to put ’em out of their misery with a last breath.


No, it’s not a mug. It’s magic.


Peek here

Packaged Food

Behold, a Potato Chip Bag Redesign for Fellas Endowed With Big . . . Hands


F@#k potato chip bags. Big-handed or not, this is one statement we can probably all agree on. F@#k them for being half-air. F@#k them for tempting us at Subway. F@#k them for leaving grease all over our salty, sticky little hands.

In attempt to make their chips “manlier,” potato chip brand McCoy’s partnered with creative agency BTL Brands to redesign the chip bag, simply by flipping it on its side. The result? A package with essentially the same size but a wider mouth, according to Design Taxi, so “’proper big-handed men can actually fit their hands into the bag.’”


Previously, McCoy’s has been known for its particularly grill/beer/sports-related flavors such as beef, salt, and steak, explaining why they decided to bill this concept simply as “manlier” instead the once-in-a-life-time-holy-sh*t improvement that it is. Sure there’s still that blue-balled disappointment you’ll feel every time you tear open the bag seams to find significantly fewer chips than you were expecting — like, push-up bra status – but at least you won’t have to feel gross while doing it.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


The Grillbot Cleaner is the R2-D2 of BBQ Grease


There’s nothing quite like eating a juicy burger straight from the grill, but with that comes a huge pain in the butt factor — the grill cleanup. The greasy mess has trouble written all over it, but luckily, fellow sufferer Ethan Woods has come up with a solution — the Grillbot.

The small gadget  comes complete with several different cleaning intensity settings on its LED screen, and it comes in a variety of colors to make the whole grease-eater thing a lot more appealing. All you need to do is turn it on, let the robot do its thing and enjoy your burger with total peace of mind.

The Grillbot is set to hit stores this June and will clock in between $69.95 and $99.95, depending on the model.

H/T + PicThx HiConsumption


Done Right: The Bacon Milkshake

Done Right - Bacon Milk Shake - The Glut Life

So as everyone knows earlier this year Jack In The Box  launched a new ad campaign called “Marry Bacon” with a random mess of “limited edition” bacon inspired menu items. Jack’s Pièce De Résistance of these items is his Bacon Shake… Naturally I tried it. I’m not going lie it was PURE GARBAGE. Imagine the cheapest of the cheap bacon-bits ( you know, the ones with that reddish pink hue to them) blended in with freezer burnt vanilla ice cream, then finished off with some whip cream and a maraschino cherry. Yummy, right?

After tasting that nightmare, I made it my soul mission to create a REAL bacon shake.

Bacon Milk Shake Ingredients - The Glut Life

First off lets talk ingredients. This part is SUPER simple, but it’s also one of the most important. There are only six ingredients to this thing — so no excuses, man up and get the real stuff, playa’. No short cuts!

  • Thick Cut Maple Bacon (4 slices)
  • Real Maple Syrup (1/8 cup)
  • Sea Salt (pinch)
  • Brown Sugar (enough to get the job done)
  • Whole Milk (1/2 cup)
  • French Vanilla Ice Cream (lots)

Candied Bacon - The Glut Life

Lay the bacon out evenly on a baking rack. Then set the rack in a cookie sheet, but  make sure before you do that, you layer the bottom with aluminum foil. Gotta have some way to catch all that lovely bacon grease. Before you put them in the oven, sprinkle some brown sugar on the top of the bacon, then pop dem’hoes in till they extra crispy.

Diced Bacon Bits - The Glut Life

When the bacon is done cooking, let it cool for a little, then take a strip (or two) and chop it up into lil’pieces. Using a kitchen spoon, scoop up some left over bacon grease and set it aside.

Adding Bacon Grease To Milk Shake - The Glut Life

Now here’s where things get crazy…  You are going to want to dump the ice cream, milk, maple syrup, sea salt, bacon bits, and yes, the ENTIRE spoon full of bacon grease into the blender. TRUST ME. The Bacon grease is key.

Brown Sugar Rimmed Glass - The Glut Life

While that is all blending up to perfection, Take your glass and rim it with the left over brown sugar.

The Bacon Milk Shake - The Glut Life


Then pour the shake in your sugar rimmed glasses and garnish with a stick of that candied bacon.

Now ENJOY! and oh yeah, go ahead and make an appointment with a cardiologist.

via – The Glut Life