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KFC Adds Sandwich That Has Hash Brown ‘Gravy Boat’ In The UK

Photos courtesy of KFC UK

Gravy is the most comforting part of any holiday meal. It’s rich and savory, making it the exclamation point to any feast that keeps a warm boat of it on the side.

In the UK, where roast dinners are king year round, even outside of the holidays, KFC is latching onto that vibe with a new fried chicken “burger” that cranks the gravy meter to the max.

The new Gravy Box burger meal (the UK tends to call cooked, flat meats served in a roll burgers) features a fried chicken filet, melted cheese, and gravynnaise: a blend of gravy and mayo that looks as unctuous as it sounds.

Atop all of that lies this sandwich’s piéce de resistance: a hash brown “boat” (basically an indented hash brown to contain space) that’s filled to the brim with gravy.

The sandwich promises to be a gravy-soaked feast that’ll leave you in pure bliss, as well as a need for extra napkins.

KFC UK’s offering is being sold for a limited time over the holiday season. It comes in a box with a mini chicken filet, a pot of gravynnaise, a side dish, and a drink for £6.99.


A Retching Squirrel Gravy Boat, To Remind You Not to Eat Too Much at Thanksgiving

If you’re among the 2% of people still trying to eat healthy during the holiday season, you may be in luck, so long as you can get a hold of one of these spectacular Retching Squirrel Gravy Boats. 

After all, I’m not sure how anyone can still want to eat anything after watching a glossy brown rodent spew all its glorious innards all over your holiday turkey and tots.

On second thought, it might be better just to rack these bad boys up and use them in front of all your annoying relatives. Aw I’m sorry Auntie May, I’d be happy to take that yucky, pukey, oven-roasty turkey off your hands. No, really, I insist.

‘Tis the season.

[Photo by Michael Tyznik, via Laughing Squid]